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Top 10 Post Harvest Machinery – Post Harvest Equipment Uses in Farming

Top 10 Post Harvest Machinery - Post Harvest Equipment Uses in Farming

We are back with a new topic for you that can help you to enhance your farm productivity. If you are searching for a post harvest implement for your farm, in that case, this blog is perfect for you. Here, we shortlisted the 10 best post harvest equipment for your convenience. So, let’s move ahead on the topic without wasting more time and also get a perfect match Post Harvest Machinery for you. 

Modern farming has several types of equipment for increasing the productivity of a farm. Some of them are pre-harvest equipment, and the rest of them are post harvest equipment. And, we are here to tell you about post harvest equipment in India, which are used to make valuable things from crop residues. So farmers can make more profit with the help of post harvest technology. 

Apart from this, we will also tell you about the top 10 machines which are valuable for post harvest management. Also, these machines are very beneficial for post-harvest processing. So, let’s start with knowing the importance of post-harvest process and equipment also. First of all, let’s talk about the meaning of post-harvest equipment. 

What is Post Harvest Equipment?

The post harvest techniques save time and labour cost in enhancing the marketability and quality of products also. The tools used in this technology are called post harvest equipment. These machines provide a reach to avoid post harvest losses. And machinery for Post-harvest also gives potential to the farmers to make more money from crop residues. The equipment includes many factors which define its working ability. Post harvest factors affect fruits & crop qualities, method of harvesting, time of harvesting, packaging, storage etc., which ensures high earnings. 

Types of Post Harvest Equipment in Agriculture

There are many Post Harvest equipment in agriculture for various crops which we mentioned below.

Types of Post Harvest Equipment in Agriculture

1. Multicrop Post Harvest – Landforce MultiCrop is the best and most productive post harvest in India. It comes with 35 HP and Above implement power. 

2. Wheat Post Harvest – Landforce Harambha Thresher (Wheat) equipped with world class features. It also has 35 HP Minimum implement power. 

3. Maize Post Harvest – Dasmesh 423-Maize Thresher equipped with 35 – 55 HP implement power for smooth work.

4. Paddy Post Harvest – Landforce Paddy Thresher comes with 35 – 55 HP to implement power 80 No. of Spike. 

Post Harvest Handling Equipments

1. Sponge Dryer – It is used for eliminating surface water to dry the product later washing. It consists of wipe rollers to assimilate water and crush rollers to channel it.

2. Wax coating Machine – It is done on organic products like apples. It lessens water misfortunes and further develops the appearance of organic products.

3. Polishing and Brushing Machine – Brushes squeezed against produce continue on rollers used to eliminate residue and splash buildups and further to develop the appearance of organic products like apples also.

Importance of Post Harvest Technology

The following points illustrate the importance of post-harvest technology:- 

  • Post harvest technology is important to maintain the quality of crops.
  • It maintains the texture, flavour, appearance and nutritional value of crops also. 
  • This technology ensures good food safety and delivery. 
  • Post harvest decreases the losses between consumption and harvest. 

Post-Harvest Benefits

Following are the Advantages of post-harvest:- 

  • The post harvest machine increases farming results. 
  • Post harvest farming also enhances quality in production. 
  • It enhances effectiveness and does the work fastly. 
  • This agriculture process also ensures high work efficiency. 
  • It reduces post harvest losses.
  • Also, it is helpful to enhance nutrition. 
  • The technology adds value to farming products.
  • In addition, it opens new marketing opportunities. 
  • And it also can provide new job opportunities. 

These are some benefits of post harvest technology which ensure farmers high earnings. The above-mentioned points make this technology vital to meet the hunger needs of the population. 

What is Post Harvest Technology?

As we discussed earlier, post harvest technology is used to reduce the time and cost of post harvest management. Also, it allows farmers to make a considerable profit by using different resources. 

Apart from this, we are here with the list of 10 post harvest implements that can make your farming more productive. 

List of Top 10 Post Harvest Equipment

The list of 10 post harvesting implements is given below. These machines provide a complete reach to successful post harvest management. Let’s checkout with us and choose the best fitted one for you.  

List of Top 10 Post Harvest Equipment

1. Maschio Gaspardo SQUARE BALER – PITAGORA L


Maschio Gaspardo provides the best post harvesting machines for farmers. This implement gives excellent outcomes, and farmers are very satisfied with the advanced features. It comes with a 45 – 55 HP range. Also, this square baler is best for commercial farming. Along with this, it comes with a suitable price range.  

