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Tractor Safety Tips – ‘Savdhani Hati, Durghatna Ghati’

tractor safety tips

 Safety starts with “S”, begins with “You”.

Tractor plays an important role in every farmer’s life. Farmers used tractor as their companion. A tractor is designed for agriculture work. All the safety is always in your hand. If you use it properly or with safety then it proves very useful but if you made any carelessness then you have to pay for it. So always keep in mind that ‘Savdhani Hati, Durghatna Ghati’. 

Following are some tractor safety tips

Not Challenger, Be Companion 

This is the initial stage of safety. Firstly you have to find out which tractor suits you and best for your work. Then after buying it, you have to full detailed knowledge about your tractor and you should also know how to use it. If you don’t know how to use a tractor then stay away from it. First, you have to know how to used tractor then operate it in the field. Always stay children away from it because it is not a toy to play.

used tractor


No Extra Driver

Always take this in mind that one seat is for one driver no extra rider should be allowed in it. From that hazardous thing might happen and that creates a chance to get injured.

Dress Properly

While driving a tractor or doing agriculture work with a tractor, you should always be in proper dress. Here proper dress refers to a fitted dress. 

Timely maintenance is must 

Timely Maintenance is best for your tractor it helps your tractor to run last long in the field. Daily maintenance of tractor is the key to safety. Make this point a routine of your life.

Rollover Protection System (ROPS)

Rollover Protection System (ROPS) is a system is planned in the tractors to protect tractors from the overturn and or rollovers. ROPS provides safety from overturns and gives a safety frame to the driver. 

Follow operator manual

It’s a prime thing in safety. If you have to be in safe hands then follow operator manual because in that manual you get all description of the tractor and get detailed information about how to use Tractor. 

Follow safety rules

Not only tractor it’s about any vehicle. Following safety rules is the mandatory thing you have to do while driving tractors or any other vehicle. Some tractor rules you should follow while driving tractors.

  • Wear a well-fitted dress or dress which is comfortable. 
  • While driving a tractor without a cabin you should wear hearing protection. 
  • Wear a seat belt while driving.
  • For proper control over tractor while driving you should have to adjust the seat according to your need. That provides effective and comfortable work.
  • Stay children away from the tractor.
  • No extra people  

Tractor Safety Tips

Installed safety equipment 

You should always keep safety equipment in your tractor for contingencies. You should Installed safety equipment like fire extinguishers, flares, first aid kit and a tool kit.

Take Precautions regarding slippage

You should take precautions regarding slippage for that you have to take care of your tractor tire. If you do not properly maintain your tractor tire then it will become worn and will take you to some serious condition. 

PTO Guard should be in their place

You should make a rule to check PTO guard daily. That makes you ‘Do Kadam Aage’ from the uncertain tragedies. 


Speed limit

Normal speed meets every need’ always put this thing in your mind while driving tractors. Because it’s a myth that speed makes work efficient. You always drive a tractor at normal speed because ‘Speed thrills but kills’

Careful from hurdles 

You should have to careful from hurdles. Before using a tractor at your workplace you have to make sure or inspect that place that it is an obstacle-free or not. Here obstacle refers to holes or ditches hidden underwater. 

Weather condition

Cut your speed limit while rainy weather and if it’s thunderstorm then don’t use a tractor. In icy condition, you have to be more careful while driving a tractor. 

Don’t Overload 

Never overload your tractor because overload leads rollover. If you overload your tractor then you might be face serious rollover or tragedy.  

Road Traffic Safety

Tractors are not made for public roads. And if you are driving tractors on a public road then you should follow these tips; 

  • Follow local regulations or traffic rules.
  • Speed limit while driving on Roads.
  • Don’t overload your tractor.
  • Never use attachment while driving a tractor on public roads.
  • Maintain distance with other vehicles while stopping.
  • Your hands should be on wheels and your eyes on roads.


Some other points 

  1. Keep the tractor in gear while going downhill
  2. Reduce speed while using a loader
  3. Reduce speed while turning
  4. Turning off the engine and/or power take-off when not in use
  5. Proper hitching of implements
  6. Fuel storage and refueling practices
  7. Pay attention especially while you are starting or stopping a tractor

Conclusion; what is meant to happen, will happen. But safety is in your hands. So, while using tractor keep these points in your mind. And always remember- ‘Suraksha Jivan ka arth hai, Suraksha bina jivan vayrath hai’.

So, these are some tips for Tractor Safety. I hope you like this post and for more information stay tuned with TractorJunction.

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