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Escort Tractors in India

Escort tractor, an esteemed that represents the complete farming population of India. Escort offers 3 models 15-35 HP categories. Escort tractor price starts at rs.2.60 Lakh*. The most expensive Escort tractor is Escort Josh 335 priced at rs. 5.00 Lakh* in 35 HP. The most popular Escort Tractor models are Escort MPT Jawan and Escort Josh 335, in their respective segments.

Escort Steeltrac 2 WD
Escort Steeltrac
  •  12 HP
  •  Single clutch
  •   2.60-2.90 Lac*
  •  25 HP
  •  Dry single plate Clutch
  •   4.4 Lac*
Escort JOSH 335 2 WD
Escort JOSH 335
  •  35 HP
  •  Dry Single Friction Plate Clutch
  •   5 Lac*

About Escort Tractors

Escorts Agri Machinery, a name that represents the entire farming population of India, has now been producing and serving machines for the 7 million population of farmers since 7 decades. Known as the Pioneer of Farm Mechanization in India, this company has not only made tractors for farming but also excellent machines to support agriculture of all forms. The widest range of HP starting for 12 HP to as high as 80 HP, Escorts is now responsible for the satisfaction of approximately 14,00,000 customers spread all over the nation. Technologically advanced with best in class tractor specifications make these tractors one of the best machines in India, along with an affordable tractor price these tractors become more or less economical partners of the Indian buyers.


Recently Asked User Questions about Escorts Tractor

Q. What is the Escorts Tractor HP range?

Answer. From 12 hp to 35 hp is the Escorts Tractor Hp range.

Q. What is the Escort Tractor price range?

Answer. Escort Tractor price range start from Rs 2.60 lakh* to Rs. 5.00 lakh* .

Q. How many tractors are available in Escorts tractor?

Answer. There are 3 tractors available in Escorts tractor.

Q. Which is the most popular tractor of Escorts tractor?

Answer. Escort Josh 335 is the most popular tractor of Escort tractor models.

Q. Which is the lowest price tractor in Escorts tractor?

Answer. Escort Steeltrac mini tractor is the lowest price tractor in Escort tractor.


Escort Tractor Price List 2020 in India

   Escort Steeltrac    Rs.2.60-2.90 Lac*
   Escort MPT JAWAN    Rs.4.4 Lac*
   Escort JOSH 335    Rs.5 Lac*


Data Last Updated On : 22/02/2020