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Top 10 Fieldking Farm Equipment 2024 – Types and Features

Top 10 Fieldking Farm Equipment In India

Fieldking made its presence in the market with the modernisation of agricultural machinery by providing new-age farm Implements. The company was established in 1978 as a manufacturer of agricultural equipment, and now it is spread in 46 countries. Fieldking farm equipment range consists of rotavator, cultivator, harrow, land leveller, etc. And these Fieldking equipments have been meeting thriving farming requirements. Also, the price of these Implements is suitable for both marginal and commercial farmers. 

Fieldking Farm Equipment Best for the Farming Task

Fieldking brand is a manufacturer of quality farming Implements since it uses excellent material in machinery production. Also, the Fieldking farm machinery fulfils all the farming requirements. These implements are robust and powerful and put a fewer load on tractors when working. Moreover, the company easily reached the farmers by providing many reliable farming implements.  That’s why farmers are buying Fildking farm machinery for their farms. 

Benefits of Farm Implements 

Following are the advantages of farm implements which help in productive farming.

1. Reduced Production Time

For the production of a crop, the timing always matters. Too much time will ruin the quality, and too little time can ruin the production. Therefore, it becomes necessary for the farmers to complete the production work on time. For this, they can use good quality equipment available in the market. 

2. Improved Efficiency

Every implement is made to increase your farm productivity. There are so many good quality manufacturers of implements which easily attached with tractors. And try to maintain your implement’s performance.

3. Reduced Downtime

A quality farming machine will help you minimise downtime as it enables you to lift and carry the workload, which is important for your farming.

10 Most Popular Fieldking Implements Models 2024

10 popular fieldking implements are shown below to help all the farmers so that they can choose their machines without any hassle.

1. Fieldking Robust Poly Disc

Fieldking Robust Poly Disc

Fieldking robust poly disc is a harrow mainly used for breaking up soil clods, burrowing crop residues, uprooting weeds, and covering seeds. This implement is excellent for all types of crops. Along with this, the model has 4 variants named FKRSPDH-26-6, FKRPDH-26-6, FKRPDH-26-7 and FKRPDH-26-8. It has 6 – 8 discs, which can be adjustable. Also, fieldking farm equipment price is affordable for farmers.  

Model FKRSPDH-26-6
Frame(mm / Inch) 140 / 5.5″ x 9.5 T(Seamless Round Pipe)
Gang Axle(mm / Inch) DIA. 90 / 3.5″ (Seamless Pipe)
No. of Disc 6
Type of Disc Plain/Notched Disc(Optional)
Weight (kg / lbs Approx) 527/1162

2. Fieldking Gold Rotary Tiller

Fieldking Gold Rotary Tiller

Fieldking gold rotary tiller can work with a 45 – 60 HP tractor. This model comes with 2 variants named FKRTGMG-175 and FKRTGMG-200. Moreover, both variants have semi-automatic multi (2 Speed) gears. Also, 42 – 48 no. of blades are available for better tilling. And, this Fieldking farm equipment has a gear drive side transmission. Moreover, the price of this rotavator Implement is cost-effective.

Model FKRTGMG-175
Tillage Width (cm/inch) 1750/69″
Gear Box (rpm) Semi-Automatic Multi (2 Speed)
Side Transmission Gear Drive
Types of Blades L/C

3. Fieldking Dabangg Cultivator

Fieldking Dabangg Cultivator

Fieldking Dabangg cultivator is an efficient cultivator used to make productive farming. It comes with 3 models named FKDRHD-7, FKDRHD-9 and FKDRHD-11. The mainframe of this implement is made from a heavy-duty solid section. These variants have high carbon flat triangular blades for row crops. Also, the shovel distance is 395 mm/16 inches. The farm implement price is Rs. 30700 for growers.

Model FKDRHD-7
Tynes (mm / inch) 70/2.7″ x 25/1″(Forged EN-9)
Side Flat (mm / inch) 125/5″ x 10 mm(T)
Shovels High Carbon
3 Point LInkage (mm / inch) 65/2.6″ x 16/0.6″

4. Fieldking Poly Disc Plough

Fieldking Poly Disc Plough

Fieldking poly disc plough is better for completing a farming task. It puts a low load on the tractor while working in the harder soil conditions. A tractor ranging from 45 to 75 HP can run this implement. The plough is efficient for farmers. Moreover, this Implement comes at an affordable price range. Also, it has unique recognition among all Fieldking agricultural machinery and Implements.

