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Top 6 Crop Protection Equipment in India – Types & Uses

Top 6 Crop Protection Equipment in India

Crop protection farm machinery is used to protect crops and reduce pests, diseases and other harmful things. Also, it ensures a high and healthier yield of crops. Generally, many crop protection equipment also falls under the category named landscaping. 

Now the question is what is crop protection? So, crop protection is the practice of reducing plant diseases, pests and weeds that damage the forestry and crops. These crop protection Implements are helpful for the better growth of crops, fruits, vegetable crops and others. Also, it helps to reduce the chances of crop loss by insects, rodents, bacteria, birds, etc. So, are you doing crop protection tasks manually? Then, look at the following listed 6 popular crop protection Implements, which make the operation easy and quick. 

6 Popular Crop Protection Equipment 

In the below section, we are with 6 popular crop protection machinery, making farming more productive. So, let’s have a look at them. 

1. Shaktiman Mobile Shredder/ Fodder Harvester 

Shaktiman Mobile Shredder

Shaktiman Mobile Shredder / Fodder Harvester is tractor mounted agricultural equipment for cutting and shredding crop residues to clear the field from weeds and residues for the next crop. The Implement is suitable for various crops, including cotton, chilli, castor, maize, etc. Also, it clears the field from several pests and diseases. This crop protection machine has 2540 mm or 100-inch length. Moreover, Its weight is 600 Kg or 1323 lbs. This quality product helps farmers to make farming efficient. Along with this, the price of this crop protection machinery is economical.

2. John Deere Flail Mower – SM5130 

John Deere Flail Mower - SM5130

Flail Mower is a crop protection implement used in Orchards and vineyards for residue management. It chops up the remaining residues into small pieces and leaves them in the field for easy decomposition near the root zone. Primarily, this Implement is used for high-value crops, including Grapes, Apples, pomegranates, Chiku and Oranges. And the John Deere Flail Mower – SM5130 is an efficient Implement to protect crops, which needs only a 20 – 40 HP powered tractor to work. 

Moreover, SM5130 is the variant of this Implement with many advanced features. This Implement is 1300 mm in length, 1068 mm in width and 951 mm in height. In addition, this crop protection equipment comes in a suitable price range.   

3. Shaktiman Flail Mower

Shaktiman Flail Mower

Shaktiman Flail Mower is the best crop protection equipment since it provides a clean field by removing insects, pests and last harvested crop residues. Moreover, this Implement has 9 models, including SFM85, SFM100, SFM115, SFM130, etc. These crop protection tools have a cat – I & II 3-Point hitch system. Also, they have 20 – 56 No. of blades and 10 – 28 No. of hammers. And these models are run by tractors ranging from 30 to 60 HP. Moreover, these crop protection implement are available at an suitable price range.

4. Shaktiman Rakshak 400

Shaktiman Rakshak 400

Shaktiman Rakshak 400 is a sprayer which comes under the crop protection category. This Implement is manufactured for spraying pesticides, herbicides and liquid fertilizers over the crop. This crop protection Implement can work with a 40 HP powered tractor. Also, it is attached to a tractor by a 3-Point linkage. The Rakshak 400 has 230 kg of machine weight with a chemical tank of 400 litres. This crop protection machine has 24 nozzles with a distance of 50 cm, covering a large area in a single pass. Also, the company sets this Implement price fair for the farmers. 

5. Shaktiman Grooming Mower


A grooming mower is the crop landscaping equipment used on turfgrass, including gardens, lawns or athletic fields. This equipment has sharp blades to give a sharp cut to tender turf grass. In contrast, it is used for cutting down the pasture and brush to make the field clean and ready for farming. The Shaktiman Grooming Mower has 4 models,  SGM 48,  SGM 60,  SGM 72 and  SGM 84. 

These crop protection Implements have an overall weight of 203 to 300 Kg. Also, the cutting width of these crop protection farm Implements is from 1220 mm to 2130 mm. And these crop protection farm Implements are attached to a tractor by CAT-I (ISO 730 Standard) 3-Point Hitch system. Moreover, the price of these models is pretty fair in the market. 

6. Shaktiman Self Propelled Platform

Shaktiman Self Propelled Platform

Traditionally, the farmers climbed the trees by themselves for plucking fruits, pruning, spraying, lopping, etc., which was risky and time-consuming. Also, only skilled farmers were able to do these operations. That’s why Shaktiman developed a self-propelled platform for the farmers keeping this concern in mind. This platform provides a safe and easy reach to the processes, including fruit picking, lopping, spraying heightened trees, etc. 

The weight of this Implement is 1900 Kg, and it can lift the farmer to 8000 mm in height. In addition, this crop protection implement platform has dimensions 510 X 510 X 950 mm, keeping farmers safe and comfortable. Also, the platform can lift 145 Kg of weight so that a farmer can carry other equipment along with him. 

Mentioned Points in Infographic

  • The Infographic shows all about the top 6 Crop Protection Equipment in India. 
  • Equipment weight and power are mentioned in the Infographic. 
  • The 6 popular Crop Protection Equipment consists of Shaktiman Mobile Shredder / Fodder Harvester, John Deere Flail Mower – SM5130, Shaktiman Rakshak 400, Shaktiman Self Propelled Platform, etc.

Top 6 Crop Protection Equipment Infographic


Crop protection is one of the vital operations for making farming more productive. Unfortunately, the crop can be harmed by several things, including pests, diseases, crop residues, weeds, etc. That’s why we should practice crop protection operations to make fields clear from harmful things. 

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