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Top 10 Mahindra Farm Equipment 2024 in India With Features

Top 10 Mahindra Farm Equipment 2022 in India

Are you searching for Mahindra farm equipment? 

Hello friends, we are here again with a fresh new blog. In this blog, we have shortlisted the best Mahindra equipment for you. As we know, agriculture is an essential sector that fulfils our food needs. Half of the people engage in farming activities, and two-thirds of the population is dependent on agriculture. In the agriculture sector, every farmer needs productive farming. And for enhancing productivity, farmers used advanced implements and tractors and many more. As we know, our farmers did farming with bulls, which was too time taking and only for their survival. As the technology evolved, agriculture implements also developed with it. 

Mahindra & Mahindra plays the leading role in this development, and they always try to provide effective and efficient farm products at an economical rate. The Indian farmers have an irreplaceable trust in the Mahindra. Hence, they easily trust Mahindra Implements for high productivity. 

Through Mahindra agriculture equipment, farmers were done with their farming in a short time and on a large scale with ease. And commercial farming is done all over India by the farmers quickly with the help of these Mahindra tractor Implements. As a result, more earning and high profits. Many farmers must have a question, why Mahindra farm equipment? Check out below for your answer. 

Why Do Farmers Choose Mahindra Farm Equipment?

There are many implements brands, but Mahindra provides excellent solutions to the farmers. Mahindra equipment is manufactured with high-quality raw materials and loaded with the latest technology. Also, these implements are easy to handle and deliver maximum efficiency. Moreover, Mahindra farm equipment can fulfil every farming need of farmers. And if farmers choose their machinery, carefully it will allow crops to grow with no obstacles. 

Along with this, these products are economical in price, and farmers are satisfied with these products. That’s why we went with this blog about the top 10 Mahindra farm equipment.

In the next section, we are talking about Mahindra implements of Rotavator, Cultivator, Thresher, Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill, Baler and many more with their features. 

Top 10 Mahindra Tractor Implements 2024

Following, we showed the best Mahindra farm implements with their complete features. Have a look. 

1. Mahindra Tez-e ZLX+

Mahindra Tez-e ZLX+

Mahindra Tez-e ZLX+ comes in the rotavator category for planting seeds and preparing the land. It provides practical farming with an L/C type of blades. Implement power of this rotavator is 30 – 60 HP, which means that it can efficiently work with a 30 to 60 HP powered tractor model. The Mahindra farm equipment has 36 – 60 Blades to smoothen the soil. The price of this Mahindra tractor equipment is value for money and satisfying for farmers.

Product Specifications:- 

Specifications ZLX+ 125 ZLX+ 145 O/S* ZLX+ 145 C/M* ZLX+ 165 ZLX+ 185 ZLX+ 205
Type 1.25 m 1.45 m O/S* 1.45 m C/M* 1.65 m 1.85 m 2.05 m
HP  30-35 HP 35-40 HP 35-40 HP 40-45 HP 40-45 HP 50-60 HP
Working Width (mm) 1270 1470 1470 1670 1870 2070

2. Mahindra Cultivator

Mahindra Cultivator

Mahindra Cultivator is one of the best farming implements to till the land in minimum time, and low fuel uses. It has 35 to 65 HP implement power with 265 to 369 Kg weight. Also, you can get 9 to 13 tynes in this cultivator, which are so efficient and rigid. It comes with 3 point linkage and 65 to 70 loadability. Several farmers are using the Mahindra cultivators for their farming requirements. 

Product Specifications:- 

Specifications  Rigid 9 tyne tiller Rigid 11 tyne tiller Rigid 13 tyne tiller
Suitable HP Range 26.1 kW (35 HP) & Above 33.6 kW (45 HP) & Above 48.5kW (65 HP) & Above
Number of Tynes 9 11 13
Type of mounting 3 point Linkage 3 point Linkage 3 point Linkage
Overall Length (mm) 2000 2451 3060

3. Mahindra Thresher

Mahindra Thresher

As we know that, the thresher is the farming equipment used for threshing operations. Different types of threshers are available in the market, but everyone wants to buy the Mahindra Thresher when it comes to the Mahindra Thresher. Let us clarify why Mahindra thresher is an efficient farming machine with excellent features and is available at a valuable price. The Mahindra farm equipment has a Centrifugal fan and 4 blades, making it an efficient worker in the field. In addition, the total weight of the machine is 1250 kg. Everyone likes its output capacity of 1.2 – 1.25 Tonne/Hour. 

Product Specifications:- 

Parameters  Specifications  M55 Variants 
Engine  Power Requirement 26.1-41.0kW (35 – 55 HP)
Type  Paddy Thresher
Threshing Unit  Type Spike Tooth
Diameter 543 mm
Length 1800 mm
Concave Type Semi Cylindrical
Length 1430 mm

4. Mahindra Reversible Plough

Mahindra Reversible Plough

Mahindra Reversible plough is an efficient farming machine. The company manufactured it with advanced technology to provide more efficient work. Apart from this, it has 45 to 65 HP & Above Implement Power, which means this Mahindra farming equipment needs around 45 to 65 HP powered tractors for efficient work in the farming field. The total weight of this plough is 285 to 360 Kg. Moreover, Mahindra farm equipment can provide efficient ploughing operations. 

