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Powertrac Tractor Price starts from Rs. 3.30 Lakh. The most expensive Powertrac Tractor is Powertrac Euro 75 price at Rs.11.90 Lakh. Powertrac offers a wide range of 25+ tractor models in India, and HP range starts from 25 hp to 75 hp. The most popular Powertrac Tractor models are Powertrac Euro 50, Powertrac 439 Plus, Powertrac 434, etc. Powertrac Mini Tractor models are Powertrac 425 N, Powertrac 425 DS, etc.


Powertrac Tractor Price List 2020 in India

Latest Powertrac Tractors
Tractor HP
Powertrac Tractor Price
Powertrac 439 Plus 41 HP Rs.5.30-5.60 Lac*
Powertrac 445 PLUS 47 HP Rs.6.20-6.50 Lac*
Powertrac Euro 45 Plus - 4WD 47 HP Rs.6.80-7.25 Lac*
Powertrac Euro 50 50 HP Rs.6.25-6.75 Lac*
Powertrac Euro 60 60 HP Rs.7.50-8.10 Lac*
Powertrac 434 34 HP Rs.4.95-5.23 Lac*
Powertrac EURO 42 PLUS 44 HP Rs.5.80-6.00 Lac*
Powertrac 439 DS Super Saver 39 HP Rs.5.25-5.60 Lac*
Powertrac EURO 55 55 HP Rs.7.20-7.60 Lac*
Powertrac ALT 4000 41 HP Rs.5.30-5.75 Lac*
Powertrac 425 N 25 HP Rs.3.30 Lac*
Powertrac Euro 45 45 HP Rs.5.85-6.05 Lac*
Powertrac Euro 45 Plus 47 HP Rs.5.80-6.25 Lac*
Powertrac Euro 41 41 HP Rs.5.60-5.80 Lac*
Powertrac 434 Plus 37 HP Rs.4.90-5.20 Lac*
Data Last Updated On : 21/10/2020

Popular Powertrac Tractors

Powertrac Euro 50 Tractor 50 HP 2 WD
Powertrac Euro 50
(139 Reviews)

Price: ₹6.25-6.75 Lac*

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Used Powertrac Tractors

Powertrac 434

Powertrac 434

  • 34 HP
  • 2006
  • Location : Uttar Pradesh

Price - ₹200000

Powertrac 439 Plus

Powertrac 439 Plus

  • 41 HP
  • 2010
  • Location : West Bengal

Price - ₹280000

Powertrac 439 Plus

Powertrac 439 Plus

  • 41 HP
  • 2008
  • Location : West Bengal

Price - ₹230000

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About Powertrac Tractor

Powertrac tractor offers a flexible variety of tractors meticulously designed for Indian Framers.

Escorts Agri Machinery, a production unit under the parent group of Escorts was launched in 1960. Internationally renowned, the company manufactures tractors with unique tractor specifications under the brand names of Farmtrac, Powertrac, and Steeltrac. Powertrac is one of the most performing tractor manufacturers and the brand which the entire tractor industry trusts. Har Prasad Nanda and Yudi Nanda are the founders of Powertrac Tractor.

Powertrac Euro 50 tractor is the recipient of the Indian Tractor of the Year Award, which provides best in class performance. Powertrac tractors have three further series which define what perfection looks like in machines, the powerful Euro Series, the highly economical and efficient DS Plus Series, and the Best-in-Class Haulage Operation Tractors the ALT Series constitute the highly performing trio.

Along with this, the power track tractor prices also satisfy the customers to get better production. You can also find here Powertrac Mini Tractor Price and Information.

Why is Powertrac the best tractor company? | USP 

Powertrac designs tractors according to the needs of Indian farmers. Powertrac tractor sales were incredible in 2020. Escort Powertrac tractor is a classy tractor in the features that make it a top tractor. Escort Powertrac tractor is a fully Indian made tractor, it is styled according to the farmer’s needs. 

  • Powertrac Tractor satisfies the needs of every farmer by providing preferred solutions.
  • Respectful and moral business.
  • Power Track tractor provides Cost-effective tractors.
  • Customer-centric.

Powertrac Tractor Last Year Sales Report

Domestic sales of Powertrac Tractor increased to 16.35% in Feb 2020 compared to Feb 2020. Domestic sales of Powertrac Tractor were increased by 8049 units in Feb 2020. 

Powertrac Tractor Dealership 

In India, Powertrac Tractor has 1000 plus certified dealers and has 1200+ sales outlets across India. 
At Tractorjunction, find a certified Powertrac Tractor dealer near you! 

Powertrac Tractor Latest Updates 

  • Powertrac 435 Plus new tractor launched by Escort Agri Machinery with 2200 engine rated RPM, 47 hp and 3 cylinders.
  • Escorts tractor with Kubota associated with manufacturing high-end tractors and it will sale domestically as well as internationally. 


Powertrac Tractor Service Center

Find out Powertrac tractor service center, visit Powertrac Service Center.

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Recently Asked User Questions about Powertrac Tractor

Answer. Powertrac Euro 50 is the award-winning Escort Powertrac Tractor.

Answer. From 25hp to 75hp is the Powertrac Hp range.

Answer. From Rs. 3.30 lakh* to Rs. 11.90 lakh* is the Powertrac tractor price range.

Answer. In Powertrac tractor ALT stands for Anti Lift Tractors.

Answer. From 37 hp to 75 hp is the Hp range of Powertrac tractor Euro Series.

Answer. Powertrac 439 Plus tractor price is Rs. 5.30-5.60 lakh*

Answer. Powertrac Tractors are purely manufactured for the Indians farmers and give the best efficiency in the fields.

Answer. Just logon to TractorJunction.com, here you get each detail about Powertrac tractor new models and price.

Answer. Yes, Powertrac tractors are specially manufactured for the Indian Farmers.

Answer. Yes, Powertrac Tractors price is reasonable because of the features it provides in comparison with other brands.

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