10 Best Baler Machine for Agriculture – Uses and Specifications

Want to know about the baler machine? 

Baler Machine is essential equipment for the agricultural sector in the world. We will tell you all about this farm equipment in this blog. So firstly, let’s know why the baler machine for agriculture was invented? As we know, the government banned burning the farming residue after harvesting. Because burning the agricultural residue causes air pollution, moisture loss, loss of soil nutrients and also deteriorates health. That’s why technology came with the baler machine to solve this problem. It can clean your field and turn crop residue into useful bales. Let’s know what an Agriculture Baler machine is. 

What is a Baler Machine for Agriculture?

Agriculture Baler machine is a machine that collects the crop residue and makes a bundle of it. You can use it to collect crop residue of paddy, Jowar, Wheat, cotton, millet, etc. It is a PTO driven machine. 

Functioning of Baler Machine

First, it picks up the crop residue with the help of pick-up units and then rolls it with rollers to make a bale. As soon as the bale is ready, the driver stops the tractor then it ties the bale with a rope. The shape of bales remains due to tying.

Now you can question, how does the driver know that bale has been formed? The answer is that a bale indicator mounted on the baler allows the drivers to know what is happening inside the baler. After the bale has been formed, the driver has a bale ejection switch in the control box on the tractor. As soon as the driver presses the ejection switch, the baler opens the door and the bale exits. Also, you can see a bale counter in the control box. It helps you to know how many bales have been made so far. This was all about baler machines. Let’s know about the uses of bales. 

Baler Machine Uses:

Bales are beneficial in many places. Farmers can easily lift them and can transport them to the market. In addition, the bales are helpful in –

  • It is a good source of animal feeders.
  • We can use it for mushroom farming.
  • It is used in packaging. 
  • We can also use it in biogas.
  • It can be used for generating electricity, etc.

Now you can easily understand the value of baler machines. So, let’s know about India’s top 10 baler machine models. 

10 Best Baler Machine in India

The list of 10 Best Baler Machine in India includes the following models. These models can give you profit from the crop residue. So, let’s briefly know about them, including specifications, features, etc. 

1. Sonalika Square 

Sonalika Square Baler

Sonalika Square Baler comes with advanced technology from the shed of Sonalika company. The company has its renowned name for manufacturing farming equipment. This is why this baler is famous among the farmers. It also has 2 knotters to tie the bale, and the HP is 55-60 HP. With this baler machine, you can form a bale 30 to 140 CM in length and up to 50 Kg in weight. The overall machine weight is 2000 Kg. 

  • Required Power – 55 to 60 HP
  • Machine Weight – 2000 Kg
  • Bale Dimensions –  360 x 460 MM
  • Pickup Width – 1630 MM

2. Swaraj Round 

Swaraj Round Baler

Swaraj Round Baler has a different identity in the farming sector. It forms bales of 20-35 Kgs in weight. The capacity of forming 24 to 30 bales per hour makes it a high time saver model. You can easily make the bales with it with the help of a tractor between 25 to 45 HP. The total weight of this baler is 600 Kg, and the bale dimensions are 610 x 930 MM. Moreover, you can easily get this mini round baler for sale at Tractor Junction. 

  • Required Power –   25 to 45 HP
  • Machine Weight –   600 Kg
  • Bale Dimensions –  610 x 930 MM
  • Pickup Width –       1065 MM

3. Mahindra Round 

Mahindra Round Baler

Mahindra Round Baler is a high-performance baler machine that efficiently makes bales in the field. It can form 60 to 80 bales per hour so that farmers can make more money in minimum time. Moreover, this mini Round Baler has 1740 MM length, 1550 MM width and 1250 MM height, and it forms bales of 610 MM diameter. The bales weight can be 18 to 25 Kg, and the total weight of this mini Round Baler is 610 Kg. So, get this small round baler for sale at Tractor Junction. 

  • Required Power – 35 to 45 HP
  • Machine Weight – 610 Kg
  • Bale Dimensions – 610 x 1060 MM
  • Pickup Width – 1060 MM

4. Fieldking Square

Fieldking Square

Fieldking Square comes with an 1850 MM pick up width, 460 x 360 MM bale chamber and 2 knotters. Optionally, you can also get hydraulic pick-up adjustment, hydraulic moving of the drawbar, bale chute and feeding wheel. This heavy machine is 1330 Kg in weight. Moreover, it requires 35 to 50 HP power to work efficiently. It forms bales in the 460 x 360 MM bale chamber. Apart from this, this Square Baler machine price in India is also valuable. 

