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Top 5 Kubota Farm Equipment in India 2024 – Features & Price

Top 5 Kubota Farm Equipment in India 2022 - Features & Price

Kubota Agricultural Machinery is the world famous and ruling the Indian markets. These are available in the market with advanced technology, which defines modern farming. The company is famous for KAI technology driven machinery. It was established in 1890 by Gonshiro Kubota. The company provides a wide range of farm machinery for farmers at an affordable price. Kubota Farm Equipment is available in 2 categories: Seeding & Planting and tillage. Along with this, It has 2 types available in the market: Transplanter and Power tiller. 

So, if you are looking for Kubota farm Implements, then your search is over. We shortlisted the top 5 Kubota machinery in India. Check out below. 

Best 5 Kubota Equipment in India

Following are the Kubota agricultural equipment in India for the easy and performative work of the farms. Have a look.

1. Kubota PEM140DI

Kubota PEM140DI

Kubota PEM140DI is the first Kubota farm equipment on the list. If you are searching for a world class power tiller, then Kubota PEM140DI is a perfect choice. It comes with all the valuable and efficient features which will provide productive farming. Kubota PEM140DI is easy to use and comes with all the safety features. It is a powerful tiller that can work continuously in high RPM without breakdown. A Direct infusion arrangement of the KUBOTA RT1 40DI-EM diesel motor causes a high energy blast that pushes the cylinder down with force. This resulted in superior mileage and increased working hours.

2. Kubota NSP- 6W

Kubota NSP-6W

Kubota NSP- 6W is a popular Kubota transplanter that comes with all the superb features. It is available in the market at Rs. 3.42 Lakh*. Kubota NSP- 6W comes in the category of seeding & plantation. Its hill space can be adjusted by 12 cm to 21 cm. Along with this, it has a height adjustment handle, easily located levellers and many more. Moreover, its powerful OHV (Overhead Valve) Gasoline Engine comes with a quality brand that helps farmers work effectively on the farms. 

3. Kubota SPV6MD

Kubota SPV6MD

Kubota SPV6MD is the best Kubota equipment that comes from the house of Kubota. The company is known for their advanced farm machineries on the farms. This transplanter is available with a 19 hp and 778 cc displacement engine. It has a 34 litres large fuel tank capacity and 500 mm ground clearance. Along with this, this Kubota farm machinery has a power steering system with no puncture tyres. You can do 8 to 18 No of seedlings per hill. It manufactured according to Indian lands. Hence, Kubota SPV6MD is best for Indian farming. 

4. Kubota NSP-4W

Kubota NSP-4W

Kubota NSP-4W priced at Rs. 2.57 Lakh*, which is economical for every farmer. With this, the transplanter loaded with various features which are productive for farming. Its shift lever and planting clutch are placed in the “ON” position. You can also easily adjust its height according to your convenience. Kubota NSP-4W comes with Planting Clutch Lever, Main clutch Lever, Accelerator Lever and shift lever for smooth operation. Additionally, it has outstanding durability that enables easy hydraulic function and transmission. It also has a good resale value. If you want to buy second hand then visit Kubota implements for sale at Tractor Junction. 

5. Kubota NSPU-68C


Kubota NSPU-68CKubota NSPU-68C is a transplanter that provides high mileage, superb features, performance, affordable price and many more. It comes under the seeding & planter category. Along with this, Kubota farm implements a functional presentation infinitely better than conceivable with manual relocating or, in any event, while working with a stroll behind a transplanter. Together, these benefits make the Kubota NSPU-68C transplanter a superb for yields of rice that add to the acknowledgement of remarkable productivity. Work saving and cost effective, this Kubota Rice Transplanter is best for those who want to enhance their farm productivity. 

So, for more detailed information about Kubota farm equipment, you must stay connected with Tractor Junction. Here, you can also get Kubota equipment for sale.

Highlighted Points of Infographic

  • This featured infographic includes the Top 5 Kubota farm Equipment in India.
  • You can get quality features of efficient Kubota machinery in this infographic, including price, power, fuel tank capacity etc.
  • Kubota Implements list contains Kubota PEM140DI, Kubota NSP-6W, Kubota NSPU-68C and others.


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