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Top 10 Agriculture Tools Online – Farm Equipment and Their Uses

Top 10 Agriculture Tools Online - Farm Equipment and Their Uses

Hey friends, we are here back with a fresh new topic ‘Farming Tools’ that farmers used in agriculture to ease the work. We come with a list of modern farm tools and their uses in agriculture. Give a little bit of time to learn about farming tools that can make your life much smoother and saves a lot of time on fields. You can also find here Farm Equipment and Their Uses.

Machinery and tools invented to reduce human effort. It is evident that all the farmers want to increase their production in the field with minimum effort. These tools and machinery used interchangeably. The considerable knowledge of tools can unlock the chances of success. These agriculture tools used primarily for weed elimination, fertilizer, general tillage, elimination, and fumigation. To take these points in mind, we come up with a list of Farm tools names and tools used in agriculture. Check out below.

Top 10 Agriculture Farming Tools in India

In the further blog, you can get the details of every instrument used for farming and can choose a best and relevant agriculture tool according to your farming requirement.

1. Sprayers


Sprayer hugely used for farming purposes to prevent the crops from pests. It comes in different variants of sprayers present in the markets that include petrol, battery, backpack sprayer, Knapsack sprayer, and manual sprayers. These all used for spraying fertilizers and pesticides in the farming areas. It is suitable to grow a healthy crop and free from insects and pests. Nowadays, sprayers made an important farm tool for effective production.

Uses of Sprayers in Farms

  • Sprayers used for liquid fertilizer spending on farms.
  • It is best for spraying fungicides.
  • Sprayers used to control pests.
  • Used for spraying water.
  • It enhances flower production
  • Spraying on livestock.

Popular Farm Sprayers

a). Neptune VN-13 Battery Sprayers
b). Neptune PW 768 B Power Sprayers
c). Balwaan Shakti Battery Sprayer, Model: Bs-1208 Sprayers
d). Greaves Cotton GSBS 20 Sprayers

2. Tarpaulin


Tarpaulins are huge and flexible sheets that are necessary for farming. It mainly used in summer weather in India. In the market, there are various types of Tarpaulins that include tarpaulins fabrics, HDPE tarpaulins, cotton canvas, and nylon tarpaulins. These are available in a vast range and sizes. That provides a waterproof guarantee and direct heat protection.

Uses of Tarpaulin in Farms

  • It protects crops from rainfall and direct sunlight.
  • Helps to increase production in farming.
  • Protect livestock in cold and hot climates.
  • It used to protect crops from the insect.
  • Works a poly house sheet.

Popular Farm Tarpaulin with price

a). Shalimar Tirpal HDPE (24 X 30 Feet) Tarpaulin – Rs. 2850
b). Shalimar Tirpal HDPE (12 X 15 Feet) Tarpaulin – Rs. 730
c). Five Star Heavy Duty Plastic Tirpal (24 X 30 Feet) Tarpaulin – Rs. 1260


3.  Brush Cutter

Brush Cutter

A brush cutter is a tool for effective agriculture work. It used to trim small trees, harvest crops, cut weeds, and other foliage. There are 3 types of brush cutters that are Handheld, Walk-Behind, and Tow-Behind. Brushcutter comes with an engine that supports the body and gives the energy to a rotary cutting head. Other parts are the trimmer head, handle, brush cutter blade, and brush cutter shaft.

Uses of Brush Cutter

  • It can cut a variety of crops.
  • Brush cutters used in different ways.

Popular Brush Cutter with price

a). Balwaan CROP CUTTER – BBC-4 Stroke Back Pack Brush Cutter – Rs. 16800
b). Husqvarna 143R-II Brush Cutter – Rs. 34000
c). Honda UMK450T UTNT Brush Cutter – Rs. 38187
d). Neptune BC-360 Side Pack 4 Stroke Brush Cutter – Rs. 6999

4. Power Weeder

Power Weeder

The Power Weeder used to eliminate weeds in vegetable gardens, Vineyard plantations, and basins of orchard trees. Power weeders are slightly getting popular among the farmers for their ease in farming activity. It comes with diesel engines with them. For power weeders, there are a variety of attachments present in the market. It is a multipurpose machine.

Uses of Power Weeder

  • Power Weeder manufactured to remove seedbeds from lawns.
  • It can reduce the labor force.

Popular Power Weeder

a). Shrachi 105G Petrol Power Weeder
b). Pubert MAESTRO 55P Power Weeder
c). Pubert ARO PRO 55P C3 Power Weeder

5. Power Tiller

Power Tiller

A Power Tiller is a machine used for cultivation in farming that includes weeding, sowing, cultivation, and tillage. It comes with a set of blades mounted with an electric motor and a wheeled housing. Power Tiller mainly a set of blades that are called tines. You can call it in different names that include rotary tiller, plough, a rotavator, and rotary hoe.

Uses of Power Tiller

  • It helps in preparing the soil.
  • It used for sowing seeds.
  • Power tiller is for planting seeds.
  • It can use for adding & spraying fertilizers, herbicides, and water.

