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Tractor Horsepower Guide – How Much Horsepower is Enough for Tractor?

How Much Horsepower is Enough for Tractor

Tractor, a most important machine for agriculture as it performs various farm operations like planting, sowing, harvesting, tilling, etc. But have you ever thought about how tractors perform these farm applications effectively? And the answer to this question is “Horsepower or Engine Horsepower” better known as Hp. Find here Tractor Horsepower Guide – How Much Horsepower is Enough for Tractor?.

There are two types of horsepower in a tractor: Engine Horsepower and PTO (Power-take-off) Horsepower. Engine horsepower indicates the power that an engine produces. And PTO Hp refers to the amount of power available to run the various implements.

You often heard about the Engine Horsepower or Hp, do you know what horsepower is and what is the use of horsepower. If not, this is the right place for you. Here you get detailed information about horsepower. Without any delay, let’s start.

What is Horsepower

Horsepower or engine horsepower refers to the amount of power that engine produces to complete various operations. The term engine horsepower is the first presented in the 1800s. James Watt invented a steam engine to perform operations or applications.

How is Horsepower Calculated?

Through the watt equation, we can calculate tractor horsepower, which includes torque and RPM. Horsepower is directly proportional to the RPM and torque. More torque and RPM produced high horsepower.

Hp = Torque x RPM ÷ 5252

Importance of Horsepower

Horsepower is considered as engine power. It indicates the work potential of a tractor’s engine. 

How Much Tractor Horsepower is Sufficient for Farming?

Selection of horsepower is dependent upon the size of land and farm applications. If you have small land and paddy operation, you need a low horsepower tractor. For large land and heavy farm applications, you can choose a large horsepower tractor. 

The different horsepower ( HP ) range which is considered,

1. 15-20 Horsepower 

15-20 Horsepower

15-20 Horsepower is a low Hp range that supports small land, gardens, and yards. The horsepower range is enough for typical garden operations like mowing, ploughing, and pulling small trailers. 15-20 Horsepower range tractors have many excellent aspects which make them perfect for garden application. They consume less fuel, provide easy manoeuvre, are cheaper and safer for farmers. 

Popular tractor models in the 15-20 horsepower range are,

15-20 Horsepower tractors are the ideal for areas of Punjab, Gujarat, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, UP, Maharashtra etc. These tractors are specially designed for potato, cotton, paddy, rice, onion, apple, mango, etc. 

2. 21-35 Horsepower 

21-35 Horsepower

21-35 horsepower range indicates the subcompact tractors and low-end utility tractors. The horsepower range provides options for using backhoe attachments and front-end loaders. The Hp range supports the small scale field cultivation. The compact utility tractors have PTO ( Power-take-off) which supports the implements. The spinning drive shaft permits attachments like mower, loader or backhoe to pull power from the engine to run. 

Popular tractor models in the 21-35 Horsepower range are,

These tractor models provide powerful engines with additional low fuel consumption features that make them a twin benefit for the user. Maharashtra, UP, MP, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh are the major regions of 21-35 Horsepower tractor. These tractors are ideal for fruits like apple, mango, litchi, 

3. 36-50 Horsepower 

36-50 Horsepower

36-50 horsepower indicates the regular utility tractors. They can perform more farming operations subcompact tractors in the fields. This horsepower range can easily perform tasks like ploughing and baling. 36-50 Horsepower range tractors are very versatile and provide excellent work efficiency in clay soil  

Popular 36-50 Horsepower tractor models are,

36-50 horsepower tractors widely used in Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, MP, Up, etc., where wheat, maize, vegetables, etc., are widely grown. 

4. 51-90 Horsepower 

51-90 Horsepower

51-90 hp range refers to the utility tractors that handle all the farming tasks in the large farm field. This horsepower range makes the tractor more stable on challenging tasks. They can easily handle larger and wider implements at a faster speed. 51-90 Horsepower range tractors can be used for a variety of operations. These tractors durability is very high and has the highest loading capacity, suitable for transportation. They are famous in industries, airports, and many more. They come with PTO and adequate lifting capacity. 

Popular tractor models in the 51-90 Horsepower range are,

These tractors models are manufactured under the guidance of experts. Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Karnataka, are the main states of 51-90 Horsepower tractors, where sugarcane, Corn, Bazra, etc., primarily grown. 

5. 91-120 Horsepower

91-120 Horsepower

 90-120 horsepower can easily handle most extreme farming operations. They are much suitable for the construction, industrial sectors, forage harvesting and large-scale potato plantation. This horsepower range can perform all the heavy tasks like harvesting, cultivation, tilling, post-harvesting, etc. 91-120 horsepower tractors are very efficient in the most challenging working conditions. These are best for harvesting in hard soil conditions. 

Popular tractor models in 90-120 horsepower range are, 

90-120 horsepower widely used in Punjab, AP, UP, Rajasthan and Haryana. They are suitable for crops Mustard, Maize, Wheat, Sugarcane etc . The tractors have expertise in the large field and construction sector. 

If you want to mow your yard and do some work with a front-end loader, a tractor with 25 to 35 horsepower suits your needs. And if you want to do small farm activities and need a versatile “jack of all trades” tract

or, 40-50 horsepower range is sufficient, providing manoeuvrability and is relatively affordable. If you want to do heavy work and need more power for serious field cultivation operation, a large tractor with 75 horsepower or more is the best option for you. We can say that you don’t always need the biggest tractor in the lineup. Depending on your needs, you might be happier and satisfied with smaller tractors. 

These are brief information about horsepower. We hope that after reading this blog you must have got answers to all your questions and the essential information of horsepower for tractor. For latest updates related to agriculture, stay tuned with Tractor Junction

Questions & Answers

Question 1. How much horsepower does a tractor have?

Answer: In the tractor market many types of tractors are available which have different horsepower, ranging from 15 hp – 120 hp.

Question 2. How is engine horsepower calculated?

Answer: Hp = Torque x RPM ÷ 5252
Where RPM – engine speed
& 5252 – radians per second.

Question 3. Why is it called horsepower?

Answer: James Watt found a mathematical method to match horses to engine power, why it is called horsepower.

Question 4. Can a 55 hp tractor used as a loader ?

Answer: Yes, a 55 hp tractor can be used as a loader.