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Types of Tillage Implements – Primary & Secondary Tillage Equipment

Types of Tillage Implements - Primary & Secondary Tillage Equipment

Tilling is a necessary process of farming that is done in two steps: primary tilling and secondary tilling. It is handy to take the soil to its fine tilth to make better germination. So, for the tilling process, technology came with several types of tillage implements, including primary tillage equipment & secondary tillage equipment. Let’s know tillage implements and their uses in detail. With this, we are here to show you the major types of tillage in India. Have a look down below.

What are the Types of Tillage Tools? 

A farm tillage equipment is a farming tool to till the land efficiently. Tillage tools are classified mainly in two parts according to their needs, which are:

Primary Tillage Equipment 

Primary tillage equipment is agricultural implements used to open and lose the soil. A plough is the ideal example of primary tillage tools, which has three types: Wooden Plough, Iron Plough and Special Purpose plough.

Secondary Tillage Equipment

Secondary tillage equipment is the agricultural tools used for soil pulverisation, breaking clods, making sound seedbeds, controlling the weeds and taking soil to a fine tilth. Moreover, the Cultivator, Harrow, Plank & Roller, and disc harrow tillage are some examples of secondary tillage implements.

Difference Between Primary and Secondary Tillage Equipment

Tillage Equipment Primary Tillage Implements Secondary Tillage Implements
Tools  Plough  Cultivator, Harrow, etc.
Working To open and lose the soil,  To control weeds, prepare seedbeds, take the soil to a fine tilth, breaking clods, etc.
Tilling Time Till the land after the last harvesting Till the land after primary tilling.
Tilling Depth Deep Tilling (around 15 to 90 CM) Only the upper surface tilling (about 15 CM) 
Tilling Purposes  For burying of weeds and crop residues  For prepare the land for sowing or planting
Tilling Results Provides a rough surface finish Provides a fine finish

These are the main differences between primary and secondary tillage equipment. Now, we will know some advanced models of primary and secondary tillage implements.

Top 10 Types of Tillage Implements

We are here with the top 10 models of primary and secondary tillage implements. These models are popular among all types of tillage implements. So, let’s get to know them.

1. Malkit Roto Seeder

Malkit Roto Seeder

Malkit Roto Seeder is one of the best for tilling machines. This implement has 45 – 60 HP power that provides fuel-efficient work. It improves soil quality and is loadied with advanced technology. The weight of this implement is 450 to 535 kg and is easily attached with tractors. Along with this, roto seeder comes with an affordable price range.

2. Swaraj Duravator SLX+

Swaraj Duravator SLX+ 

Swaraj Duravator SLX+ has 39 HP power. It offers the best modern tillage implements to the farmers for productive farming. The modern tillage implements are efficient for commercial farming. Farmers are very satisfied with the price of Swaraj Duravator, which is Rs. 1.05 – 1.3 Lakh, which is quite reasonable for farmers.

3. Shaktiman Regular Light

Shaktiman Regular Light

Shaktiman Regular Light is demanding modern tillage implements. The curved/square type of standard tine construction option. It comes with 1095 mm of height and is excellent for commercial farming. The tool can supply you with easy operation in minimum time. Also, it comes with a cost-effective price range for farmers.

4. Mahindra Tez-e ZLX+ 

Mahindra Tez-e ZLX+

Mahindra Tez-e ZLX+ has a multi-speed gearbox with L/C type of blades. Moreover, this implement has 36 to 60 blades, which helps to perform farming tasks smoothly. Mahindra provides excellent products to farmers, and this rotavator is one of them. Apart from all the features, this is best and comes with a suitable price range for growers.

5. VST 130 DI

VST 130 DI

VST 130 DI is a power tiller with a fuel tank capacity of 11 litres. It’s air cleaner is multistage, oil bath type with cyclonic pre-cleaner option. The clutch of this model is a multiple plates dry disc type that offers smooth functioning. The price of a VST 130 tiller is 1.8 Lakh* for farmers.

6. Lemken Opal 080 E 2MB 

Opal 080 E 01

Lemken Opal 080 E 2MB is one of the primary tillage tools. Farmers use this deep tillage cultivator or plough after the last harvesting to remove weeds and crop residues from the ground. In addition, this deep tillage plough has 530 to 735 mm working width. It needs a tractor ranging from 40 to 47 HP for efficient work.

7. Maschio Gaspardo VIRAT PRO 165 

Maschio Gaspardo VIRAT PRO 165 

Maschio Gaspardo VIRAT PRO 165 is a secondary tillage implement. Farmers use this implement after deep tillage implements. As we know, the deep tillage implements turn the soil, but they also leave clods. So, to break these clods, it can be the best machine. Moreover, it is different from zero tillage implements and needs a tractor ranging from 50 to 55 HP for better working.

8. Fieldking Regular Multi-Speed 

Fieldking Regular Multi-Speed 

Fieldking Regular Multi-Speed is a rotavator model and comes under the secondary tilling tools. Farmers use it after the operations of primary tillage implements for better germination. Moreover, the price of this tool is also reasonable, which makes it a perfect model for farming. You have to use a tractor from 25 to 70 HP for efficient work. And this implement has 380 to 530 Kg weight.

9. Maschio Gaspardo VIRAT PLUS 145 

Maschio Gaspardo VIRAT PLUS 145 

Maschio Gaspardo VIRAT PLUS 145 is a secondary tilling implement. You can get nice seedbeds when you use them after primary tillage implement operations. It needs a tractor ranging from 35 to 40 Hp to work efficiently. This tool has its unique specifications and is widely used after primary tillage implement operations in India.

10. Soiltech Paddy 

Soiltech Paddy

Soiltech Paddy is a rotavator model with advanced technology to provide the perfect tilth level of soil for paddy cultivation. It comes under the secondary tillage tools category. Moreover, it has 5 to 7 feet in size and needs a tractor from 40 to 55 HP power to work. The working width of this tool is 1500 to 2000 mm. Apart from this, it has 48 to 50 blades and 386.71 to 439.08 Kg weight.

Highlighted Points for Infographic 

This infographic shows information about the top 10 types of tillage implements.

  • Model Name, Brand, Type and Power of different types of tillage equipment are shown in this infographic.
  • Top 10 Types of Tillage Implements list has Malkit Roto Seeder, Shaktiman Regular Light, Mahindra Tez-e ZLX+, Lemken Opal 080 E 2MB, Fieldking Regular Multi-Speed, Soiltech Paddy, etc.

Types of Tillage Implements - Primary & Secondary Tillage Equipment

The information mentioned above is regarding Types of primary tillage and secondary tillage tools. So, we hope that you will be satisfied with this knowledge. Apart from this information, if you need more, visit Tractor Junction. Here you can find answers to every single question about farm tillage equipment. Moreover, you can get Tillage equipment for sale at our website. So, don’t be late in grabbing them. Visit and know Tillage implements and their uses with ease.

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