Product Specifications:- 

Product Specification  2 Bottom hy. Rev. MB Plough 3 Bottom hy. Rev. MB Plough
No of Boards on each side 2 3
Suitable HP Range 45 Above 65 Above
Depth of Cut mm with medium soil (mm) 305 305
Overall Length x Width x Height (mm) 1750 x 870 x 1240 2030 x 1220 x 1270

5. Mahindra Shredder

Mahindra Shredder

Mahindra shredder is a popular machine found in small villages to commercial farms. It converts crop waste into organic manure by shredding them into small pieces and decomposing them. Now you can understand the value of the Mahindra shredder machine. You should use 35 to 40 HP tractors for its implementation. Moreover, the weight of this Mahindra farm equipment is 275 Kg. 

Product Specifications:- 

Specifications  Shredder 160
Tractor Hp required 35 to 40
Working width in (cm) 160
Total width in (cm) 175
No of Blades 22

6. Mahindra Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill

Mahindra Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill

Mahindra Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill is the best way to sow seeds with speed and at an accurate row to row distance.  You can easily do a seed sowing operation with the help of this farming implement. In addition, a 30 to 35 HP powered tractor is sufficient to work with this Mahindra farm equipment, which means that you can do this operation with everyday uses of fuel. And the weight of this farming tool is 390 to 450 Kg. You can also adjust the row space in this seed cum fertilizer drill. 

Product Specifications:- 

Specifications  SD-CT-7 SD-CT- 9 SD-CT-11 SD-CT- 13
No. of tines 7 9 11 13
Weight (Kg.) 390 410 430 450
HP  26.1 kW (35 HP) onwards

7. Mahindra Grapemaster Bullet++

Mahindra Grapemaster Bullet++

Mahindra Grapemaster Bullet++ is the best quality tractor-mounted sprayer used for grape farming. This Mahindra agriculture equipment is the virtual machine for grape farming. In addition, this sprayer needs 24 HP or above tractors to work. Moreover, its dry weight is 220 Kg. And it has 12 nozzles (Ceramic disc + ATR 60), which can spray more area at minimum time. The tank capacity is 200 lit of this machine to spray without frequently refilling the tank. 

Product Specifications:- 

Specifications Mahindra Grapemaster Bullet++
Dimensions L 4.4 ft x W 3 ft x H 4.4 ft
Tractor HP 17.9 kW (24 HP) & Above
PTO HP 11.9 kW (16 HP) & Above
Dry Weight 220 kg

8. Mahindra Baler

Mahindra Baler

Mahindra Baler is an agricultural machine used to make valuable bales from crop residue. Before baler came into the farming sector, the farmers burnt the crop residues, carrying pollution and dry land. So to solve this problem, technology came with this farming equipment. As a result, the bales can be sold, and farmers can also make money. In addition, the Mahindra baler is an efficient and highly technological machine. It needs 35 HP powered tractors to work. The machine weight is around 850 Kg. Apart from this, the Mahindra agriculture equipment forms 32 x 42 cm sized bales. 

Product Specifications:- 

Specification Mahindra Baler
Weight in Kg (Approx) 850
Working capacity (Ton/Hrs) 8~10
Working Speed (km/hrs) 4~6
Minimum tractor HP required 26.1 kW (35 HP)

9. Mahindra Potato Planter

Mahindra Potato Planter

As we know, potato farming is very renowned in India. That’s why the potato planter was invented to make farming low time taking and easy. And when it comes to the Mahindra Potato planter, we can say this is one of India’s most efficient farming tools. It has 55 to 90 HP implement power and 1624 Kg weight. This Mahindra farming equipment also has a 130 L fertilizer capacity, sufficient for potato farming. 

Product Specifications:- 

Specifications Potato Planter
HP  55-90 HP
Tractor Connection Lifted (CAT II)
Hopper | Type Fixed
Hopper | Capacity Up to 500 kg

10. Mahindra Disc Harrow

Mahindra Disc Harrow

Mahindra Disc Harrow comes with a highly rigid body and discs to provide efficient work in the field. It is the best farming implement to smoothen the soil. For many crops, farmers use Mahindra Disc harrow after ploughing. Moreover, it has 35 to 55 HP implement power, 12 to 22 discs and 3 point linkage. This Mahindra farming equipment has 440 to 590 Kg weight and is fitted with Front: Notched, Rear: Plain type discs.

Product Specifications:- 

Specifications  Offset 12 Disc Offset 14 Disc Offset 16 Disc Offset 18 Disc Offset 20 Disc Offset 22 Disc
Suitable HP Range 35 HP  40 HP  40 HP  50 HP  50 HP  55 HP 
Number of Disc 12 14 16 18 20 22
Type of mounting 3 point linkage 3 point linkage 3 point linkage 3 point linkage 3 point linkage 3 point linkage
Disc Dia (mm) 22″ or 24″ x 4 mm Thick 22″ or 24″ x 4 mm Thick 22″ or 24″ x 4 mm Thick 22″ or 24″ x 4 mm Thick 22″ or 24″ x 4 mm Thick 22″ or 24″ x 4 mm Thick

Highlighted Points for Infographic

  • In this infographic, we are with India’s top 10 Mahindra Implements list.
  • Implement power and weight are shown in this infographic.
  • Mahindra Implements list includes Mahindra Thresher, Mahindra Cultivator, Mahindra Baler, Mahindra Potato Planter, Mahindra Disc Harrow, etc.

Infographic Here
Top 10 Mahindra Farm Equipment Infographic
We hope you liked this blog and got all the answers regarding Mahindra implements. For more such informative blogs, stay tuned with Tractor Junction. Here, you can also get complete information regarding tractors, farming, farm equipment, etc.

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