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What is Tractor PTO ? Tractor PTO Types and Uses

What is Tractor PTO ? Tractor PTO Types and Uses

Tractor PTO is Power Take Off. It gives energy to the attached implement with a tractor. A tractor is a multitasker used for various types of work in agriculture. It mainly used for pulling implements, to do this particular work PTO tractor is required. With this, Tractor PTO works various other activities that are moving equipment for pumping water, rotavator, spraying, threshing, and others.

What is a PTO?

PTO is almost on the rear side in India and other developed countries it is on the front side for the front tractor attachments.

Do you Know, Who is the Inventor of PTO?

PTO (Power Take Off) first presented in 1918 by the International Harvester Company (IHC) with its 8-16 model. It is the first brand that started supplying tractors with PTO. Edward A. Johnston (IHC engineer) came with the idea of Tractor PTO. He was inspired by the homemade PTO in France earlier. Edward A. Johnston and his colleagues integrated the concept of Tractor PTO into the 8-16. With this, they devised a farm implements family for properly checking the feature.

For an extended period, IHC was not alone with this feature in the market. In a year, PTO is commonly seen in other brands of tractors too. After two years in 1920, IHC presented their 25-30 tractor with PTO Tractor to tested for a Nebraska tractor test.

How Tractor PTO Works?

PTO invented to generate engine power that transfers to implements and converts it into engine rotation to hydraulic. With the use of fluids in energy, that mechanism is called hydraulic. It comes with a benefit that can quickly move large implements with less power. In short, we can say that tractor PTO works superbly in tractors.

Types of PTO Activation Methods are;

  1. Switch Type
  2. Lever Type

What is Tractor PTO Shaft?

PTO shaft used to supply mechanical energy between agricultural tractors and implements. That energy which changes the energy of the engine to hydraulic pressure is called PTO shaft. PTO Shaft needs a daily check, they used for pulling heavy loads, and its deprivation can defect the PTO. PTO shaft is too heavy, use properly.

Tractor PTO Types in India

Following we are showing Tractor PTO shaft types. Have a look!

  • Transmission PTO Shaft –

Transmission PTO is the oldest and the simplest PTO shaft type. This type of PTO directly connects to the transmission. It engage pto on tractor, and when you press the clutch, you can not drive the PTO.

  • Two-stage Clutch (Live) –

This type of shaft comes with two stages of transmission clutch. If you depress the clutch halfway in that case, the first stage permits you to use a PTO shaft. And the second stage allows you to command the PTO’s association. In short, this disconnects the protonation of the transmission and PTO operation.

  • Independent PTO –

Independent PTO shaft is perfect for tractors. It equipped with its clutch, and this controlled distinctly from the tractor’s transmission. The Independent PTO has two types: first is mechanical and second is hydraulic.

  • Economy PTO –

It permits the tractor to run on the lower rpm, which is 540 rpm. This helps to save fuel, decrease vibration, and lessen noise. It is best for many implements that include baling, mowing, and tilling.

  • Reverse PTO –

Reverse PTO in tractor used to turn the tractor in the reverse direction using the button. It used when farm equipment gets stuck, performing farm activities.

What is Power Take Off ( PTO ) used for?

It is mechanical gearboxes that connect to apertures provided on tractors and used to carry the energy of the tractor engine to additional components, mainly in hydraulic pumps. The pump generates the hydraulic flow that directs to hydraulic motors and cylinders to perform work. In some applications, PTO supplies power in the form of a rotating pump.

In 1958, the average PTO speed was 536 rpm. And now, Tractor PTO rpm changed to 540 rpm and extra speed attached to the normal which is 1000 rpm. In this shaft comes 6 splines and with 1000 rpm shaft it has 21 splines. If tractors can run on both the PTO shaft that is called Dual PTO.

These are all about PTO In tractors. I hope you get all the information regarding this topic. If you are seeking more about the tractor and other farm machinery, in that case, you have to visit TractorJunction where you get all the updated information regarding agriculture equipment.