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Sonalika Worldtrac 60 Rx Specifications with Price

Sonalika Worldtrac 60 Rx Specifications with Price

Sonalika, one of the top Indian tractor models, manufactures best machines using state-of-the-art technology that finds best utility in different kinds of farm mechanization activities.

Sonalika 60 worldtrac price around 7,00,000/- is an all-purpose model built for rough & tough usage. With an excellent pulling capacity & high torque of around 35%, it has a strong engine running on a large fuel injection pump. It has 2500kg lifting cpaity & oil immersed brakes. Other notable features of this sturdy machine are floating foot pedals, dual clutch, hassle-free hydraulic control, synchromesh gear box and full-flat platform, that enhances its aesthetic value along with making it fully functional.

Sonalika 60 Rx is a powerful, hi-tech machine that demands low maintenance and has higher fuel efficiency. It has been designed to run on all kinds of farm surfaces smoothly and increase productivity as well. Sonalika 60 rx specification continued as: It renders great performance with minimal fuel consumption and high torque. It has 4 cylinders and 12F plus 12R gears.

Sonalika DI 60 rx (Price starting from 5 lacs onwards) is among one of the most powerful models costing xxxxx. It comes with a 3700 cc powerful engine and smooth power steering for flawless controlling. It falls under 60hp power range and includes oil immersed heavy brakes. All-in-all, this is a multi-purpose machine that is well-priced and is ideal for high volume usage.

Sonalika 60 rx Turbo (Price around 8,00,000/-) is a well-built, fuel efficient model with better service life. It has better traction, operational comfort and runs hassle-free on all kinds of surfaces. It has high lifting capacity and finds good usage in commercial applications. This Sonalika 60 new model comes within the range of 60 hp and runs at 2100 rpm. With a lifting capacity of 1600 kg, power steering and oil immersed disc brakes, it exhibit overall optimal performance.

By using aforementioned facts & figures, you can just imagine a brief Sonalika tractors price list picture to invest in right direction as per your budget & farm utility.

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