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kubota NSPU-68C  harvester

Kubota NSPU-68C

  • Brand : Kubota
  • Model Name : NSPU-68C
  • Implement Type : Transplanter
  • Category : Seeding & Plantation
  • Implement Power : N/A

The Kubota Ride-On Type 6-Row Model NSPU-68C Rice Transplanter delivers an operational performance far superior to that possible with manual transplanting or even when working with a walk-behind transplanter. Together, these advantages make possible the production of stable yields of high-quality rice that contribute to the realization of unprecedented profitability. Labor-saving and cost efficient, this Kubota Rice Transplanter effortlessly responds with maximum satisfaction to the needs of professional customers striving to expand and rationalize operations.

Powerful Driving Force for Superior Productivity :

Securely completed with precision, the high-speed transplanting capabilities of the Kubota Model NSPU-68C Rice Transplanter contribute to a significant reduction of time on-the-job, minimized operator fatigue, and optimal productivity so that cost effectiveness and profitability are enhanced.

Powerful Engine for Optimal Performance: Built in a trustworthy Japanese Plant for exceptional precision and reliability, the 17HP water-cooled, 2-cylinder/4-cycle Model GZ460 Gasoline Engine delivers a swift transplanting speed of 1.62 mls. In addition, innovative technology reduces both noise and vibration so that operator fatigue remains minimal.

Large-Diameter Wheels Exceptionally Efficient in Muddy Fields: Operational efficiency is enhanced in muddy or deep-tilled paddy fields by the powerful Drive Force of the large-diameter, ground-gripping Wheels.

Excellent Precision Contributes to Highest Quality Harvest: This outstanding Kubota Rice Transplanter innovatively incorporates the leading-edge technology gained during over forty years of development and experience to make possible the neatly-aligned, high-precision transplanting so essential for a stable yield of high-quality rice that enhances the profit picture.

4-Wheel Independent Suspension: ndependently, each of the four Wheels smoothly absorbs shocks while negotiating rough terrain so that vibrations conveyed to the body as well as to the Transplanting Unit remain minimal. In addition, outstanding stability is maintained so that forward movement remains exceptionally straight while transplanting continues with noteworthy precision.

Rotary Transplanting Arm: With exceptional precision, the Rotary Planting Arm operates with the agility and delicacy of a human hand. In fact, comprehensive Kubota deSign ensures that seedlings are securely and accurately planted so as to make maximum effective use of the growing area.

Horizontal Control Mechanism: In the event that the Plough Pan tilts due to undulating operational conditions, the Horizontal Control Mechanism automatically acts to maintain the Transplanting Unit in a horizontal position. This function is especially convenient when the operator needs to tilt the Transplanting Unit when working along a ridge.

Adjustable Transplanting Factors:Such factors as Seedling Taking Quantity, Hill Space, Number of Hills, and Planting Depth are adjustable to fit cultivation modality and field conditions.

Remarkable User-Friendlv Maneuverabililty for Enhanced Efficiency

The Kubota user-friendly maneuvering performance makes operating the Kubota Model NSPU-68C Rice Transplanter far easier - even for first-time users -so that productivity and profitability are enhanced.

4-Wheel Independent Suspension: Independently, each of the four Wheels smoothly absorbs shocks while negotiating rough terrain so that vibrations conveyed to the body as well as to the Transplanting Unit remain minimal. In addition, outstanding stability is maintained so that forward movement remains exceptionally straight while transplanting continues with noteworthy precision.

Speed and Directional Control with the HST Lever ? : Simple clutchless movements of the?HST (Hydrostatic Transmission) Lever-steplessly control operational speed and changes of direction between?Forward and Reverse.

Transplanting Unit Raising Mechanism ? : When the HST Lever is shifted to?“Reverse” position, the Transplanting?Claws automatically stop and theTransplanting Unit is automatically raised.?This function is particularly convenient?when backing up while turning or during?switchback transplanting operations.

Power Steering ? : With Power Steering, conditions causing?vibrations during operations are notconveyed to the Steering Wheel. This contributes to an excellent straight forward driving performance that?contributes to the neatness of transplanting.

Individual Row Clutch Levers: The Individual Row Clutch Levers located within easy reach of the operator are simply and easily engaged or disengaged. As a result, transplanting is smoothly completed without loss even when operations take place in an irregularly-formed field.

Facilitating Smoother, Safer Operation

Kubota has upgraded all related functions to enable the operator handle all the tasks required to be performed while on-the-job smoother and safer.

Wide Step: Not only does the wide Step enhance the amount of space for the comfort and convenience of the operator, it also makes it much easier to mount or dismount the Kubota Model NSPU-68C Rice Transplanter as well as to replenish seedlings.

Standby Seedling Racks: A total of 8* Racks make it possible to rapidly replenish seedlings and thereby enhance operational efficiency.
*12 Racks are optionally available.

Step Guard: The Step is surrounded by a frame-type Guard that acts to prevent falling and thereby enhance safety.

Seedling Platform Extension : The Seedling Platform Extension permits carrying 2.2 more Seedling Mats. This reduces the frequency of replenishing seedlings so that operations continue longer without interruption and thereby further contribute to operational efficiency.

Easy Maintenance: 

Inspection, maintenance, and parts replacement are all accomplished with utmost ease thanks to the unique Kubota Maintenance System that pursues positive savings of both time and labor which in turn help to reduce operational costs.

Kubota NSPU-68C  specifications
Key Specification 
Engine Model GZ460-P-CHN
Engine Type Water Cooled
Applicable Fuel Unleaded gasoline for automobile
Fuel Tank Capacity(l) 17
Steering System Integral power steering
Number of Planting Rows 6
Distance between Rows (mm) 30
Hill Space (mm) *12,14,16,18,21
Seedling Type Seedling mat
Front Wheel (mm) No-puncture tire
Rare Wheel (mm) Rubber lug wheel with thick rim
Length (mm) 3000
Width (mm) 2210
Height (mm) 2570
Ground Clearance 430
Weight 590

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