New Holland Tractor Models with Price & Specifications

New Holland Tractor Models with Price & Specifications

New Holland began its operations in the year 1998 with the launch of its first-ever 70 HP tractor. Since then, they have been selling more than 300,000 tractors used for numerous farm applications in Indian as well as abroad. Currently, New Holland offers the most comprehensive range of 35-90 HP tractors offering most advanced farm mechanization solutions that help enhance overall farm profitability. The strong technical and qualified team at New Holland has been offering best-in-class models as per the international quality standards including the core principles of CNH.

Latest New Holland Tractor Models Price List

New Holland 4710 Tractor:

New Holland 4710 tractor comes under the range of 47 HP with 3 cylinders and manual steering. With a fuel tank capacity of 62 liters and overall body weight of 1500 kg, the price of 4710 tractor is around 9 lacs.

New Holland 3230 Tractor:

New Holland 3230 tractor price is around 6, 72,000/-. It comes with 42 HP engine, 3 cylinders, 1230 kg lifting capacity and manual steering. The fuel tank capacity of this model is 42 liters.

New Holland 3510 Tractor:

New Holland 3510 is a 35 HP tractor with 3 cylinders, 1100 kg lifting capacity and power steering for hassle-free drive. Its fuel tank capacity is 62 liters. The price of New Holland 3510 is 6.12 lacs.

New Holland 3037 Tractor:

New Holland 3037 is a 39 HP tractor with 3 cylinders ad 1230 kg lifting capacity. It has manual steering and 42 liters fuel tank capacity. The price of this tractor model is around 6, 24,000/-.

New Holland 3032 Tractor:

New Holland 3032 has 35 HP range engine, 3 cylinders and 1230 kg lifting capacity. With a fuel tank capacity of 42 liters, it has manual steering. The price of New Holland 3032 tractor is around 5, 76,000/-.

New Holland Excel 8010:

New Holland Excel 8010 price is around 6 lacs. It comes with 80 HP engine, 4 cylinders, 2000 kg lifting capacity and height limiter. With a smooth power steering and 90 liters fuel tank capacity, it is suitable to run on all types of land surfaces.

New Holland 5500 Turbo Super:

New Holland 5500 Turbo Super tractor price is around 10 lacs. It has a 55 HP powerful engine, 3 cylinders and power steering to keep you smiling even during the longest days of journey. With a fuel tank capacity of 60 liters and oil immersed multi-disc brakes; it can smoothly run on rugged surfaces.

New Holland is a premier supplier of versatile range of tractors across the world. In fact, tractors made by the company are exported to more than 70 countries including America, Australia, Africa and many more.

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