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Tractor Maintenance Guide – Tips to Maintain Your Tractor!

Tractor Maintenance Guide - Tips to Maintain Your Tractor

Farmer’s life is linked with agriculture, and nowadays farming can’t be possible without a tractor. A tractor is an essential machine for farming. And, it takes a huge investment to buy a tractor as tractors are getting advanced progressively. Some farmers can’t afford a tractor and those who have it, want their tractors to last a long time. This will only happen with proper maintenance of the tractor. And now a question arises: how to maintain Tractor?  We come here with a tractor maintenance guide to answer your question. 

First of all, you have to read your tractor manual which is provided with the tractor. In that manual, you can get all the detailed tractor inspection and maintenance tips. This will guide and help to maintain your tractor.

Tractor Maintenance Guide For Farmers: 

TractorJunction cares for you as you care for your tractor. We are here showing a tractor maintenance checklist that will help you to long last your tractor. Check out below for tractor maintenance tips.

Daily Tractor Maintenance Tips for The Farmers 

Daily Tractor Maintenance Tips for The Farmers  
To make your tractor life long-lasting, you should follow the below Daily Tractor Maintenance tasks. Check out the daily maintenance checklist for your tractor.

  • Check the oil-level

You should check your tractor oil level on a daily basis, without oil, the machine can’t be run. After cooling down the tractor’s engine, you should check the oil level in your tractor. If it is below the recommended mark, refiling is important.

  • Check the water level

The next step is to check the water level in your tractor. If the Water level doesn’t have a recommended mark, you should refill it on time. Checking water level comes under the main tractor maintenance tasks that should be followed.  

  • Clean the air-cleaner 

In Maintenance of Tractor, the next step in daily maintenance tips is the air cleaner. Air filter work is to stop polluting fuel to destroy your tractor. It is suggested that you have to daily clean the tractor’s air cleaner and refill it with dirt-free oil.

  • Check for damage

After checking the air filter, now you have to check the leakage and damages of other parts of your tractor. That parts include pins, nuts, and test bolts in these parts regular tightening is necessary. Dings are the part that rubs against the tyres and provides prover work to implement. With this, you have to check ROPS, and damages of accessory blades. 

  • Check the fuel filter

Now the turn is to check the fuel filter. The fuel filter and air filter are almost the same in terms of maintenance. Most tractors come with a water separator in the fuel filter. This separator saves your tractor’s engine from harm. You should maintain a fuel filter regularly and appropriately. 

  • Check for leakage 

Next and the most important point that comes belowTractor Daily Inspection Checklist is checking of leakages. You have to check the leakages of your tractor. If you found any leakage in any part of your tractor, you should repair that part.

Weekly Tractor Maintenance Tips for The Farmers 

Weekly Tractor Maintenance Tips for The Farmers
Check out the weekly tractor maintenance schedule for your tractor.

  • Tractor’s Fuel Tank 

Filling fuel tanks is the main process in the maintenance of a tractor. You should timely check and refill fuel in your tractor. Your body needs food the same, your tractor doesn’t work without fuel. Fueling your tractor is an important part.

  • Air pressure of tyres

For tractor safety & maintenance, it is important to check air pressure weekly. It will give you an idea if your tractor tyres need air or not. Tractor tyres should be maintained properly as those tyres which come from that company are more powerful and untamable compared to the others. 

  • Clean the belts

The tractor’s hydraulic pump, alternator, coolant pump, and other accessories are dependent on belts. It transfers mechanical power to the engine for smoothly working. These accessories can’t do their proper jobs without a proper belt. 

  • Oil filter

Oil filter protects the tractor engine from the dirty oil. Dirty oil can damage your engine. Weekly checking of oil filters is necessary. 

  • The water level of the battery

The next point that comes under the weekly tractor maintenance guide is to check the water level of the battery. The water level of the battery should be checked weekly to maintain your tractor, and if you found the water level below the required limit, you have to refill it with distilled water. 

  • Gearboxes 

Gearboxes play an important role in tractors. Without gears, you can’t perform proper work on the field. You should check your tractor’s gearboxes on a weekly basis for smooth work. 

  • Grease 

Tractors part required regular greasing and regular greasing can protect your tractor’s parts from rust and damages. Proper greasing can provide your tractor to move smoothly on the field. Proper greasing of your tractor is the super important point in your weekly tractor maintenance guide.  

Annual Tractor Maintenance Tips for The Farmers

Annual Tractor Maintenance Tips for The FarmersNow we are showing an annual Maintenance Checklist For Tractors that are as below. 

  • Diesel filter

You should check the diesel filter on time to provide long life to your tractor. Porper diesel filters make your tractor more productive and fuel-efficient. Checking diesel filters comes under the maintenance and tractor safety checklist too. 

  • Change hydraulic lines

Changing hydraulic lines is important in maintenance checklists for tractors. It is necessary to replace hydraulic lines on time. Take your horse with you at the time going to purchase a new hydraulic line for reference. It will make it easy to bring a proper hydraulic line for your tractor. 

  • Entire oil tank

Checking the entire oil tank is a healthy step for your tractor. It will protect your tractor’s parts from damages and breakdowns, mainly to your engine. The engine is the heart of the tractor and properly taking care of the engine is necessary. 

  • Hydraulic system

Nowadays, technology is getting advanced with those advancements tractors are getting advanced too. The company provides tractors with built-in hydraulic systems to run attachments and implements. It has a filter for proper work, and most of the time, a filter gets clogged that can make your hydraulic system slow down. That’s why it is important to replace hydraulic systems on time. 

  • Combined Systems

The combined system may need regular maintenance for the proper work of the tractor. It provides high performance on the field, and it is an essential part of tractor maintenance inspection checklists. 

These are full detailed tractor maintenance guides that will help you out in increasing your tractor life. Every farmer who has a tractor should follow these tips that will help you to increase yield, performance, and make your tractor fuel-efficient. I hope you like this blog for more informational blogs, stay tuned with TractorJunction.

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