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Top 6 Lemken Agricultural Equipment in India – Types & Uses

Top 6 Lemken Agricultural Equipment in India - Types & Uses

Lemken is a Germany based company which provides agricultural implements. The brand manufactures quality equipment without compromising on the use of excellent materials. And that’s why Lemken agricultural equipment is famous worldwide. Primarily their aim is to provide smart agriculture solutions to free the farmers from the complex farming of today and tomorrow. At the same time, they have been giving importance to farmers’ demand for quality and innovation.

So, if you want Lemken Implements, check out the best 6 Lemken agricultural equipment in the below section. The given information will help you to make the proper decision.  

Types of Lemken Agricultural Equipment and Its Uses 

There are many types of Lemken agricultural implements available, and their functions also differ from each other.

Plough Type – Plough is used to break soil clods and bury crop remains to control weeds. 

Power Harrow Type – To create a perfect seed bed, this type of implement is used to break and refine the soil and then distribute the soil over the field. 

Cultivator Type – Mainly, it is used for mixing soil which is broken up, and when fertilizers are added after tilling and planting. Also, a cultivator can use it to control weeds after planting.  

Rotavator Type – It is used for making seed beds efficiently and removing & mixing maize, wheat and other residuals. Also, it improves soil health. 

Subsoiler Type – This one is used for deep tillage, breaking and losing the soil. And it offers better managed and good producing pastures. 

Mulcher Type – It can be used pulverizing organic matter to prevent natural waste and transform it into mulch. 

Popular Lemken Agricultural Implements List

Below is a list of Lemken farming implements for your farm. And these implements come with advanced features and affordable prices.  

1. Lemken Opal 080 E 2MB

Lemken OPAL 080 E 2MB

Lemken OPAL 080 E 2MB is an efficient implement for farming tasks. This equipment comes in the tillage category, which helps prepare the land. The Lemken agricultural equipment is best for every type of soil texture. Moreover, with this advanced implement, farmers can do thriving farming and earn huge profits. This implement model has 350 kg of weight. And the working depth for medium soil is 10 – 12 inches. Also, the price of this implement is affordable for farmers, so they can buy it easily. 

2. Lemken Perlite 5-150

Lemken Perlite 5-150


Lemken Perlite 5-150 is another best implement which offers thriving farming. This power harrow implement is best for a break, refining and distribution of the soil. The Lemken equipment has 3 variants: Pertile 5 – 150, Pertile 5 – 175 and Pertile 5 – 200. And the PTO rpm is 540 helps to move the implement with a tractor. Moreover, the working width is 150 to 200 cm and 6 to 8 no. of rotors. And the price of this efficient model is 2.9 Lakh which is reasonable. 

3. Lemken Achat 70 – 6 Tine

Lemken Achat 70 - 6 Tine

Lemken Achat 70 – 6 Tine cultivator implement. This implement is 3 models named Achat -70 -3/6, Achat 70 -3/7 and Achat 70 – 3/9. All these models provide the best performance in the field. Also, the working depth is 8 – 24 cm, and this equipment can make 3 no. of rows. Therefore, this Lemken implement is perfect for every farming task and a 340 mm roller to drive many benefits. Moreover, Lemken farm equipment price is Rs. 1.2 Lakh. 

4. Lemken Achat 70-7 Tine

Lemken Achat 70-7 Tine

Lemken Achat 70-7 Tine is the most buying implement as this Lemken agricultural machinery is efficient and comes in a rotavator category. Moreover, the implement is power 40 – 50 HP of a tractor. Therefore, the implement is suitable for light and medium soil conditions. Lemken agricultural equipment has 3 rows, and every row has a different function like mixing, crumbling and loosening the soil. In addition, the price of this Lemken tine is Rs. 1.4 Lakh. 

5. Lemken Melior

Lemken Melior

Lemken Melior subsoiler implement has 2 models Melior 1/85 E and Melior 2/65 E. In this model, farmers can get underframe clearance of 65 to 85 cm. Lemken agricultural equipment weighs about 170 to 355 kg. Its unique specifications made this product more reliable and durable. Farmers are also satisfy with the Lemken machinery due to its working capabilities. Also, the price of this implement model is cost-effective. 

6. Lemken Spinel 160 Mulcher

Lemken Spinel 160 Mulcher

Spinel 160 Mulcher mainly uses this implement to grind organic and prevent organic waste by converting it into mulch. Lemken agricultural equipment is power by a 45 – 50 HP tractor. Also, the mulcher has 36 Y- Blade, 18 straight blades and 18 hammer blades. Importantly, this implement is suitable for all crops, including Cotton, Banana and Sugarcane many more. Also, the price range of this implement is cost-effective for farmers. 

Selected Features for Infographic

  • The infographic includes the Best 6 Lemken Agricultural Equipment in India. 
  • Here, you get Implement power, Weight and Type of implement in this infographic.
  • Lemken Implements list contains OPAL 080 E 2MB, Melior, Spinel 160 Mulcher and others.

Top 6 Lemken Agricultural Equipment Infographic

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