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Top 7 Seed Drill Machine – Seed Drill Equipment Price, Features & Uses

Top 7 Seed Drill Machine - Seed Drill Equipment Price, Features & Uses

We are back with another beneficial topic, Seed Drill Machine. It is one of India’s best farming machines, which helps to grow crops. Basically, seed drill implements work in the field for sowing seeds in the depth. In this blog, different brands of seed drills are featured with various advanced specifications. They are appropriate for farming tasks and provide productive farming for farmers. So, here we are showing the top 7 Seed Drill machines to make your finding easy. Then, without wasting more time, check out further information about the seed drill machine

Uses of Seed Drill Machine

The seed drill is an efficient agriculture machine used to sow the crop’s seeds. The machine helps to plant seeds in the soil by burying them to a particular depth so that they can be distributed equally. This agri based machine puts the crop seeds in a continuous stream in furrows at a consistent rate to cover the seed by soil. 

  • Seed drill equipment provides good control over the depth and covers the seeds. 
  • This process aids in increasing germination rate and crop yield. 
  • It is also beneficial for weed control, increasing the crop’s growth rate.  

Listing of Top 7 Seed Drill Machine In India

Let’s check out the top 7 seed drill machines listed below. Here, we mentioned all seed drill models with features and prices. It will help you choose the right one as per budget and requirements. 

1. Khedut Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill (Multi Crop – Rotor Base)

Khedut Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill (Multi Crop - Rotor Base)Khedut Seed Cum Fertilizer is the best seed drill implement which offers a 35 – 55 HP range. This automatic seed drill machine gives excellent outcomes for farmers. This model comes with 3 variants named KASCFDR 09, KASCFDR 11 and KASCFDR 13. This seed drill machine weight lies between 310 – 390 kg. The multi crop seed drill machine depth is about 20 – 100 mm, which comes with an adjustable feature. It keeps the spacing between plant to plant is 20 – 250 mm and row to row is 100 – 2000 mm. Therefore, the seed drill machine price is affordable for farmers.

2. Sonalika Roto Seed Drill

Sonalika Roto Seed DrillSonalika Roto Seed Drill is a very prominent implement. This maize seed drill machine comes with a 2-row planter and a 4-row planter also, both planters have different features. The seed drill farm machinery weight is 190 kg of 2-row planter and 350 kg of the 4-row planter. Both planters have an adjustable blade position. It is manufactured with 61″ widths and 54″ height, and 24″ row to row distances. Seed drill machine price is cost-effective for farmers. This tractor seed drill machine is best for farmers and gives progressive farming. 

3. Kmw By Kirloskar Mega T 15 Sugarcane Special

Kmw By Kirloskar Mega T 15 Sugarcane SpecialKmw By Kirloskar Mega T 15 is excellent seed drill equipment for sugarcane cultivation. It has 15 HP power which can easily handle farming tasks. It is manufactured with a single-cylinder, horizontal and equipped with a water-cooled diesel engine. Along with this, this seed drill machine for the tractor has 6 forward + 2 reverse gears. This manual seed drill machine offers efficient working and advanced features. It comes with 22 no. of blades and 138 kg of machine weight. Apart from all the features, this sugarcane special seed drill implement is affordable. 

4. Fieldking Disc Seed Drill

Fieldking Disc Seed DrillThe Fieldking Disc Seed Drill counts in the Seeding & Plantation category that lives up to the farmer’s expectations. The company manufactures 3 models of Disc Seed Drill that are FKDSD-9, FKDSD-11 and FKDSD-13. These models rely on the 30 – 85 HP implement power that makes them suitable with a related tractor. Moreover, they come with a 60 – 198 kg capacity of fertilizer tank and 310-992 Kg weight, making them are the best tractor-mounted seed drill farm equipment. These seed drill farm machinery price is fair and budget-friendly, which a farmer can easily afford. 

5. Bakhsish Rotavator With Seed Tiller

Bakhsish Rotavator With Seed Tiller

Bakhsish Rotavator comes under a post-harvest category which is one of the best and most compatible agriculture seed drill machine. It comes into 2 variants that are BAKHSISH RTR and BAKHSISH RTR, which relies on the 40-60 HP implement power that makes them ideal for hitching with a tractor. This Bakshish rotavator seed tiller is fitted with 42 to 48 No. of blades that helps to bury the soil well to sow the seeds. In addition, the Bakshish rotavator seed drill machinery price is affordable, which easily fits the farmer’s budget. 

6. Khedut Mini Tiller Operated Seed Drill

Khedut Mini Tiller Operated Seed Drill

The Khedut Mini Tiller operated seed drill is powerful and very popular for its exceptional quality among the farmers. With the help of this mini seed drill machine, you can sow the seeds easily and produce productive farming. The zero seed drill machine has 40 kg of weight and 5 kg seedbox capacity. This model of seed drill is best for commercial farming. Along with all the features, the mini seed drill machine is quite affordable for farmers. 

7. Shaktiman Mechanical Seed Drill

 Shaktiman Mechanical Seed Drill

Shaktiman Mechanical Seed Drill is demanding modern seed drill implements. It helps to sow the proper amount of seed in the field. The seed drill agriculture machinery of Shaktiman comes with 2 variants named SMSD250 and SMSD300. This seed drill machine for tractor has many advantages like it covers 300 cm of area, comes with a seed and fertilizer compartment and others. The weight of the machine is 560 – 870 kg. This seed drill machine price is suitable for farmers, and it helps to provide productive farming. 

Recommended Points for Infographic

Top 7 Seed Drill Machine infographic

  • This infographic is about the top 7 Seed Drill Machine in India. 
  • In this infographic, we are showing the Brand, Type and Power of the seed drill equipment model used in sowing seeds. 
  • Top 7 seed drill farm machinery list includes Sonalika Roto Seed Drill, Fieldking Disc Seed Drill, Shaktiman Mechanical Seed Drill and others.

Above mention specifications are helpful for you. You can select a tractor seed drill machine according to your farm requirements and budget. For more similar information on seed drill tractor implements, you can be with us. Moreover, Tractor Junction is a reliable and easy to use digital platform for you for any farm-related query. 

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