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Why Tractor Rear Wheels are Bigger – Reasons & Benefits

Why Tractor Rear Wheels are Bigger - Reason & Benefits

Hey farmers, we have back again with a new and important topic, and that is tractor rear wheels. This topic is very common and important between the farmers. If you are curious to know about tractor wheels then stay tuned to the blog.

Most tractors are available at 2wd drive. In 2wd the front wheels are small and the rear wheels are bigger. The front wheels are suitable for steering. Both wheels are very important for the tractor but have you ever tried to think why the front wheels are smaller?

If yes, then this blog is just made for you. In this blog, you get relevant information about the tractor rear wheels of a tractor. So, let’s start without delay.

What is Tractor Rear Wheels

First, we started with the introduction of tractor rear wheels. The tractor wheels are the ring-shaped material that comes in different sizes and shapes. It transfers the load from the axle to the ground, and it also provides traction on the surface.

In 1892, the first petrol-powered tractor invented by the American John Froelich. It consists of steel wheels with metal lugs, that provide good traction in loose soil.

The tractor wheels are available in different sizes in the market. These different tractor tyres are suitable for various purposes.

Why Tractor Rear Wheels are Bigger

Following are the different sizes of front and rear wheels:-

Front wheels size

  • 6.0 X 16
  • 6.50 X 16
  • 7.50 X 16

Rear wheels size

  • 12.4 X 28
  • 13.6 X 28
  • 14.9 X 28

Tractor Wheels Features

Tractor wheels have many special features that avoid slippage and provide high grip. In the below segment, we are showing some major benefits/features of tractor wheels.

  • The wheels have a long life, extraordinary stability, and a confident grip.
  • Most wheels made with rubber material.
  • The tyres are puncture-resistant to avoid the puncture barrier.
  • They have approx 770 diameters and 183 widths for comfortable working.
  • The wheels have approx eight-ply ratings.
  • Most tractor wheels come in an approx 16-inch size.

Why Front Wheel of Tractor is Small

Tractors do a lot of jobs in the working field. Various sizes and shapes tractor try to make the right contact with the surface. A farm vehicle can easily push and pull heavy loads. The tyres also play an important role in the driving experience. The front small and big rear tyres avoid the tractor from sinking.

The tractor manufacturer makes the rear tyre bigger to balance power and weight. Rear wheels also offer stability to the tractor. In the below section, we are showing some reasons why tractor wheels are unequal in size. Have a look.

  • Grip of Traction

Most of the time tractors are working in muddy and bumpy fields. If you have ever seen a car, you must have noticed that cars slip on the soil surface and sometimes get stuck. The bigger tyres avoid slipping in the mud surface. The larger tyre fitted in the tractor has much better grip pads that can bite into the ground. The large surface area that distributes weight more evenly indicates the traction is a lot better. Also, the tractor is pulling things, the weight behind it pushes the rear wheels down, increasing their grip by providing less slippage and more contact.

  • Steering

The front-rear wheels have a better turning radius that means the tractor takes easier turns to sharp corners. During the Sowing, Ploughing, and harvesting, it is very important to cover most areas of the fields. The small and lightweight is beneficial for easy control. That is why tractor rear wheels are big.

  • Visibility

The next reason is that small front wheels provide a better view in the forward direction. With smaller front wheels, the driver can see the front view, and it is much easier to see everything when the tyres are not in your way. Due to the bigger rear wheels, the driver seat set at a higher position that provides good visibility and corners of the field ploughs. It makes farming work easy and productive. That is why tractor wheels are big.

  • Cost

As we know, large tyres come at a higher price, and the small tyres price is low. So, the replacement of small tyres is easy and cheaper. Due to the thicker size of rear wheels, they don’t need to be replaced as often as front ones. That is why tractors have big wheels.

  • Weight Distribution

The heavy rear wheels provide a proper weight distribution while the tractor pulls any weight. That is why the tractor rear wheel is big. The driving axle settled higher above the ground indicates the tractor can pull more weight without the front wheel rising.

It works like a lever where the twice height means twice pulling force. The engine of a tractor is very heavy and powerful, located at the front of a tractor. So, the large wheels at the rear distribute the weight more evenly to counter a heavy front.

  • Soil Conservation

Mainly tractors are used to prepare the field before sowing seeds, and they also maintain healthy plants. A farmer needs to care for the soil as well as crops. The bigger rear tyres have a much larger surface area, the weight of the tractor is distributed across a large area, so the tyres do not compress the soil quality as much, which is why the rear wheels of the tractor are bigger.

Top 7 Tractor Tyres Companies in India

In the tyres market, many different tyre companies are available. In the below section, we are showing the top 10 tractor tyre companies in India. The following are the popular tractor tyre companies in India.

  • MRF Ltd
  • Apollo Tyres Ltd
  • JK Tyre & Industries Ltd
  • CEAT Ltd
  • Balkrishna Industries Ltd
  • TVS Srichakra Ltd
  • Goodyear India Ltd

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These are all about tractor rear tyres. We hope you liked this blog. For more updates, stay tuned with TractorJunction.

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