  • Required Power – 35 to 50 HP
  • Machine Weight – 1330 Kg
  • Bale Dimensions – 460 x 360 MM
  • Pickup Width – 1850 MM

5. Shaktiman Square 

Shaktiman Square Baler

Shaktiman Square Baler is fitted with a drawbar hitching system and a single remote hydraulic connection. Therefore, it requires 35 HP and above to work. Moreover, the pick-up height adjustment is mechanical and hydraulic, and the bale chamber is 460 x 360 MM. In this model, you can also manage the bale length manually, which can be 400 to 1100 MM. Also, it has 2 knotters to tie the bale. Because of these specifications, it has become the best baler machine.  

  • Required Power – 35 and above HP
  • Machine Weight – 1560 Kg
  • Bale Dimensions –  460 x 360 MM
  • Pickup Width – 1570 MM

6. John Deere Compact RoundJohn Deere Compact Round Baler

John Deere Compact Round Baler is a modern machine with an electronic display to provide bale count at work. It requires a 35 to 45 Hp tractor to work with ease. Moreover, this small Round Baler has 3 Point, Cat II hitch system. You can form 760 x 610 MM bales with this baler machine. This Compact Round Baler has a 520 Kg total weight. Apart from this, you can adjust the bale density in this small Round Baler. 

  • Required Power – 35 to 45 HP
  • Machine Weight – 520 Kg
  • Bale Dimensions –  760 x 610 MM
  • Pickup Width – 800 MM

7. Swaraj SQ 180 Square 

Swaraj SQ 180 Square Baler

Swaraj SQ 180 Square Baler is an efficient machine that forms bales in the field. We can adjust the length of bales from 300 to 1400 MM. The pick-up control of this baler machine is hydraulic, and the pick-up width is 1800 MM. Moreover, it requires a minimum of 55 HP tractors to work in the field. The overall weight of the machine is 2000 Kg. It can form 460 x 360 MM bales in minimum time. Despite the powerful specifications, this baler machine price in India is also reasonable. 

  • Required Power – 55 HP and above 
  • Machine Weight – 2000 Kg
  • Bale Dimensions –  460 x 360 MM
  • Pickup Width – 1800 MM

8. Fieldking Round

Fieldking Round

Fieldking Round baler machine requires a minimum 70 HP tractor to work. It has 5 pick-up tine rows and 160 pick-up tines. The PTO speed of this baler machine is 540 RPM, and the weight is 2180 Kg. Moreover, it can provide fuel-efficient work in the field. The 8 profiled rollers roll the crop residue with good speed. We can form 1200 x 1200 MM bales in this baler. 

  • Required Power – 70 HP
  • Machine Weight – 2180 Kg
  • Bale Dimensions –  1200 x 1200 MM
  • Pickup Width – 1800 MM

9. Mahindra Square 

Mahindra Square Baler

Mahindra Square Baler can form 83 to 104 bales per hour, which is the best productivity for money-making. The pick-up width of this baler machine is 1800 MM, and it has 5 tine bars and 110 tines. In addition, the total weight of this baler machine is 2192 Kg. The on-road length of this baler is 5530 MM, and the on-duty length is 6380 MM. Moreover, its bale length is from 300 MM to 1350 MM. 

  • Required Power – 50 to 60 HP
  • Machine Weight – 2192 Kg
  • Bale Dimensions –  360 x 360 MM
  • Pickup Width – 1800 MM

10. Dasmesh 631 – Round Straw 

Dasmesh 631 - Round Straw Baler

Dasmesh 631 – Round Straw Baler forms 500 x 600 MM sized bales and has a 1905 MM cutter bar. The pick-up width of this baler machine is 788 MM, and it creates 11 to 15 Kg weighted bales. The tractor power must be 35 HP with dual-clutch for holding this round straw baler. In addition, its overall weight is 600 Kg, length is 2337 MM, width is 2286 MM, and height is 1626 MM. 

  • Required Power – 35 HP
  • Machine Weight – 600 Kg
  • Bale Dimensions –  500 x 600 MM
  • Pickup Width – 788 MM

Highlighted Points for Infographic

  • This infographic provides complete information regarding India’s 10 Popular baler machines.
  • Required Power, Machine Weight, Bale Dimensions and Pick-up width of baler tractor implements are shown in this infographic. 
  • The top 10 baler machine list includes Sonalika Square Baler, Swaraj Round Baler, Mahindra Round Baler, John Deere Compact Round Baler, etc. 

Infographic Here :

10 Best Baler Machine for Agriculture

We hope you will understand the value of baler machine in India from this blog. For more information about a baler machine for sale or other agriculture tools online, stay tuned with Tractor Junction. Don’t forget to leave a review/comment on this blog because your reviews motivate us to come with exciting, reliable and helpful information. So, stay tuned with us and enjoy your internet surfing. 

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