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How does Tractor Engine work? Types of Tractor Engines

How does Tractor Engine work? Types of Tractor Engines

Isn’t it quite interesting to know how does tractor engine work? So, follow this blog to learn about everything about tractor engines.

An engine is the soul of the tractor since, without it, a tractor can’t work. Also, a quality engine makes the tractor efficient for agriculture. In modern days, a tractor is fitted with an IC (internal combustion) engine. The name internal combustion is because the heat energy of the fuel is converted into mechanical work by burning the fuel inside the engine. So, in this blog, we will see how the tractor engine works.

Which Types of Engines are Used in Tractors?

Most of the tractors are fitted with Diesel Engines with Direct Injection systems. These engines are categorised based on horsepower generated from them. Nowadays, engines from 12 Hp to 120 Hp are available.

Apart from this, most of the engine works on the four-stroke cycle. And the crankshaft of a traditional engine rotates in response to speed and loads to generate power.

In most countries, the tractors are fitted with 2 to 4 cylinder engines. And when it comes to India, the tractors are equipped with 1 to 4 cylinder engines. Moreover, most tractors in India are powered by diesel fuel, and some are powered by electric motors.

How Does a Tractor Engine Operate other Implements?

A tractor works with a PTO (power take-off). It uses a grooves attachment point when attached to a PTO driven Implement to spin the shaft to a set rate. Also, tractor engines are powered by diesel and have a transmission system, including mostly 8-speed or 10-speed gearbox for transmitting the power to work.

How Do Tractor Engines Work?

Diesel engines are the predominant power behind modern tractors since they have a higher thermal efficiency than any internal combustion engine. Also, the highest thermal efficiency is achieved due to their extremely high compression ratio. And diesel engines use highly compressed hot air rather than spark plugs to ignite the fuel.

When air is pulled into the chamber, it is compressed up to 580 PSI, which heats the air to 1022°C temperature. At this time, the fuel injector injects the fuel into the combustion chamber that disperses droplets of fuel evenly. These tiny droplets of fuel come in contact with the compressed and hot air, which causes the expansion of combustion gases. These gases drive the piston downward, which turns the crankshaft of the tractor.

Which are the Best Engines for Tractors?

Many tractor companies manufacture their tractor engines, while some of the tractor companies buy engines from different manufacturers. For instance, the Mitsubishi Company manufactures the engines of Mahindra and Massey Ferguson tractors.

How Much Does A Tractor Engine Cost for Rebuilding?

When the tractor engine fails, the engine needs rebuilding. And rebuilding the engine costs too much. But repairing a new engine is cheaper than buying a new one. So, you can easily save up to half of the cost of a new engine by repairing or rebuilding the engine.

How should you Handle a Tractor to keep the Engine Safe?

You should take care of your tractor to make it more efficient. So, don’t leave your tractor in a muddy area since it can harm the tractor’s body. And pull the tractor’s hitch system up slowly to keep the engine safe from excessive loads. In addition, when the engine stops, apply emergency brakes and turn off the transmission. Also, check the engine frequently and maintain it timely since it can increase the engine’s efficiency and life.

How is the Operator Responsible for Engine Efficiency?

A tractor operator is an individual who drives the tractor to complete different types of applications, including transport of goods from a field to a warehouse, farming operations (tillage, ploughing, reaping, threshing, etc.), commercial operations (transportation of building materials), etc. In addition, an operator is responsible for keeping the tractor maintained as well as using the tractor more safely. Also, an operator can keep the engine safe by using a tractor.

Hope you get the exciting information regarding tractor engines. Also, you will be able to maintain your tractor engine in future. In addition, be with Tractor Junction since it provides all the essential details about tractors and their parts without consuming excessive time.

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