2. Fieldking Sugar Cane Loader

Fieldking Sugar Cane Loader

Fieldking Sugar Cane Loader has 45 – 75 HP power. For enhancing productivity farmers use post-harvest agricultural machinery which provides smooth functioning. And comes with a 1660 – 3660 kg weight of implement. It is easily attached to tractors and offers maximum work efficiency. In addition, the price of this implement is affordable for growers.    

3. Mahindra Sickle Sword

Mahindra Sickle Sword

Mahindra Sickle Sword is postharvest processing equipment done all farming tasks efficiently. It has a 170 cm long, double-action cutter bar. This implement can adjust skid height along with sugarcane height. The Equipment used in the post-harvest for cutting maize, bajra, sugarcane and many more. Its price is available at Rs. 3.8 Lakh is reasonable for farmers. 

4. Landforce Potato Digger

Landforce Potato Digger

Landforce Potato Digger comes with advanced technology and excellent features. The weight of this implement is 555 kg and manufactured with 2 mm no. of blades. It comes with high farming solutions which give efficient work in fields. The post-harvest processing speed is 1.36 km/h. This implement is manufactured with 1500 mm of width, 2020 mm of length and height is 1130 mm. Best for post harvest techniques. 

5. Shaktiman Round Baler SRB 60

Shaktiman Round Baler SRB 60

Shaktiman Round Baler SRB 60 is the most demanding implement for commercial farming. Because it offers highly modern techniques which makes farming cultivation faster. It has 19 no. of rollers and the baler weight is 700 kg. Along with this, we recommend the manual binding activation system with sisal or polypropylene twine. 

6. Khedut Reaper

Khedut Reaper

Khedut Reaper is the best post harvesting implement that comes with many superlative features. Its side lay reaping style helps to cut grains easily with a 100 mm adjustable height that is compatible with every kind of harvesting. Khedut Reaper has the potential to perform on 1 acre/ hr with the best and most durable working efficiency also. Its 5.5 HP and 200Kg weight make it ideal to perform with a suitable tractor. 

7. Dasmesh 567 – Paddy Straw Chopper

Dasmesh 567 - Paddy Straw Chopper

Dasmesh 567 – Paddy Straw Chopper is one of the most eminent implement that comes under the post harvest category. Its distinguished features make it more prominent among the farmers. Its 216 pcs M type thresher blade, 36 pcs thresher concave blade and 18 pcs extra row of blade helps to cut the crops efficiently. In addition, its 55 HP implement power makes it more compatible to work with the suitable tractor. 

8. New Holland Crop Chopper

New Holland Crop Chopper

New Holland Crop Chopper is one of the efficient post-harvest machines. It is powered by 50 hp & above tractor models to perform various tasks. The machine has Four-foot horizontal and 15-inch vertical spout extensions. The overall cutting width of this machine is 72″(1.83m) with a Rotor Speed of 1373 rpm. The Stone guard of this machine also helps to reduce the chance of objects being picked up. 

9. Ks Group Multicrop

Ks Group Multicrop

Ks Group Multicrop is a thresher type implement powered by over 25 hp tractors. This Tractor Operated post-harvest machine is suitable for groundnut, maize, wheat, soybean and many more. This machine’s cleaning and threshing efficiency are 99.3% (approx) and 99.81% (approx), respectively. The dimensions of the machine are 4800 MMX2200 MMX2400 MM (LXWXH). 

10. JAGATJIT Straw Mulcher

JAGATJIT Straw Mulcher

JAGATJIT Straw Mulcher is another best post-harvest equipment powered by 35-60 hp. The machine provides Gear Drive, Single Speed, Inverted Gamma Type fail. It also comes with various sharp blades that provide fine cutting of crops. The machine can perform in various land, fields and soils. 1480x2240x840 (LXWXH) are dimensions of the JAGATJIT Straw Mulcher. 

Recommended Points for Infographic

Top 10 Post Harvest Machinery

  • This infographic is about the top 10 Post Harvest equipment in India. 
  • Here we are showing the Brand, Type and Power of post harvest tools and equipment used in land preparation in this infographic.
  • Top 10 post-harvest machinery/equipment list includes Maschio Gaspardo SQUARE BALER – PITAGORA L, Fieldking Sugar Cane Loader, and others.

These are all about the 10 best Post Harvest Implement models in India. Select according to your farm needs and budget. And, if you have more inquiries regarding this or any farm related to that, stay connected with us. 

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