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Top 10 Land Preparation Machinery – 5 Steps in Land Preparation

Top 10 Land Preparation Machinery - 5 Steps in Land Preparation

Want to know about efficient land preparation machinery. Then this blog is perfect for you. 

Agriculture is one of the important and economy-based sectors in which various applications are performed. Land preparation is one of them, a foremost process of agriculture that ensures healthy cropping. This process is carried out on the farmland in preparation for cropping. This process, also known as tillage or cultivation, goes along with crop establishment as land preparation tools affect the ability of the crop to produce a good yield. And for performing this important farming process, farmers require an efficient machine that ensures high productivity. Several land preparation machines are available in the market, with different features and prices. So, are you confused between them and have many questions in your mind like which is best and most efficient? Then, take all the answers to your question from this blog. 

Steps in Land Preparation

In this process, it has various farming tasks, but the Following is some significant steps of land preparation:

  • Clearing and weeding the field – Firstly, you have to remove the weeds and last crop residues in this operation. 
  • Pre-irrigation – Then do pre irrigation 2 days before ploughing. It can give you smooth ploughing operations. 
  • First ploughing – First ploughing turns the weeds in the manure and opens the land for getting moist. 
  • Flooding – The soil must be flooded after ploughing for 2 or 3 weeks to kill weeds and insects. 
  • Levelling – Levelling is a vital operation for sound water management. 

List of 10 Land Preparation Machinery 

We mentioned the top 10 land preparation equipment with features, specifications and other essential details below section. This helps you to select machines according to your farming requirements. So, let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Lemken Melior

Lemken Melior

Lemken Melior is one of the best tools in land preparation for commercial farming. It comes with 2 variants named Melior 1/85 E and Melior 2/65 E. This land preparation equipment is used for improving soil quality. The model comes with a type of subsoiler, which helps to loosen the soil; also, it can reach 30 cm of depth. The weight is about 170 – 355 kg of this land preparation farm machinery. Along with this, it offers a suitable price range to farmers. 

2. John Deere Post Hole Digger

John Deere Post Hole Digger

John Deere Post Hole Digger comes with advanced features and smart functioning. These land preparation tools are efficient for thriving farming. Also, it has 4 variants named PD0709, PD0712 and others. The land preparation equipment length is about 1092 mm. It comes with a frame of heavy-duty rectangular pipe option. Easily equipped with tractor and weight of this land preparation machinery is 218 – 260 kg. Apart from all the features, this machinery for land preparation is offered an economical price range. 

3. Mahindra Gyrovator ZLX

Mahindra Gyrovator ZLX

Mahindra Gyrovator ZLX is perfect for land preparation farming tasks. Land preparation machines are excellent for productive farming because it makes cultivation advanced. The land preparation farm equipment has a multi-depth adjustment, duo cone mechanical water tight seal which is good for wet and dry land. In addition, it helps to maintain the land and provides smooth functioning. Moreover, the price of this land preparation machinery is affordable for farmers and offers profitable farming. 

4. John Deere GreenSystem Subsoiler TS3001

John Deere GreenSystem Subsoiler TS3001

John Deere GreenSystem Subsoiler TS3001 has a 740 mm length. This equipment used in land preparation provides high performance in the fields. Because of this advanced implement farming is accomplished efficiently. The weight of this implement is 135 Kg and easily equipped with tractors. Also, it comes with 1400 mm of height and 960 mm of width. Farmers are also satisfied with the features and price of this model. It is excellent for land preparation tasks. 

5. Mahindra Post Hole Digger

Mahindra Post Hole Digger

Mahindra provides excellent tools used in land preparation. And, Mahindra post hole digger is one of them. It comes with 4 variants named PHD 12″, PHD 18″ and others. This model is a digger type and can dig 1 hole per minute. These farm tools used in land preparation for making cultivation faster and more productive. The machine for land preparation weight is 30 – 62 kg and comes with a mounting 3 point linkage option. This digger is best for farmers because it comes with a cost-effective price range. 

6. Mahindra Mouldboard

Mahindra Mouldboard

Mahindra Mouldboard land preparation implement comes with advanced features and an economical price range. It has 2 variants named 2 Bottom MB Plough and 3 Bottom MB Plough. Both the variants are reliable and durable in working. The total weight of this model is 235 – 300 kg. It is manufactured with a length of 1370 – 1700mm, 920 – 1140 mm of width and 1030 mm of height. This land preparation machinery is quite reasonable and gives thriving farming. 

7. Mahindra Disc Harrow

Mahindra Disc Harrow

Mahindra Disc Harrow is one of the finest tools in land preparation. It is designed with advanced technologies, making it the perfect choice for farming. This Mahindra tool offers 6 variants, including Offset 12 Disc, Offset 14 Disc, Offset 16 Disc, Offset 18 Disc, Offset 20 Disc and Offset 22 Disc. As the name suggests, these variants come with 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22 discs. They ensure efficient cutting and perfect mixing of stubbles and weeds with good manure mixing.

8. Mahindra Gyrovator ZLX 125

Mahindra Gyrovator ZLX 125

Mahindra Gyrovator ZLX 125 is one of the reliable products of the famous Mahindra brand. The machine is highly beneficial for farmers as it comes with high farming solutions which provide efficient work. It offers best-in-class 5 variants Mahindra ZLX 125, Mahindra ZLX 145, Mahindra ZLX 165, Mahindra ZLX 185 and Mahindra ZLX 205. These variants provide high performance in the farming field. They are powered by 30-60 hp, 35-60 hp, 40-60 hp, 45-60 hp and 55-60 hp tractors, respectively. 

9. Mahindra Disc Plough

Mahindra Disc Plough

Mahindra Disc Plough is another best land preparation machinery with many advanced features. The machine is efficient and durable in working, which guarantees high profits with high-quality production. It comes with 3 powerful variants, named 2 Disc Plough, 3 Disc Plough and 4 Disc Plough. These are versatile as they come with 2, 3 and 4 discs. 2 Disc Plough can easily be attached with 35 hp tractors, while 3 Disc Plough can be powered by 55-70 hp tractors. On the other hand, a 50 hp tractor can easily handle a 4 Disc Plough variant. 

10. John Deere Duckfoot Cultivator

John Deere Duckfoot Cultivator

John Deere Duckfoot Cultivator is one of the best farm tools land preparation. It has excellent qualities that assure you with high and quality production. Moreover, the implement offers three models which have different features and working efficiency. These models are RC1005, RC1007 and RC1009. John Deere Duckfoot Cultivator models come with 5, 7 and 9 tynes, respectively. This farming machine can easily be attached with over 30 hp tractors. The blades of this equipment used in land preparation are sharpers.

Highlighted Points for Infographic

  • In this infographic you can check India’s best Land Preparation implements.
  • Brand, Type and Power of tools used in land preparation are shown in this infographic.
  • Top 10 machinery for land preparation list includes Lemken Melior, John Deere Post Hole Digger, Mahindra Post Hole Digger, Mahindra Mouldboard and others.
    Top 10 Land Preparation InfographicWe hope you get enough knowledge from this blog. As we mentioned features and price of land preparation implement. To know more about other implements and tractors you can visit Tractor Junction. 

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