Famous Power Tiller

a). Vst Shakti 135 DI Ultra Power Tiller
b). Greaves Cotton GS 14 DL Power Tiller
c). Honda FJ500 Power Tiller
d). Vst Shakti RT 65 Power Tiller

6. Power Reaper

Power Reaper

Power Reaper is a machine that provides effective work on the field. It is a process that needs human power, why you have to spend more on labor. Power Reaper is a multitasker that can do various functions with less effort. It can harvest and cut the crops easily. Power reaper comes with large tyres, and it makes proper balance on the uneven surface.

Uses of Power Reaper

  • Appropriate for many crops that include Black Gram, Bengal Gram, Wheat, Green Gram, Paddy and Soybean Mustard etc.
  • Power Reaper reduces working labor.
  • Every farmer can use this machine easily.

Popular Power Reaper

a). Shrachi SPR 1200 Paddy Power Reaper
b). Vst Shakti Honda GX200 Power Reaper
c). Greaves Cotton GS MY4G 120 Power Reaper

7. Earth Auger

Earth Auger

An Earth Auger used to dig on the earth. It is a drilling tool used for making holes on the surfaces or ground. It mainly includes a rotating helical screw blade. Earth Auger used in farming activities to dig holes in the soil, holes utilized for plantation purposes. It takes less time to dig the ground with an earth auger, and it takes less time. This machine comes in various sizes and petrol variants. Handy earth augers can dig approximately 3 feet depth on the earth.

Uses of Earth Auger

  • It used for digging the ground and wooden surfaces.
  • Earth augers are called drilling machines.
  • It used as a power tool.

Popular Earth Auger

a). STIHL BT 360 Earth Auger
b). Neptune Earth Auger Single Man Earth Auger
c). AgriPro APEA52 Earth Auger
d). STIHL BT 131 Single-operator With 4-MIX® Engine Earth Auger

8. Mowers & Trimmers

Mowers & Trimmers

Mowers and trimmers used to cut and trims the crops. It mainly used for gardening purposes. It comes in a different variant, and a string trimmer cleans the lawn, and a hedge trimmer is suitable to trim hedges and provides the perfect shape. This machine is eco friendly and easy to use.

Uses of Mowers & Trimmers

  • It used to clean the lawns and the gardens.
  • Mowers & trimmers make lawns and gardens the best in looking.
  • Provides the best height to the grass.
  • Best for pests and insects.

Popular Mowers & Trimmers

a). Husqvarna 570BTS Mowers & Trimmers
b). Honda HRJ216 K2 Mowers & Trimmers
c). Husqvarna 525BX Mowers & Trimmers

9.  Farm Accessories

Farm Accessories

Farm Accessories are the things that are used with the farming implements. You can add these accessories with your tractor and others. That will ensure your longer work, high productivity, worry less work, and others. Farm accessories are the innovations that provide smoothness at the time of working on the farms.

Uses of Farm Accessories

  • Easy working.
  • Worry less work.
  • Locate your tractor.
  • Fuel consumption, calculate working hours and etc.

Popular Farm Accessories

a). PISTA GPS Kit Tracker For Car, Bike, Truck And Tractor With 12 Months Plan Accessories
b). New Holland Sky Watch – Tractor Track And Trace Accessories

10. Plough


Plough is a large implement and comes in the farming tools. It is called a plow too. Plough is a farming tool used for loosening the soil planting and sowing seed. It is of wooden iron or steel frame and comes with a blade to cut and loosen the soil.

Uses of Plough

  • It used to loosen the soil.
  • Preparing for a seedbed for soaring seed.

Popular Farming Plough

a). Fieldking Reversible Mould Board
b). Mahindra Mouldboard
c). Agristar Disc Plough 3 Furrow
d). Khedut Chisal Plough

Agricultural Implements Pictures With Names And Uses

As we all know, agriculture is a wide sector, and more than 50% of the Indian economy is dependent on it. Traditionally, agriculture was done with human effort, resulting in low results. But with time, we have seen many excellent developments in agriculture, and modern farm equipment and tools are among them. These farm equipment made agriculture operation effortless and quick that improves the agriculture output. But due to less awareness, most of the farmers are not using these farm equipment, which is why we have come with this blog. Here, we show farm tools and equipment with meaning, which help you choose different farm equipment as per your work and demand.

There are many types of farming tools available that make farms or gardens productive and beautiful.These farm tools used in cultivation make your agriculture function more productive. These farm equipment names are axe, hay rake, pruning, Shovel, gardening fork, etc. 

In the below section, we are displaying farm equipment pictures and names, which help you to choose the best one. Have a look.


Axe - Farm Equipment

An ax, also spelt as Axe, is an instrument that has been used in farming for several primary and advanced purposes. The cutting instrument made with a heavy-edged head fixed to a handle with the edge parallel to the handle. It used to shape out, split, cut, harvest timber, and many more. The cutting instrument is especially suitable for felling trees, chopping, and splitting wood. It has a sharp blade which easily cuts the heavy and thick woods. 


