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Top 5 Tractor Subsoiler Equipment for Farming in India

Top 5 Tractor Subsoiler Equipment for Farming in India

India is a developing country where we can see innovations daily in every sector, even in the fields. Farming is a comprehensive process that involves many activities like tiling, cultivating, sowing and others. Each operation requires a specific farm implement to complete the work. And for achieving a farm goal or end fruit, you must use proper equipment to accomplish the particular task.Tractor Subsoiler equipment is one of them.

So, what does Subsoiler farm equipment stand for? Subsoil means the layer of land that lies beneath the topsoil. And, the tractor Subsoiler plough is used to weaken the subsoil for better production, which helps in deep tillage. Subsoilers are also used to shatter soil clods efficiently. Additionally, the depth of the subsoiler can be increased or decreased as per farm requirement. Hence, a utility tractor requires a subsoiler to make a drain in the field.

What is a Tractor Subsoiler and When is it Used?

Further, a tractor subsoiler is an equipment to help break dry and hard soils for land preparation. A 55 horsepower (50 PTO horsepower) tractor is required from a subsoiler to make a drain in the area. With the help of this subsoiler farm equipment, farmers can make a two and a half-inch wide and two and a half feet deep drain in their fields.

Subsoiler equipment can drain at least 15 feet on the field. The right time to run the subsoiler in the areas is between 15th April to 25th or 15th May to 30th May. Subsoilers can run after the Rabi season, even after harvesting wheat and gram crops. A subsoiler smaller than a 40 horsepower (45 PTO horsepower) tractor can also be used to make a drain in the field. 40 hp (45 PTO hp) The depth in the subsoiler can be increased or decreased as per requirement.

Types of Subsoiler Equipment

Mainly, there are 3 types of agricultural subsoiler models which are straight, curved and oblique. Since most of the soil starts at the loose point, the foot’s shape affects the overall rest pattern as it moves through the reduced dirt from the end. However, the wider the foot, the more it contributes to local soil disturbance.

Below you get detailed information with images of a Subsoiler machine. Check out and select the best one for your farms.

5 Popular Subsoiler Implement in India 2022

1. Lemken Melior Subsoiler

Lemken Melior Subsoiler

Lemken Melior Subsoiler is the best land preparation subsoiler equipment. It works easily for long duration on the farms with less fuel consumption. Lemken is a Germany based company that aims to make a solution for residue management. The subsoiler farm equipment has 2 models named Melior 1/85 E and Melior 2/65 E. It is power by a 55 – 65 HP tractor, and the weight is 170 to 355 kg. Lemken Melior Subsoiler price is also nominal according to farmers’ range.

2. Mahindra Subsoiler

Mahindra Subsoiler

Mahindra Subsoiler is another prominent brand of Tractor Subsoiler. It helps to remove the soil’s dryness by raising groundwater storage. Mahindra Subsoiler is a 65 to 250 kg weighted equipment perfect for deep tillage and works on all soil types. It is manufacture with 65 – 250 mm in length and 660 – 1500 mm in width with adjustable height. The model comes with quality features and a unique design which will provide thriving farming. The Mahindra Subsoiler price range is also reliable for farmers.

3. Fieldking Heavy Duty Subsoiler

Fieldking Heavy Duty Subsoiler

Fieldking Heavy Duty Sub Soiler comes with outstanding features. The tractor Subsoiler is power by 40 to 115 HP and 3 no. of tynes which is used for deep tillage and breaking clay layers. Additionally, the company designed this equipment with advanced technology to accelerate the work. The subsoiler is available for just Rs. 12,600*. It also has 3 variants named FKHDSS-1, FKHDSS-2 and FKHDSS-3.

4. Universal Subsoilers

Universal SubSoilers

Universal Sub Soilers is an excellent tillage implement, which works efficiently and provides high performance. It has three variants: BESS 1, BESS 2 and BESS 3. And these subsoilers range from 35 HP to 90 HP. Moreover, it has a 33.7×25 MM Round Pipe crumbler. The length of the Universal subsoiler varies from 510 mm to 830 mm. Additionally, it is easy to use and helps to improve the fertility of the soil. It is available in the market at a reasonable price range.

5. John Deere GreenSystem Subsoiler TS3001

John Deere GreenSystem Subsoiler TS3001

John Deere GreenSystem Subsoiler TS3001 is a powerful implement that falls under the land preparation category. This subsoiler is perfect for doing farming tasks effectively and quickly. It has a maximum working depth of up to 558 mm. Furthermore, its length and width are 740 mm and 960 mm, respectively. This subsoiler is available with 50 HP and above tractor rating. This best farm machinery is available on Tractor Junction at a reasonable price.


Thriving subsoiling relies not only on soil requirements but other aspects also matter. Such as balancing, tractor power, tine protection mechanism strength, and subsoiler adjustments. All these essential things help to receive good results. In addition, some subsoilers can be modifie for work in selected yields, mainly organic manures and hay areas, which permit roots to stabilise the loosened soil.

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