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New Holland Tractor Series in India 2024 – Price and Features

New Holland Tractor Series in India 2022 - Price and Features

Want to know about the New Holland Tractor Series in India? 

New Holland Tractor Series in India offers advanced technology tractors that satisfy farmers’ needs. The company launched three series back to back to make farming more effective and smooth. New Holland series are New Holland Excel, New Holland Turbo Super and New Holland Tx. These series tractors have qualities that easily make your farming task convenient and efficient. The New Holland Tractor company launched the first 70 Hp tractor in India in 1988. The company has come a long way and offers a wide range of technologically driven tractors for every type of farming. So you can quickly get what is suitable for your farms like a New Holland 4×4 tractor, Heavy duty tractor and others. 

What is the range of New Holland Tractor in India?

New Holland India is a world class brand for farm equipment that offers a customer driven at an affordable price. The New Holland tractor models are offered 35 hp to 90 hp tractors. These economical tractors can help you in farming activities like tilling, cultivating, harvesting, seeding and others. 

So, on high demand, we come up with a New Holland series with price, features, and mileage. And you can also get an idea from this blog about which New Holland tractor from this series is best for your farms. So, have a look down below. 

Popular New Holland Tractor Series in India 2024

Check out below the New Holland all series tractors with their popular models. 

1. New Holland Excel Series 

New Holland Excel Series


Large Farming Operations? Then Select Excel Series Tractor!

New Holland Agriculture is the brand known for its heavy duty tractors. So, this New Holland Excel Series comes with high performative powerful tractors. This series of tractors provide high traction force in poor soil conditions to make work more effective. You can do every type of function with New Holland Excel series tractors as they are versatile. Excel series New Holland tractor India has 8 tractors ranging from 47 hp – to 90 hp. The statement clears that the Excel series is economical and best for large farm operations. 

New Holland Excel Series Tractors Models List 

Models  HP
New Holland Excel 5510 50 HP
New Holland Excel 6010 60 HP
New Holland Excel 4710 47 HP
New Holland Excel 9010 90 HP

2. New Holland Turbo Super Series

New Holland Turbo Super Series

Finding a combination of power and performance in your tractor? 

New Holland Turbo Super Series Tractors are top notch tractors delivered by New Holland Agriculture. The company is well known for its consistency in up to the mark farm equipment in the industry. Hence, among Indian farmers, New Holland’s tractors are popular. This New Holland Turbo Super Series is one of the best examples of this statement. The series comes with all the qualities such as high performance, fuel efficiency, short turning ability and others. You can get a New Holland 4wd tractor in this series with superb traction. You can get 4 New Holland Turbo series tractor models in India. The series wide range consists of 47 hp – 75 hp tractor models.

 Popular New Holland Turbo Super Series Tractors Models List

Models  HP
New Holland 4710 Turbo Super 45 HP
New Holland 5500 Turbo Super 55 HP
New Holland 6500 Turbo Super 65 HP
New Holland 7500 Turbo Super 75 HP

3. New Holland Tx Series 

New Holland Tx Series 

Searching a tractor for harvesting, cultivation, sowing and planting? 

New Holland Tx series tractors come with versatile features for all farming functions. You can easily do the harvesting, cultivating, sowing, planting and other operations with any Tx series tractor. These series tractors are Convenient, easy to handle, and have greater ground clearance, both vertical and horizontal. Along with this, these tractors have quick and easy attachments. You can also get essential accessories, such as hydraulic controls, with these tractors. The New Holland Tx series has 12 effective tractor models ranging from 39 hp to 75 hp.

Best New Holland Tx Series Tractors Models Range in India 

Models HP
New Holland 3600 Tx Heritage Edition 47 HP
New Holland 3600-2TX 50 HP
New Holland 5630 Tx Plus 4WD 75 HP
New Holland 3037 TX 39 HP

So, these are all about New Holland tractor series price and technical specifications. We shortlisted these tractors for you, and I hope you find them relevant and all your queries solved. For more information about the New Holland tractor series price, you check out Tractor Junction. Here, find a separate segment for the New Holland 4 by 4 price. 

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