Rake - Farm Equipment

A rake is a brush or broom for outdoor uses. It is a horticultural tool consisting of a toothed bar fixed transverse to a handle and used to collect leaves, hay, and grass. The garden tool also used to lose the soil, light weeding and levelling, remove dead grass from the lawn, and harrow purposes. Modern or large mechanized rakes are used in the agriculture sector, known as hay rakes, made in various forms, such as star-wheel rakes, rotary rakes, etc. Gardening or small farms may be done by hand rake or non-mechanized rakes. 

Pruning Saw

Pruning Saw - Farm Equipment

Pruning saw used to trim trees and shrubs. All varieties of pruning saws are available in different sizes and shapes. There are various types of pruning saws which used for a specific branch and stem. All types of pruning saws consist of hard-point, heat-treated teeth, but sizes and shapes are different. These garden tools are capable of trimming large shrubs and smaller tree branches. Small branches or 1.5 inches branches use a hand pruner and thick branches use a pruning saw. 


Shovel - Farm Equipment

A shovel is a tool for lifting, digging, and removing bulk materials, such as soil, coal, gravel, snow, and ore. A shovel is a hand tool which consists of a broad blade fixed with a medium-length handle. The blades of shovel made with steel sheets or hard plastics, which are robust and very strong. The handles of shovels built with wood or fibreglass ( glass-reinforced plastic). Modern larger excavating machines also used the term shovel or power shovel, used for digging, lifting, and moving material in large farms.

Hedge Shears

Hedge Shears - Farm Equipment

Pruning shear is known as hand pruners used to cut several small branches. It is a type of scissors for plants and cut woody material or plants up to ½ inch thick. The farm tool made with handles (wood or metal) with grips and sharp blades. 

Gardening Fork

Gardening Fork - Farm Equipment

A garden fork called a spading fork or digging fork. It is a tool widely used for digging. The gardening machine consists of a handle and several (usually four) short, sturdy tines. The farm implement is perfect for loosening, lifting and turning the soil in the garden. The garden tool’s working ability is the same as a spade, but it is more efficient than a spade in many situations. It can uproot stones and weeds, break bunches. Traditional garden forks made of wood, and modern forks made of carbon or stainless steel. 

Pruners / Pruning Shears

Pruners / Pruning Shears - Farm Equipment

Pruning shears are known as secateurs. They are strong enough to cut hard branches of trees and shrubs. The garden tool trims and shapes plants and shrubs and removes dead growth. Pruners are a high-quality farm tool that stays sharper for a long time, easily cuts thicker branches, and is easy to use. 

Garden Trowel

Garden Trowel - Farm Equipment

It is a small hand tool used to smoother, dig, apply, or move small amounts of particulate material. The hand tool comes with a pointed, scoop-shaped metal blade, and wooden or plastic handle. It is much smaller and used with one hand. The farm machine accomplishes digging small holes, breaking up earth, mixing in fertilizer or other additives, and transferring plants to pots.

Gardening Gloves

Gardening Gloves - Farm Equipment

As we all know, gardening is quite a tough and rough task. Thorns and splinters are very annoying and uncomfortable, especially for hands. That is why there is a great range of gloves available, offering better protection and comfort. These gardening gloves are suitable for digging, planting, raking, and reducing the need for conventional gardening tools. Gloves are made with a latex material, plastic, cloth and rubber. They protect fingers and fingernails while executing garden operations. Garden gloves are waterproof and flexible. 


Wheelbarrow - Farm Equipment

A wheelbarrow is a small object that easily used single-handed to transport the garden’s gardening material. It is a close-packed vehicle assembled by utilizing only one wheel. Wheelbarrows are efficient and reduce the burden of moving awkward and bulky gardening materials. Two words make the term wheelbarrow, ‘wheel and barrow’, where a barrow derived as “bearwe”. “Bearwe” was a device used for carrying loads.  

Land Mower

Land Mower - Farm Equipment

Land Mower has known a mower, grass cutter, or lawnmower. It is a machine using one or more rolling blades to cut a grass surface to an even length. The blades of the mower are powered by manual force. The mower maintains the proper height of grass to keep the garden or lawn beautiful and healthy. The machine does not remove and cut the grass directly from the roots. Mower’s blades mechanically connected to the wheel. Lawn mowers are two types, one is push mowers, and the other is electric grass mowers. 

Watering Can & Garden Hose

Watering Can & Garden Hose - Farm Equipment

Watering cans are a traditional method of irrigation which has been used since 79 A.D. It contains a container filled with water and used in agriculture skills to water plants and crops. It can contain eight doses of water and is widely used in Floriculture farming. It is made of metal, ceramic or plastic.

Garden hose used to water plants in a lawn or garden or to move water. It is a flexible tube that conveys the water in the garden. The tube connects with sprayer, sprinkles, etc. A rigid hose used to water crops in farming for drip irrigation. The garden hose is suitable for large farms or large gardens. 

These are all about farm tools and equipment and their uses. These farm equipment are beneficial and profitable for small and marginal farmers. With the help of these farming equipment, you can accomplish all the garden operations with ease and on time.

This is all about Agriculture Tools Online uses and benefits. For more information about Farming Tools, visit TractorJunction.com.

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