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Top 10 Farm Machinery in India: Uses And Benefits For Farmers

Top 10 Farm Machinery in India Unveiling the Revolution

Agriculture machinery is important for cultivating as it enables the farmers to get good produce and make profits in their livelihood. In India, where farming is the most important source of livelihood, relying on traditional methods won’t be sufficient. These days, current farming tools and machines have helped farmers in various agricultural works.  A few modern farm equipment includes a digger, harrow, mulcher and many more. 

The farmers of India are evolving. They use tractors and other modern farm technology in place of physical labour for activities like harvesting and threshing. This article explains the 10 modern agriculture machines utilised in India, their significance, and the most popular ones, alongside their costs.

Importance Of Farm Machinery In Agriculture

  • Less Manual Work: In India, modern farm machinery uses advanced tech, reducing the requirements of individuals to do the work.
  • On-Time Tasks: These tools ensure that the farm finishes on time, staying away from unnecessary delays.
  • Save Money: Utilising this advanced farming machine, you can reduce work expenses, making farming more productive.
  • More Produce: Proficient agriculture equipment can increase production, contributing more food to the market.

Revolutionizing Agriculture: A Look at the Top 10 Farm Machinery in India

After featuring the significance of agricultural tools, we share with you the top 10 agricultural machinery categories. These selections aim to simplify your work and increase profitability. Learn more about the uses and benefits of these modern farm equipment to facilitate your farming needs. 

1. Cultivators


A cultivator is a significant agriculture machine in India, assisting in mixing soil around plants without hurting them. Cultivators play a critical part in preparing the soil by infusing it with nutrients and destroying weeds. As a result, it ensures ideal conditions for crop growth. In the 1900s, machines with tractor power and rows were created to replace horses. The cultivator machine could do the same work as various row planters.

Benefits of Cultivators

  • Enhance soil structure, promoting better air and water circulation for improved crop health.
  •  Facilitate root development by granting easier access to essential nutrients in the soil.
  • It uprooted weeds and unwanted growth, maintaining a clean and fertile planting bed.

Popular Cultivator Models in India

Prices range from Rs. 12,999 to 1.65 lakh in India, accommodating different budgets. Also, check out compact tractor cultivators from Fieldking, Universal, John Deere, and Sonalika.

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2. Rotavator


Farmers can employ a rotavator, a tractor-mounted agricultural machinery in India that can cut, pulverise, and levelle the soil to simplify seed preparation. It’s often called a rotary tiller and consists of blades that efficiently mix, crush and weed the soil while breaking up clods.

Benefits Of Rotavators

  • Smoothens labour-intensive soil preparation, guaranteeing ideal nutrient distribution for crops.
  • With powerful engines and gearboxes, they succeed at working in huge areas within a restricted period.
  • Effectively control weeds, cultivating ideal crop growth.
  • Enhance crop yields by ensuring nutrients reach the root system.

Some Popular Rotavator Models in India

Check out 170+ Rotavator Tractor Implements at Tractor Junction, featuring brands like Maschio Gaspardo, Shaktiman, and Mahindra. Ranging from Rs. 13,300 to Rs. 1,68,000 lakh, these modern agriculture machines enhance agriculture yield. Popular models include Hind Agro Rotavator, Kartar Jumbo 636-48, and Shaktiman Rotavator. 

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3. Rice Transplanter

Rice Transplanter

The rice transplanter is a game-changing farm machinery and equipment in Indian farming. It emphatically speeds up the labour-intensive method of rice seedling transplantation. Designed with eco-friendliness and farmers’ comfort, it consolidates a seedling tray, a seedling tray shifter, and equipment for proficient seedling transplantation in the fields.

In order to achieve exact planting depths, hill spacing, and row spacing, it can transplant many seedlings per hill. It is a major improvement in rice growing throughout India, reducing the labour required and more productivity.

Benefits Of Rice Planter

  •  Speeds up rice seedling transplantation, saving time and effort.
  •  Eco-friendly and farmer-friendly.
  • This agriculture machine features a seedling tray, seedling tray shifter, and efficient transplanting mechanism.
  •  Transplants multiple seedlings per hill with precision in planting depths, hill spacing, and row spacing.

Popular Rice Planter Models in India

A wide range of rice transplanters are available in India from well-known manufacturers, including Mahindra, Khedut, and Yanmar. Popular models such as the Yanmar AP6, Khedut Riding Type Rice Transplanter, and VST 8 Row Paddy Transplanter are available on Tractor Junction. 

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4. Plough


A plough is vital for farmers, primarily for land preparation and weed control. It turns over topsoil, enriching it with nutrients. Additionally, it helps create ideal seedbeds with loose soil for optimal germination.

Advantages of Ploug

  • Enhances soil aeration and loosening.
  •  Promotes deeper root growth, providing plant stability and improved water retention.
  •  Incorporates organic matter, crop residues, or fertilisers into the soil, enhancing soil fertility.

Popular Plough Models in India

Top brands, such as Fieldking, Farmking, and Lemken, provide a vast selection in the Tillage category. You can find Popular models like Pagro Hydraulic Reversible Plough, Lemken OPAL 080 E 2MB, and Lemken OPAL 090 1MB. The prices for these modern farming equipment range between 28,500 to 3.05 lakh in India. For more updated information and detailed pricing, you can visit TractorJunction.

5. Baler


Our next entry in the ‘top 10 farm machinery in India’ lineup is the Baler, primarily designed for compressing hay and straw into manageable bales. Hay and straw storage and transportation pose challenges due to their space-consuming nature.

However, the baler simplifies this task by compressing them into compact bales that are easier to handle, transport, store, and use as livestock feed.

