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How To Choose Right Farm Machinery – A simple Guide For Farmers

How To Choose Right Farm Machinery - A simple Guide For Farmers

Choosing the right machinery for your farm can be confusing for you. So, identify the use for which you want a farming machine. Because by knowing the use, you can select the right farm machinery with ease. In this concern, we came up with this article to convey the information about farming implements with their right uses.

The implements are arranged category wise in this blog so that you can learn their actual uses. Let‘s learn about them.

List of Right Farm Machinery For Agriculture

Farming is a broad process which includes many operations. And each operation needs a specific farming implement to be fulfilled—for instance, the plough for ploughing and the thresher for threshing. That’s why the farming sector has many types of agricultural machinery. But you can’t buy all of them, so choose the right farm equipment according to your work requirements. Following are the category wise types of agricultural machinery for your field.

1. Tractor

A tractor is a versatile machine for farming as it is used in many operations by attaching the implements on its backside. In addition, the tractor powers different types of farming implements to work for which they are manufactured. For instance, the tractor lift, pull and push the farming implements to complete several farming tasks, including tiling, seeding, ploughing, planting, etc.

2. Land Preparation Agricultural Implements

Land Preparation Agricultural Implements

Land preparation is the primary task in the farming process. This operation is as vital as seeds for sowing. Without preparing the land, you can’t even plant crops. This process has many functions, including primary tilling, secondary tilling, land leveling, etc. So here, a selection of farm machinery takes place. Let’s know the right farming equipment for land preparation.

A. Plough

If you want to plough your land, then a plough is the right farming equipment in India. A plough is a primary tilling implement to turn the soil and bring fresh nutrients to the land’s surface. It can till the land deeper than any farming implement.

Following are top 3 models of plough.

  • Lemken OPAL 080 E 2MB
  • John Deere Chisel Plough
  • Dasmesh 451 – MB Plough

B. Harrow

Harrow is a secondary tilling machine to break the soil lumps and smoothen the surface. Harrows are the right farm machinery to prepare fine seedbeds for seeding and planting. Also, we can use this farming machine for killing weeds and covering the seeds after sowing operations.

The 3 popular Harrow models in India.

  • Fieldking Dabangg Harrow
  • Mahindra Disc Harrow
  • Khedut Hydraulic Heavy Duty Disc Harrow

C. Cultivator

A cultivator is a secondary tilling implement for stirring and pulverising the soil. Also, it can control weeds and aerate & loosen the ground after the crop grows. Moreover, the cultivators are the most used agricultural machinery in India as they can stir the soil more deeply than a harrow.

We have listed 3 popular cultivator models as follows. 

  • Khedut Rigid
  • Fieldking Extra Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Cultivator
  • Mahindra Cultivator

D. Rotary tiller

The rotary tiller is renowned as the name of rotavator. Rotavator is secondary tilling equipment which churns the soil to prepare the fine seedbed for planting and seeding. It has a series of rotating blades to break and twist the ground. Keep this equipment in your farm Machinery selection for making ideal seedbeds.

Following models of rotavators are most popular. 

  • Shaktiman Regular Light
  • Shaktiman Semi Champion Series SRT
  • Maschio Gaspardo Paddy 185

E. Land Leveller

A land leveller is an ideal implement for levelling, grading, grooming, and more operations. So, you can make a smooth and level surface of the soil with this farming machine. Moreover, it can work on rough surfaces with its adjustable teeth. So, when choosing farm equipment, keep it on your list to make level surfaces. 

Following are the top 3 land leveler machines. 

  • Universal Heavy Duty Land Leveller
  • John Deere GreenSystem – Puddler Leveler
  • Farmking Heavy Duty Land Leveller

F. Power Tiller

A power tiller is two-wheeled farming equipment for tilling, sowing and weeding operations. It is controlled by an operator, who walks behind this implement. So, choose it as a choice of your equipment if you need a versatile machine for your farm.

Below we have listed the top 3 power tillers. 

