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Top 5 Vst Implements Price List – Feature and Overview

Top 5 VST Implements in India

VST is one of the well-known implement manufacturers in India. The company offers many high quality and efficient implements for various farming operations. The company was founded in 1967 by Vst Group, one of India’s oldest automobile groups. Since then, the company has gained high recognition across the globe. Along with implements, VST is popular for its wide tractor range. 

VST delivers a good range of efficient implements, including a rotavator, power tiller, rice transplanter, and reapers. These all machines are efficient as they are manufactured with advanced technologies. VST Tractor implement models are designed by considering the requirements of Indian lands and Indian farmers. Therefore, most farmers prefer these types of VST Implements for farming purposes. Along with this, VST farm implements price is quite reasonable for farmers, which increases demand for them. 

So, if you also want to plan a VST implement, check out the best 5 VST implements given in the below section. It will help you to make the right decision. 

Best 5 VST Implements in India  

In the below section, we have listed top 5 VST Implements in India with price and features to help you choose the best implement for your thriving farming.

1. VST Honda GX200
VST Honda GX200

VST Honda GX200 is the popular model of the VST brand. This implement model is a reaper type which helps to harvest a crop efficiently. Farmers can get many special features such as a powerful engine, adjustable cutting height, adjustable handle and many more. VST farm equipment weight is 135 Kg and fuel tank capacity is 3.1 litres. This 5 HP model is manufactured with a cutting width 1200 mm and minimum cutting height is 50 mm. And, this implement price is also economical for farmers.   

2. VST 130 DI
VST 130 DI

VST 130 DI is a 13 HP implement with power tiller implement type. Farmers like this implement because of its excellent performance and quality features such as durable and reliable implement that efficiently performs paddy field tasks, High mileage, better clutch and others. It is manufactured with 600 mm tilling width, 150 mm tilling depth, 220 mm plough depth. This model weight is 405 Kg and high speed diesel comes with 11 ltrs. VST farm implement price is Rs. 1.8 Lakh which is affordable for farmers. 


VST 135 DI ULTRA is a powerful implement which gives efficient farming. In this model, you can get many advanced features like side drive rotary type transmission, combustion chamber direct injection, excellent brakes and affordable price etc. The VST automatic machinery has max. torque 4.2 kg-m/1600 rpm. This 30 HP VST agriculture equipment is best for commercial farming purposes. Along with this, VST 135 DI ULTRA comes with a suitable price range of Rs. 1.95 Lakh. farmers are very satisfied with this VST implement. 

4. VST Kisan
VST Kisan

VST Kisan is a highly demanding implement from farmers because of its advanced working in the field. This VST agricultural machinery has 40 HP power which is perfect for farming. Its lubricating system has 2.8 L of oil sump capacity, force feed trochoid pump type of lubricating system. It comes with multiple plate dry disc type clutch and hand operated internal expanding metallic shoe type brakes. Moreover, the price of this VST agricultural machinery is Rs. 1.35 Lakh for farmers which is quite reasonable. 

5. VST RT 65

VST RT 65 is the most prominent model of power tiller. In this model, farmers can get adjustable depth bars, 6 – 7 HP power and more. Weight of this equipment model is 108 kg. It has a rotary cover that is a protective cover that gives adjustable and detachable side cover. Also farmers can get instant stoppage when the clutch is released as a safety feature. It has 1 forward + 1 reverse no. of speed. VST farm implements price is suitable for farmers so they can buy it easily. 

Selected Points for Infographic

  • The infographic has the top 5 VST Implements in India. 
  • You can get Implement Type, Category and Implement power in this infographic.
  • VST Farm Implements list includes VST Honda GX200, VST 130 DI, VST 135 DI ULTRA and others.


Above mentioned features and price details of VST agricultural implements are helpful for you. For more updates you can check Tractor Junction where you got all the information regarding implements, tractors, agriculture NEWS and more. Be with Tractor Junction for more blogs.

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