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Powertrac Tractor Price List with Specifications

Powertrac Tractor Price List with Specifications

Powertrac offers a versatile range of tractors meticulously designed for Indian farmers. It offers high fuel efficiency & power at economical rates. It manufactures tractors ranging from 25-55 HP blended with latest technology, best-in-class design & top of the line features for farm mechanization. Below mentioned is the price list with specifications of popular Powertrac tractor models including powertrac euro 41(5.5 lacs):

  • Powertrac Euro 60  60 hp (around 7,00,000/-) is a model designed with high fuel efficiency & heavy farm mechanization activities. It is a multifaceted model suitable for different kinds of operations and is gaining wider importance for better value & ease of usage. With a heavy structural body, it has been manufactured using sturdy components & modern technology.
  • Powertrac BT 4455 price in India is about 7 lacs. The model is loaded with full style, comfort & convenience to make your journey hassle-free while performing farm activities. It has larger operating area, optimal hydraulic consoles & wider floor range made to keep you safe & secured.
  • Powertrac ALT 4000 (41 HP) is one of the most fuel efficient models designed as per tough & rugged surfaces on which Indian farmers perform various activities on daily basis.
  • Powertrac Euro 50 price (approx 6 lacs) is a technologically sound model having best comfort, curves, power & performance. It has 3 cylinders, oil bath type air filters & 50 liters of fuel tank capacity that can run on all kinds of surfaces.
  • Powertrac 434 DS comes under 34 HP power range, 50 liter fuel capacity, 3 cylinders and 2200 ERPM powerful engine. It has multi-plate oil immersed brakes, 1500 kg lifting capacity & is fit for threshing, sowing, cultivation, spraying & other haulage operations. The Powertrac 434 price is about 5 lacs.
  • Here, you can find Powertrac 439 details as:It has 41 HP power, 50 liter high fuel tank capacity & 3 cylinders. With wheelbase dimensions of 1850 kg of the total weight, it is extremely helpful to carry huge loads easily. It falls under the price range of 5.25 lacs.
  • Powertrac 445 price is in the range of 5-6 lacs. It comes with an excellent power steering, 3 cylinders & 50 liters fuel tank capacity. It has 1500 lifting capacity, single clutch type & 2000 ERPM.

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