  • VST 130 DI
  • Greaves Cotton GS 14 DL
  • Kubota PEM140DI

3. Sowing & Planting Farm Machines

Sowing & Planting Farm Machines

After soil preparation, the next is sowing & planting. Mainly, seeders and planters are used in this operation. So, choose the right agricultural machinery according to your need from the following implements. 

A. Seed Drills

A seed drill is an agricultural machine to sow seeds to a specific depth. Also, it distributes seeds evenly by burying them at a proper seeding rate and depth. The device also covers the seeds with soil. Moreover, you can also get seed and fertiliser drill machines or seed cum fertiliser drill machines for sowing seeds with fertilisers in the field. 

3 popular seed drills are:

  • Ks Group Seed Drill
  • Khedut Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill (Multi Crop – Rotor Base)
  • Sonalika Roto Seed Drill

B. Planters

As the name shows, the planters are the machines to plant the seedlings. Also, it is used for sowing big sized seeds, which seed drills can not bury. Many planters are available in India, including precision planters, vacuum planters, rice transplanters, potato planters, etc. 

Following are the three popular planters in India.

  • Sonalika Pneumatic Planter
  • Maschio Gaspardo SP 3 ROWS
  • John Deere Multi-crop Mechanical Planter

C. Super Seeder

Super seeders are the agricultural machines to plough the paddy residues and sow seeds in a single operation. They are the combination of seed planters & rotary tillers with press wheels. This farming machine can plant Paddy, Cotton, Sugarcane, Banana, Maize etc.

Following are the top 3 super seeder machines.

  • Shaktiman Super Seeder
  • JAGATJIT Super Seeder
  • Ks Group Super Seeder

4. Fertilizing & Pest Control Farming Implements

Fertilizing & Pest Control Farming Implements

The fertilising ensures the excellent growth of the crop. On the other hand, pest control provides pests and diseases free crops. Overall, these operations are vital for farming. So, choosing the right farm equipment for these operations can be easy with the following list of implements. 

A. Fertilizer Broadcaster

A broadcast spreader is an agricultural machine that spreads seeds and fertilizers. It is used in crops where row planting is not required. 

Have a look on following models of fertilizer broadcaster

  • John Deere Fertilizer Broadcaster FS2454
  • Shaktiman Conical Fertilizer Broadcaster
  • Shaktiman Square Fertilizer Broadcaster

B. Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill

A seed cum fertilizer drill is farming equipment to sow seeds along with fertilisers. It sows the seeds while using fertilisers simultaneously in the field. 

Followign are the top 3 Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill machines. 

  • Mahindra Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill
  • John Deere Fertilizer Drill SD1013
  • Khedut Pneumatic Seed Drill Fertilizer Drill

C. Spreader

The spreaders are the machines for spreading manure over the field. That’s why they are renowned as compost spreaders. They make the spreading work easy for farmers.

The top 3 spreader machines are as follows

  • Maschio Gaspardo Furbo 500
  • Landforce Fertilizer Spreader
  • Khedut Fertilizer Spreader

D. Boom Sprayer

Boom Sprayers are the agricultural machines used in plant protection. They are smaller in size than tractor mounted sprayers. They spray pesticides and herbicides over the field to protect crops from pests and diseases. 

Following are the top 3 boom sprayer models. 

  • Shaktiman Boom Sprayer
  • Fieldking Boom Sprayer
  • Mahindra Boom Sprayer

E. Tractor Mounted Sprayers

Tractor mounted sprayer are the giant sprayers attached behind the tractor to spray herbicides and pesticides over the ground. These sprayers are big and spread the pesticides over the land quickly. 

The top 3 tractor mounted sprayers are as follows.

  • MITRA Airotec Turbo 400
  • Mahindra Grapemaster Blast+
  • MITRA Airotec Turbo 800

5. Weed Control Agricultural Machines

Weed Control Agricultural Machines

Weeds are harmful to any crop as they consume the necessary nutrients for the harvest. So, to remove the weeds or control them, we have to use farm equipment. The following implements will help you in choosing the right farm machinery for weed control.

