10 Best Tractor Mounted Sprayers for Professional Farming

Top 10 Tractor Mounted Sprayer

Tractor mounted sprayer is one of the most efficient farming machines in India. Sprayers are part of farming implement which help to complete farm tasks and give desirable results. The farming machine is attached to a tractor and used to spray water projection, pest maintenance chemicals, crop performance materials, weed killer, and manufacturing and production line ingredients. Tractor mounted sprayer price in India is available at Tractor Junction. So, if you want the best tractor mounted sprayer, then this blog is the right place for you. 

Here, we have listed the top 10 tractor mounted sprayer in India with excellent features and price range. Therefore, this blog is helpful for you to choose sprayer according to your farm requirement. 

Check out the given information about tractor mounted sprayer.

List of Tractor Mounted Sprayer Machines in India

In the below section, we came with top tractor mounted sprayers models with their essential details. Check them out. 

1. MITRA Airotec Turbo 2000


MITRA Airotec Turbo 2000

MITRA Airotec Turbo 2000 is the best sprayer for supplying water, pesticide and more liquid chemicals. And, it has many beneficial features to cover commercial farming easily. Farmers are satisfied with this sprayer because it offers the best crop protection. This implement comes with a 712 mm fan which provides high air results with both sides perfect air balancing at low power consumption. Best use of this implement at vineyards and others. Moreover, the sprayer equipment is economical for farmers.



MITRA CROPMASTER is an efficient farming implement that provides productive crops. This model comes with 18 HP of engine power. It can easily adjust with height up to 6 ft because of the winch mechanism. The implement has a boom span that covers up to 40 feet large area in one round. This model provides excellent performance for all types of ground crops. It has 12 – 24 nozzles available, and also it comes at an affordable price.

3. MITRA Airotec Turbo 1000

MITRA Airotec Turbo 1000

MITRA Airotec Turbo 1000 is the most demanding sprayer among farmers. It can work with 34 HP power tractors and comes with many advantageous features. For example, the implement has 616 / 712 MM of a fan, which helps perfect air balancing at low power consumption. Farmers like this tractor mounted power sprayer because it offers productive farming. And, this equipment is available at a suitable price range.

4. MITRA Airotec Turbo 400

MITRA Airotec Turbo 400

MITRA Airotec Turbo 400 is an excellent implementation in the crop protection category. The tractor mounted sprayer pump has a 55 – 75 LPM diaphragm. It has 400 Litre of tank capacity, and 10 – 12 nozzles are available in this equipment. This model is best for marginal farmers because it comes with an economical price range.



MITRA AIROTEC TURBO 600 has 24 HP of implement power. It has 600 litres of tank capacity, which is enough for farming. And with the help of these tractor mounted sprayers, farming becomes easy and effective. It has 12 Nozzles available and coverage, giving the best crop protection. Apart from this, its price is affordable for farmers, and they can do efficient farming easily.



MITRA BULLET is one of the efficient farming machines powered by 18 HP & Above tractors. This machine has efficient qualities that make it enough to keep crops healthy. MITRA BULLET sprayer is a multipurpose machine that can efficiently perform all applications such as spraying & dipping in all orchards and vineyards. Hence, its demand is pretty increasing among Indian farmers. It comes with 2 speed + 1 neutral gearbox, 200-litre tank capacity and 10 /12 Nos nozzles. Moreover, tractor mounted sprayer price is also economical.



MITRA AIROTEC CYCLONE tractor-mounted two-wheeler machine used in large farming areas. Farmers can use 40 HP & Above tractors to power this tractor mounted sprayer. This machine has many key features that ensure crop protection and growth. For example, it comes with a hydraulic actuation system, a backside dual centrifugal impeller system, and a 1000-1500 litre tank. Therefore, it is very beneficial for spraying tall trees such as mango, coconut, etc. Also, it is available at a valuable price range, so farmers can easily buy it.

8. MITRA Airotec Turbo 1500

MITRA Airotec Turbo 1500

MITRA Airotec turbo 1500 is the prominent sprayer model that helps to perform efficient farming. It has a 1500 liter tank which is enough for farming tasks. Tractor mounted sprayer uses are in agriculture to spray water, insecticides, and pesticides for better production on the farm.  The implement has a 75 LPM diaphragm of a pump and 14 + 4 handgun of nozzles. It is available in the market at a cost effective price range for farmers.

9. MITRA Airotec Turbo 800

MITRA Airotec Turbo 800

MITRA Airotec Turbo 800 comes in a crop protection category. It can efficiently work with 24 HP power or more than that. This tractor mounted sprayer machine provides crop protection. And it has 800 liter of tank capacity and is also available in a double fan. The tractor mounted power sprayer has 12 – 14 nozzles. The price of this implement is economical for farmers’ budgets.

10. MITRA CropMaster 400 Hydraulic

MITRA CropMaster 400 Hydraulic

MITRA CropMaster 400 Hydraulic offers excellent performance in the field and is best for farmers. It can work with 40 HP power and adjust its height up to 6 ft. The tractor mounted sprayer pump is a 55 LPM Diaphragm. This implement has 16 nozzles available, and with the help of this sprayer, farmers are very satisfied with their productive farming. In addition, the tractor mounted sprayer price fits in farmers’ budgets.  

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  • The tractor mounted power sprayer list includes MITRA Airotec Turbo 2000, MITRA CROPMASTER, MITRA Airotec Turbo 1000, MITRA BULLET, etc. 

    10 Best Tractor Mounted Sprayers for Professional Farming

Above shown features and aspects of sprayer parts and helpful for you. All equipment is beneficial for your farm and these implements enhance your farm productivity by giving excellent outcomes. For better production farmers can get one of them sprayer. For extra details you can be with us. Also, you can get tractor mounted sprayer for sale at Tractor Junction.

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