Advantages of Balers

  • Efficiently collects and compacts crop material into uniform bales, reducing manual labour and handling time.
  • Compact bales simplify transportation and storage, even in limited space.

Noteworthy Balers Models in India

Top brands like Maschio Gaspardo, Mahindra, and Shaktiman are very popular in the post-harvest and Land Preparation categories. You can get popular Models, including Maschio Gaspardo ROUND BALER – EXTREME 180, Shaktiman Square Baler, and Shaktiman Round Baler SRB 60. The price range for these balers starts from Rs. 3.52 lakh to 12.85 lakh in India. For the updated price list for these agricultural machines, you can visit TractorJunction!

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6. Sprayer


Sprayers come in various types depending on the usage, mainly for applying liquid solutions like pesticides, herbicides, and fertilisers to your crops. This agriculture machine is designed for specific needs, from fogger sprayers to high-pressure ones.

Advantages of Sprayers

  •  Enable crop protection products’ precise and targeted application.
  •  Enhance disease management through accurate application.
  • It saves effort and time compared to manual methods of liquid application.
  • Offer control over fluid flow, reducing wastage.

Notable Sprayer Models in India

Some of the popular models include MITRA AIROTEC TURBO and Mahindra Grapemaster Bullet++ for effective crop protection. The price for these modern agriculture implements varies from Rs. 1399 to 7.28 lakh in India. TractorJunction offers more than 48 Tractor Mounted Sprayers, check them out today!

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7. Digger


A digger is a valuable tool for excavating pits during land preparation, primarily used for plantation and farm fencing, capable of digging holes with depths ranging from 800 to 1300 mm.

The post-hole digger is a vital farm tool, facilitating pit digging for various purposes like plantation, land preparation, and farm fencing. This agriculture machine is particularly useful for smaller farms or orchards such as mango, coconut, pomegranate, lemon, and more, suitable for all soil types.

Benefits of Digger

  • Small motors power post-hole diggers and require no gas for activity.
  • They are very simple and easy to use.
  • These diggers succeed in taking care of more modest tasks, making them an ideal fit for small fields and plantations.

Popular Digger Models

Top brands like Landforce, Mahindra, and Khedut are available in India.  Popular Models are the Mahindra Post Hole Digger, Agrizone Potato Digger, and Landforce Potato Digger. Check them out on TractorJunction!

8. Mulcher


This versatile agricultural machine efficiently shreds crop residues, including sugarcane trash, banana, coconut leaves, and even entire cotton plants post-harvest. The resulting bio mulch serves dual roles by retaining moisture, controlling weeds, and enriching soil fertility as it decomposes. It’s an important agriculture machine tool for promoting eco-friendly and efficient farming.

Advantages Of Mulcher

  •  Efficiently chops and spreads crop residues and grass.
  • Compatible with shredding materials like vineyard and orchard prunings, sugarcane trash, bananas, coconut leaves, and more.
  • Capable of effectively shredding entire cotton plants after harvest.
  • The resulting bio mulch from shredded residues enhances organic structure and soil fertility as it decomposes.

Popular Tractor Mulcher Models In India

Top brands include Maschio Gaspardo, Mahindra, and Shaktiman in the Landscaping category. It offers popular models like Lemken Spinel 160 Mulcher, New Holland Shredo, and Shaktiman Rotary Mulcher. The price range for this agriculture machine starts from Rs. 1.28 lakh to 3 lakh in India. For detailed updates, visit TractorJunction!

9. Power Weeder

Power Weeder

The power weeder is a modern agricultural implement widely used on farms. Its primary purpose is to remove weeds from agricultural land efficiently. Additionally, it can perform secondary tasks like ploughing and ridge-making. A power weeder is a versatile modern implement primarily used for de-weeding in agriculture, with secondary functions including ploughing and ridge making. 

Advantages Of Power Weeder

  • Efficiently removes weeds from agricultural land.
  •  Can perform secondary tasks like ploughing and ridge-making.
  •  This agriculture machine helps in reducing the need for manual labour, saving time and effort.
  •  Improves soil aeration and overall crop health.
  •  Enhances crop yield by eliminating competition from weeds.
  •  Suitable for various types of crops and terrains.

Popular Power Weeder Models In India

The VST Maestro 55P is priced at Rs 110,000. This weeder is a top choice in the market. Other popular models include Shrachi 105G Petrol, VST RT70 Josh, and VST FT50 Josh.

10. Harrow


The main use of a harrow is breaking up and smoothing soil and preparing it for planting or seeding. A typical harrow consists of spikes, disks, or tines. It is dragged across the soil surface, helping improve its structure and create a finer seedbed. Harrows are agriculture machines available in various types and sizes, designed to suit different farming needs and conditions.

Advantages Of Using A Harrow

  • A harrow helps in preparing a fine and levelled seedbed for planting.
  •  It breaks up clumps in the soil and improves its structure by reducing compaction.
  • Moreover, it helps to incorporate organic matter and nutrients into the soil.
  • It improves overall crop yield and quality.
  •  It can be adjusted for different soil and crop types.
  •  Reduces the need for excessive tillage, promoting sustainable farming practices.

Popular Harrow Models In India

Top brands like Fieldking, Farmking, and Khedut are available in India in the Tillage category. You can get popular models at TractorJunction, like Fieldking Dabangg Harrow, Fieldking Trailed Offset Disc Harrow (With Tyre), and Mahindra Disc Harrow. The price range for these modern agricultural tools starts from Rs. 48,300 to 63,900.

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This concludes our overview of India’s Top 10 Agriculture Machines. We trust you found this blog enjoyable and informative. If you’re considering purchasing farm machinery or equipment at competitive prices, explore this list of agricultural implements at Tractor Junction. We offer various popular farm machinery and tractors to meet your farming needs.

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