A. Power Weeder

A power weeder is a secondary tilling machine. This machine has rotary blades powered by an engine to remove weeds from the roots. Moreover, the device can be used in coconut farms, sugarcane plantations, cotton, vegetables, horticulture etc.

Following are the top 3 power weeder machines.

  • Shrachi 105G Petrol
  • VST Maestro 55P

B. Cono Weeder

Cono weeder is an agricultural machine operated manually to remove weeds from paddy crops. It has the teeth to uproot weeds from the paddy field.

Khedut Cono Weeder is the popular model of this implement.

C. Slasher

A slasher is a tool with sharp blades to clear the land from scrubs and bushes. It is used to control weeds in the farming process. Also, it is helpful for gardening.

Following are the popular slasher machines.

  • Fieldking Rotary Slasher-Square
  • Universal Rotary Slasher / Cutter (Square Design)
  • Shaktiman Rotary Slasher

6. Irrigation Tools

Irrigation Tools

The irrigation system is also vital for farming. Without water, most of the crops can’t grow. So, farmers have to irrigate crops with the help of irrigation tools. Let’s see them.

A. Sprinkler System

A Sprinkler system is an ideal method for irrigation, similar to natural rainfall. In this system, the water is distributed through the piping system then sprinklers spray the water into the air, which breaks into tiny drops before falling to the ground. 

B. Water Pump

Water Pumps are the devices for moving the water from the water source to the farming field. It is the primary device for any irrigation system. 

7. Harvesting and Threshing Equipment

Harvesting and Threshing Equipment

When you complete the process of farming, it is time to get your outcomes. Once the crops mature, harvesting takes place. Let us tell you which types of farming implements are available for harvesting so that you can choose the right farm machinery.

A. Reapers

Reapers are the farming implements to reap the mature crops. Two types of reaper machines are available in India: self-propelled and tractor reapers.

The popular reapers in India are:

  • Greaves Cotton GS MY4G 120
  • Shrachi SPR 1200 Paddy
  • VST Honda GX200

B. Thresher

A thresher or thresher machine is an agricultural implement to thresh grain. It separates the seeds from stalks and husks. Moreover, it beats the plant for making seeds fall out.

The top 3 thresher machines are:

  • Dasmesh 641 – Paddy Thresher
  • Mahindra Thresher
  • Landforce Multi Crop

C. Harvester

The harvesters are known as combine as they consist of reaping, threshing, gathering, and winnowing operations. They combine these four operations in a single time to harvest grain crops. In addition, to harvest potatoes, potato harvester machines are also available in India.

Following are the popular harvester models in India.

  • Preet 987
  • Mahindra Arjun 605
  • Kartar 4000

8. Post Harvest Farm Equipment

Post Harvest Farm Equipment

Once the harvesting is completed, you have to store the farming outcomes. Also, the straw removing exercises come under post-harvest operations. Many farm implements are available for post-harvest work.

A. Mulcher

Mulcher is a farming tool to grind organic material, reduce natural waste and transform it into mulch. It mulches the harvesting crop residues and leaves them on the farming field to retain moisture in the area.

The top 3 mulcher machines are:

  • Garud Maahi
  • Solis Mulcher
  • Fieldking Rotary Mulcher

B. Baler

The baler machine collects the harvest residues and makes the bundles of them. When the crops like paddy, cotton, Jowar, Wheat, millet, etc., are harvested, they leave some residues. So, balers convert them into valuable bales used for animal fodder, packing industries, etc.

The top 3 baler machines are as follows.

  • Garud Terminator Square Baler
  • Swaraj SQ 180 Square Baler
  • Claas MARKANT

C. Tractor Trailer

A tractor trailer is a valuable implement for hauling farm animals or products from field to market or market to area. In addition, after the crop is harvested, a trailer is used to carry crop outcomes from the field to the storage place.

Let’s know the 3 popular models of tractor-trailer.

  • Soil Master Non Tipping (2 Ton)
  • Mahindra Trolley
  • Farmking Tipping Trailer-Single Axle

For more details, explore Tractor Junction. Here you will get many agricultural implements and machines.

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