5. Fieldking Rotary Slasher-Square

Fieldking Rotary Slasher-Square

Fieldking rotary slasher-square is best for all types of crops. And the implement has 2 variants named FKRSSST-6 and FKRSSST-7. Moreover, the Implement has a clutch-type P.T.O. shaft, and the weight of this Fieldking equipment is 560 – 715 kg. Along with this, the price of this implement is suitable for farmers.

Cutting Width(mm / inch) 1828 / 72″
Transport Width(mm / Inch) 2170 / 85″
Overall Length(mm / Inch) 2460 / 97″
Cutting Height(mm / Inch) 25 / 1″ – 200 / 8″

6. Fieldking Heavy Duty Land Leveler

Fieldking Heavy Duty Land Leveler

A Fieldking land leveller is a heavy-duty implement for farming. This tool is helpful in flood irrigation. It comes with a 10 mm thick plate and a 70 mm blade diameter that provides efficient work. And the tool has 3 models named FKHDLL-6, FKHDLL-7 and FKHDLL-8. This implement price is Rs. 14880, which is reasonable for marginal farmers. 

Model FKHDLL-6
Thickness of Plate (mm / Inch) 10 (T)
Blade Dia. (mm / Inch) 70/2.75″ x 10 mm(T) High Carbon Steel
Weight (kg/lbs Approx) 140/309
Width of Cut (mm / Inch) 1850/73″

7. Fieldking Disc Ridger

Fieldking Disc Ridger

Fieldking Disc Ridger is a reliable and durable machine used for tillage. It can efficiently work with 50-90 HP tractors. The Fieldking machine comes with a heavy-duty box frame and a High-quality boron steel disc with 48-52 HRC hardness. Moreover, it has 2-4 Notched or Plain Discs to withstand adverse land. Fieldking Disc Ridger price is Rs 28799, which is quite valuable for Indian farmers. 

Model  FKDR-1
Axle Type Spindle 
Number of Discs  2
Disc Type Notched or Plain Disc(Optional)
Disc Diameter (mm/Inch) 660 / 26″ x 6 mm (T)

8. Fieldking Sub Soiler

Fieldking Sub Soiler

As the name suggests, it is a subsoiler used for breaking, loosening and deep ploughing. This machine is highly efficient as it is made with solid materials that ensure productive working. It can easily be powered by 40-135 HP tractors to handle solid soil and land conditions. This Fieldking machine comes with 1 – 5 tynes to provide efficient work. It is available at Rs 9300 in the market. 

Model FKSS-1
Length (mm / inch) 510/20″
Width (mm / inch) 660/26″
Height (mm / inch) 1060/42″ – 1370/54″
No. of Tyne 1

9. Fieldking Multi Crop Row Planter

Fieldking Multi Crop Row Planter

Fieldking Multi Crop Row Planter is a precision planter used for seeding and planting. This powerful farming machine can work with 20-75 HP tractors. It can easily handle solid and rugged soils to provide higher productivity. This machine is an ideal choice for crops such as corn, Peas, Peanuts, Sunflower, Soya bean, Grams and Cotton. Farmers can easily buy this farming machine as it is available at an affordable price range. 

Model FKMCP-2
Seed Metering Rotating Disc With Cells on its Periphery
Fertilizer Metering Agitator & sliding Orifice
Row Space 24″ max. & adjustable with ‘U’ Clamps
Weight (kg/lbs Approx) 140 / 309

10. Fieldking Square

Fieldking Square

Fieldking Square is a baler implement that is used in post-harvest applications. This farming machine is powered by 35-50 HP tractors to complete the farming tasks. It is made with premium elements that help in rugged fields. This machine gathers and compresses grass, hay or straw into different bales. The overall dimension of the machine is 4220 / 166″ (L x W x H)(mm / Inch). Its price range is quite reasonable for Indian farmers. 

Model FKSB-511
Pick-Up Width (mm / Inch) 1850 / 73″
PTO Shaft Speed(rpm) 540
Weight (kg / lbs Approx) 1330 / 2932
Draw Bar Lifting Mechanical

Nominated Points for Infographic

  • The infographic has the top 10 Fieldking implements in India. 
  • It shows you implement power and Implement type.
  • The fieldking farm equipment list includes Fieldking Robust Poly Disc, Fieldking Gold Rotary Tiller, Fieldking Rotary Slasher-Square, Fieldking Square, etc.

The above-mentioned information about Fieldking agricultural Implements will help you to choose one Implement according to your farming demands. 

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