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Top 10 Sonalika Tractor Implements Price List – Features and Overview

Top 10 Sonalika Tractor Implements Price List - Features and Overview

Sonalika Tractor Implements are the perfect farming equipment to provide efficient farming work. Sonalika is the manufacturer of these implements, which is the most prominent brand for manufacturing highly advanced farming equipment. The Sonalika Tractors was established in 1995 in Punjab, India. It has global recognition and is the third-largest tractor manufacturer in India. Moreover, the company provides several farming implements along with tractors.

Sonalika Tractor Implements come with all the effective and advanced features to fulfil customers’ needs. It is purely designed according to the demand of the farmers. The company provides a wide range of implements categories, including land preparation and harvesting machines. Along with this, Sonalika Implement price is also economical and perfectly appropriate for the customer range.

So, if you are planning to buy Sonalika equipment, then you can check the Sonalika agriculture equipment listed below.

Top 10 Sonalika Tractor Implements

So, We have shortlisted 10 popular Sonalika Tractor Implements models with updated features and an economical price range.

1. Sonalika Mini Smart Series Chain Drive

Sonalika Mini Smart Series Chain Drive

Sonalika mini smart series chain drive comes in a tillage category with updated features to help in productive farming. It helps to maintain soil quality that provides efficient fieldwork. This sonalika model has two variants, SL – 0.8 and SL – 1.0. Both the Sonalika tractor Implements come with a single-speed gearbox. Moreover, the side transmission of this model is chain & gear drive. Along with this, an advantage of this model is that it offers smooth working with a lower HP tractor. And, the implement comes with a suitable price range.

2. Sonalika 7*7

Sonalika 7*7

Sonalika 7*7 is one of the best Sonalika agricultural implements, which comes in a disc harrow type. The distance between its discs is about 228, and 560 mm is the diameter of discs. And a tractor of 40 – 45 HP is sufficient to drive it. It has two types of disc: a notched disc in a front gang, and the other is a plain disc in a rear gang. This implement has 14 no. of the discs available. And Its price is also reasonable for farmers.

3. Sonalika 9 TYNE

Sonalika 9 TYNE

Sonalika 9 TYNE is the type of cultivator that helps in mixing the soil, and it is also used after planting to control weeds. It is manufactured with a length of 2039 mm, 878 mm of width and 1132 mm of height. Farmers are delighted with this sonalika cultivator model because it gives excellent farming operations. This tillage category implement has 40 – 45 HP power. Apart from all the advanced features, its price range is also economical for farmers.

4. Sonalika Reversible Plough

Sonalika Reversible Plough

Sonalika reversible plough comes under the land preparation category. The company provides 3 variants of the reversible plough, named SLRP – 1, SLRP – 2 and SLRP-3. Moreover, these Sonalika farm implements have unique features for making framing tasks easy. This implement has working depth according to the soil. For light & medium soil, it is 10 – 14 inches, and for the hard ground, it is 10 – 12 inches. Because of its quality features, farmers are demanding this implement. Besides, the price of this implement is Rs.1.7 – 2.13 Lakh for farmers that is economical.

5. Sonalika 2 BOTTOM

Sonalika 2 BOTTOM

Sonalika 2 BOTTOM is a disc plough that makes farming work easy and less time-consuming for farmers. This implement has a spindle axle type with 2 bearing hubs. The plain disc type is available in this model with 2 no. of the disc. It comes with a seamless tubular frame and 570 mm of disc spacing. Apart from all the specifications of this model, you can buy it easily from Tractor Junction.

6. Sonalika Roto Seed Drill

Sonalika Roto Seed Drill

Sonalika Roto Seed Drill is the efficient farming machine used to sow seeds at an ideal distance. This machine comes under the efficient Sonalika farm equipment. It can be used with a tractor, having 25 hp or more power. Moreover, it has two models, 2 – Row Planter and 4 – Row Planter. Both Sonalika Farm Tractor Implements are excellent and give an output from 3 to 8 Acre/ Day. Moreover, the Sonalika Implements price is also reasonable to the farmers.

7. Sonalika Mulcher

Sonalika Mulcher 

Sonalika mulcher comes under the landscaping category with the 3 variants, SLM-160, SLM-180 and SLM-200. In this, you can get 46 – 90 HP implement power. Moreover, it comes with a 36 – 48 no. of blades, and the available tractor RPm is 540. It is the popular Sonalika implement because of its updated features and economical price. Along with this, the price of this tractor model is Rs. 1.65 – 1.8 Lakh.

8. Sonalika Potato Planter

Sonalika Potato Planter

Sonalika Potato Planter is one of the best implements of Sonalika. In this, you can get 55 – 90 HP implement power. This implement comes in two types, 2-row planter and 4-row planter. Its 2-row planter has 190 kg weight, and its 4-row planter weight is 350 kgs. Moreover, it has an adjustable blade option for both planters. Therefore, for this potato planter a minimum of 25 HP Tractor is suitable. This sonalika potato implement price is Rs. 4.75 – 5.1 Lakh, which is quite economical for farmers.

9. Sonalika Square Baler

Sonalika Square Baler

This post-harvest baler implement has all the qualities to handle adverse agriculture conditions. It has advanced features and is powered by 55-60 HP tractors. Moreover, this Sonalika implement has three variants, SLSB-165, SLSB-185 and SLSB-191. The baler machine increases the farmer’s profit by making valuable products from crop residues. Sonalika Square Baler’s price is suitable for a farmer’s budget. Sonalika Square Baler is the best farm equipment among all the Sonalika implements in India.

10. Sonalika 13 TYNE

Sonalika 13 TYNE

One of the strongest farm equipment is Sonalika 13 TYNE, powered by 60-65 hp tractors. The implement is powerful yet affordable for farmers. The machine has 100 X 50 (Channel) farme, 10 WD, 46.5 OD, 27.8 Coils spring and 13 50 x 27 (Forged) tynes. The cultivator belongs to the tillage category and provides high performance in the field. To get higher productivity and rising income, Sonalika 13 TYNE is a perfect implement for you. This Sonalika implement is available at a convenient price in terms of the price range.

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  • Sonalika Implements list includes Sonalika Mini Smart Series Chain Drive, Sonalika 7*7, Sonalika 9 TYNE, Sonalika Potato Planter, Sonalika 2 BOTTOM and others.


Hence, We hope that the above mentioned updated features and price of Sonalika Implements will prove helpful to you. For more similar updates about tractors and farm equipment, visit Tractor Junction.

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