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How to Check the Health of a Used Tractor Engine?

How to Check the Health of a Used Tractor Engin

Are you concerned about buying a second-hand tractor (i.e. used tractor)? Well, in this blog, we shall discuss the most important aspects of used tractor engines to consider when buying a used tractor.

Nowadays, tractors are powered by IC (Internal Combustion) engines fueled by kerosene, gasoline (petrol), LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas), or diesel. The power produced by the engine is transmitted to the power take off shaft with the help of 8-10 transmission gears. 

India is an agriculture-focused GDP. In such scenarios, tractors are one of the most selling automobile units in the country. As per statistics by Statista, In the fiscal year, 2021 tractor was the only automobile sector that witnessed a hike in sales”. 

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This denotes the demand for tractors and their importance in the Indian economy. So without wasting time, let’s dive deeper into the prospects of buying used tractors and their engine health issues that should be addressed in the process.

Why Second-Hand Tractors?: An Engine’s Peek-a-Boo

As long as you keep checking and maintaining its engine, a tractor is in no way getting older. We have seen tractors serve a period of 10+ years in the fields. In such scenarios, a second-hand tractor can be sold for quite a price.

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A used tractor engine has the experience of fields and is tested to its limits. Thus, it doesn’t lack insecurities new brands face while they are launched in the market. Also, it is tested by the driver himself, that too for years in real-time scenarios. 

The engine of a second-hand tractor brings wear and tear with it. It’s another fact that engines can be replaced with ease as the manufacture in India campaign has spread its roots.

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Some Key Factors While Determining the Health of Used Tractors Engine

What’s an immediate factor of judgement while determining the health of a used tractor engine? 

The paint can immediately tell you the dents in the body and information about any possible errors in the engine. For example, the shiny colour of the engine is going to tell you the story behind brand new parts installed in the used tractor’s engine.

1. Total Hours of operation: What’s healthy?

In India, the utilisation rate of a single farm tractor is as low as 20-30% as the government has subsidised the new tractor buying capital. In such scenarios, it’s most probable that you might purchase a good condition second-hand tractor, i.e. a healthy used tractor engine.

Benchmarking it, we shall have a 3-6 hour period in a 24 hours period. This period is considered healthy for second-hand tractor engines. 

2. Fluid levels: What’s good and bad?

The main fluids in the engine are as shown below:

  • Engine oil

Engine fluid keeps the engine smoothly running and prevents wear and tear. Low engine oil in used tractor engines denotes more wear and tear. Also, rust present in engine oil denotes a serious problem to look into. So, you got your eye cleared of misconceptions. 

  • Coolant

A coolant is used to cool the engine to keep off the excessive heat outside the space of the engine. The colour of the coolant denotes the health of the second-hand tractor engine. See if it’s green, dirty, rusty, etc., to determine the real-time status of the engine.

  • Fuel

The most common problem that dictates the used tractor engine’s health in this segment is a leaking fuel tank. Also, the fuel colour in the fuel tank denotes the health of the engine. A dirtier fuel colour denotes an unhealthy second-hand tractor.

  • Hydraulic fluids

Seeing the hydraulic joints in action, one can easily determine how the second-hand tractor has been used in the past. A dark reddish colour represents good condition, while a burnt look presents a bad condition.

3. Something About Running and Smooth Power Take-off Shaft

A smooth-running power take-off shaft denotes a healthy tractor engine and a high-quality second-hand tractor engine. Take-off power is as important as engine power when buying a used tractor and inspecting its engine. Nobody wants to end up buying a used tractor with damaged take-off power capabilities. This denotes weaker engine capabilities. Therefore, you know what to do now.

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Engine wear and tear: What should be the ideal condition?

Engines that have damaged engine parts should taken as a negative aspect of used tractor engines. In a used tractor engine, the commonly damaged parts are pistons and engine cylinders. These two rub against each other to cause wear and tear while producing power for the tractor.

A knocking and popping sound comes from the engine when the engine of the used tractor gets damaged. In such scenarios, it is advised to change the engine before purchasing the second-hand tractor. In this way, one can easily judge the usefulness of a used tractor engine. This step is of utmost importance as it constitutes the most important part of a used tractor.


We have gone through a quick detour of a second-hand tractor engine and its health requirements. Before buying one, do have a quick detour of a second-hand tractor engine as engines are the power source of the tractors. 

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