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Row Crop Tractor Uses and Benefits in Indian Agriculture

In this blog, you get all the relevant information on Row Crop Tractor for effective farming. It is a topic that is common for some farmers and new for many farmers in India. Who are curious to know about more you have to be with us till the end of this content. Let’s start the blog.

In the tractor market, various types of tractors are available, which provide the best working experience. Row crop tractor is one of them.

What is Row Crop Tractor

Row Crop tractor is perfect for large area farmers. It replaces animal power and helps to accomplish human demand. This machine can easily push and pull heavy implements. It can perform different farming operations like weed control, plowing, harrowing, etc. A Row crop machine’s main function is to grow crops in a row and cultivate these crops. It can effectively and efficiently work on any weather condition. By weeding control, it helps in the proper growth of crops.

Row crop tractors are specifically used for growing row crops, for example, sunflower, potato, canola, dry bean, field pea, flax, safflower, etc. These machines are durable, they can effectively accomplish farming demands such as plowing, leveling, harvesting, harrowing, etc.

Do you Know Which are Row Crops?

Types of Row Crops - Row Crop Tractor Uses and Benefits

These types of crops are grown on irrigated land in a row. When it is growing, the inter row dug at least two or four times, and after that, weeds sowed in those rows. It preserves moisture and boosts oxygen. The most popular Row Crops of India are;

  • Grains – corn, millet, buckwheat, beans, etc.
  • Vegetables – tomatoes, beets, carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, etc.
  • Commercial Crops – sunflowers, cotton, tobacco, sugar beets, etc.
  • Forage Crops – root crops, potatoes, feed cabbage, etc.

Role of Row Crop Tractor in Agriculture

These types of tractors suitable for the inter cultivation operations of crops sown in rows. The inter cultivation can take place anytime from crop germination to harvest. According to the seasons, various rounds of cultivation accomplished by these machines.

A row crop tractor brings together a farm tractor and its cultivator into one machine. This tractor is mainly known for its comfort because it provides a cabin which protects the operator from dust and dirt.

Row crop farm vehicles are good all-rounder machines that perform any farming task efficiently. Apart from this, it can also use thrashers and water pumps. For large areas, it is a grant for farmers. These machines are universal, they are capable of both primary tillage and cultivation of a crop. With innovative features, it can effectively accomplish the tillage and cultivate operations.

Benefits of Row Crop Tractor

Have a look on the benefits of row crop tractors that provide effective work on the field.

  • It has greater ground clearance.
  • The machine has good row spacing.
  • It has nice steering moves and can take good shorter turns.
  • The detachment and attachment of implements are quick and easy actions for these farm vehicles.
  • It provides a power lift.

Which state is known for Row Crop Production In India?

Arkansas is the state that used row crop production on a large scale, and it is a state in the United States in the south central region. It provides many agronomic crops that include soybeans, cotton, corn, grain sorghum, and wheat. It produces commercial crops too that include ornamental, fruit, turfgrass crops, and vegetables.

Best Companies of Row Crop Tractors

Check out below the best companies known for producing row crop tractors.

  1. John Deere Tractor
  2. Massey Ferguson Tractor
  3. New Holland Tractor

Row Crop Tractor Uses

Following we are showing uses of row crop tractors for your comfort.

  • Row crop tractor is used for weed control, plowing, and harrowing.
  • With attachments, it improves its output – plowing machine, spraying machine, etc.
  • Row crop tractors cultivate Row Crops such as corn, sugar beets, beans, potatoes, onions, etc.

These are all about row crop tractors with uses, benefits, and role in the agriculture field. We hope you enjoyed this blog and also delighted with it.

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