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Top 5 Power Weeder Models in India – For Better Farming

Top 5 Power Weeder Models in India

Do you want to buy Power Weeder in India?

Hey friends, here we come up with a brand new blog about Power Weeder. Here, you get each detail, including the Power weeder price in India. In addition, we are presenting the top 5 power weeder models that provide you with effective work in the field.

About Power Weeder India

Power weeder is an agriculture tool used for secondary tillage. One more name alludes to teeth called shanks; this enters the dirt, and they are gotten through it straightforwardly. It is one more machine that utilizes the revolving movement of circles to accomplish an equivalent result. A rotary tiller is the best model for this.

Cultivators mix and set up the dirt by crushing. This will done before planting by extricating the dirt and by air circulation of the dirt to set up a smooth seedbed. Power weeder for paddy utilized after the farmers to eradicate weeds and control the plant from the dirt. The dirt close to the harvest plants eliminates the enveloping weeds by emptying them and covering their leaves to dial back their photosynthesis. Rather than a harrow, which bothers the entire surface of the dirt, the cultivators are planned to extricate the dirt specifically designed by saving the plants anyway, upsetting the weeds.

List of 5 Best Power Weeders in India

Following, we are showing top 5 power weeders with their complete specifications and updated weeder machine price. But, first, check out the power weeder price list in India.

1. Vst Shakti Maestro 55P

Vst Shakti Maestro 55P

Vst Shakti Maestro 55P cultivator is popular among Indian farmers. It comes with all the effective and efficient quality that provides high end work in the field. This Power weeder machine is fantastic and provided after a safety test. If you search for a Farm Power Weeder, Vst Shakti Maestro 55P is best for you. Its price is reasonable. Every farmer can easily buy it.

Specifications of Vst Shakti Maestro 55P

Tilling area per hour 0.30 – 0.40 acre
Fuel Consumption per hour 600 ml – 900 ml
Working Width 60 – 90 cm
Working Tools 6 x 4 times 32.5 cm
Weight 78 kg
Engine Pubert R210
Displacement 212 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.6 L
Oil Tank Capacity 0.6 L

2. Balwaan BP-700

Balwaan BP-700

Balwaan BP-700 is a powerful power weeder that comes with tremendous features. It comes with a quality that ensures productive work on the field. Balwaan BP-700  power weeder can provide a life-changing farming experience. If you’re looking for a perfect power weeder for your farm, this is the right choice. Along with this, it is economical and easily available in the market. 

Specifications of Balwaan BP-700

Displacement 212 cc
Power 7 HP
Tank Capacity 3.6 L
Drive Gear
Engine Type Air Cooled
RPM 3600
Transmission 2 Forward + 1 Reverse

3. Vst Shakti ARO PRO 55P C3

Vst Shakti ARO PRO 55P C3

Vst Shakti ARO PRO 55P C3 is the best power rotary weeder. It is the first choice of every farmer in India. This Agriculture Power Weeder provides all the advanced technological features that offer high productivity on the farm. Moreover, it has a classy design that attracts everyone’s eyes. With incredible looks, advanced features and affordable price, this power weeder equipment is the complete package. It is best and suitable for every farming condition.

Specifications of Vst Shakti ARO PRO 55P C3

Tilling area per hour 0.30 – 0.40 acre
Fuel Consumption per hour 600 ml – 900 ml
Working Width 60 – 85 cm
Working Tools 6 times 32 cm 
Weight 58 kg
Engine Pubert R210 BH
Displacement 212 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.6 L
Oil Tank Capacity 0.6 L

4. Vst Shakti FT50 JOSH

Vst Shakti FT50 JOSH

Vst Shakti FT50 JOSH is the best power weeder in India. You can buy it at an affordable price. FT50 JOSH Power weeder gearbox is too powerful and provides smooth work on the field. It is a great implement that saves fuel and time and offers smooth and comfortable work on the field. If you want your farms more productive, for that, Vst Shakti FT50 JOSH is best.

Specifications of Vst Shakti FT50 JOSH

Engine Type Spark ignition
HP Category 5HP @ 3000RPM
Cooling System Air Cooled
Starting System Manual, Recoil start
Fuel Petrol
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.1
Speeds 2 Forward + 1 Reverse
Number of Blades 24
Shape of Blades J
Tyre size 4X40, 2PR
Overall Dimensions 1460X980X950
Total Weight 83

5. Shrachi 105G Petrol

Shrachi 105G Petrol

Shrachi 105G Petrol is the best in all power weeder attachments. It provides long working hours in the fields. Indian farmers love this power weeder tractor for its features. It offers a powerful work and experience of comfortable and safe work. If you are seeking an effective power weeder, this is the best for you. Tractor Junction shows Shrachi 105G Petrol Power Weeder at Best Price.

Specification of Shrachi 105G Petrol

Engine Type Air Cooled, Petrol Engine
Engine Power 7.8 HP @ 3600 rpm
No. of Gear Speed 2 Forward & 1 Reverse
Mode of Transmission Gear Transmission (PTO Drive)
No. of Blades 18/24/32 Adjustable
Weight 105 kg
Acre/Hr 0.2 – 0.3
Fuel Consumption (Litre/ Hr) 0.75
Working Depth (inch) 6 – 8
Working Width (Feet) Up to 3.5

6. Pubert ARO PRO 55P C3

Pubert ARO PRO 55P C3

Pubert ARO PRO 55P C3 is last on this list. This 6 hp power weeder is classy and helps in enhancing the quality of work. It is manufactured for every climate and region. This implementation changes the definition of farm tools. The company supplied it with all the high tech solutions that offer powerful work in the field. Get Pubert ARO PRO 55P C3 Power Weeder at Best Price in India at Tractor Junction.

Specifications of Pubert ARO PRO 55P C3

Engine  Pubert R210 BH
Displacement 212 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.6 litres
Engine Oil capacity 0.65 litres
Fuel Consumption 0.6 – 0.7 litres per hour
Starting System Recoil Type
Clutch Belt tension type with Auto adjustment
Transmission 2 forward + 1 reverse
Cutting Width 60cm to 80cm
Cutting Depth 10cm to 20cm
Weight 58 kg

Highlighted Points of Infographic

  • We here come with the top 5 power weeders in India with their exclusive features.
  • You can get weight, working width, engine, fuel tank capacity and many more.
  • You can select from mini power weeder, electric power weeder, paddy power weeder and others.
  • The most popular power weeder implement models in India are Pubert ARO PRO 55P C3, Balwaan BP-700, Vst Shakti FT50 JOSH, Vst Shakti Maestro 55P and others.

Infographic Here

Top 5 Power Weeder Models in India -Infographic

These are the top 5 Power weeder models in India. For more updates, stay connected with Tractor Junction. Here, you can get a power weeder 5hp, 7 hp power weeder, 9 hp power weeder and many more. Get updated Power weeder Price List.

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