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Checklist For Buying Second Hand Tractor – Used Tractor Buying Guide!

Checklist For Buying Second Hand Tractor - Used tractor buying guide!

Do you want to buy a Second Hand tractor?

Second Hand tractor is the best example of ‘killing two birds with one stone’. Because by Second Hand tractor Farmers have slightly relief from the heavy expense burden of a new tractor and get all the features which they wanted in there tractor. For farming tractor is essential and approx. 80% of India is dependent on agriculture and from that half of the farmers can’t afford a new tractor so they choose to buy Second Hand tractor.

Buying a second hand tractor is not an easy task. So, for reducing your burden we are here. Before buying an old tractor you should have to take some points in your mind. We have made a checklist from that you can now easily upgrade your partner.

Checklist For Buying Second Hand Tractor Used tractor buying guide

Following are the Points to be considered what to look for when buying a used tractor;

Checklist For Buying Used Tractor

#1. Which kind of tractor do you want?

Firstly, you have to find out which type of tractor do you want, like if you want a mini tractor, Utility tractor, row crop tractor, 4WD tractor, AC cabin tractor or any other type.

After finding out the type of tractor now you have to search for the Second Hand tractor. Visit TractorJunction, select tractor here which you wanted to buy.

#2. Are the Documents proper?

After Selecting tractor, documents are the prime thing you should check if the documents of the tractor are proper or not. For that, you have to know the tractor’s owner name and their background. Check whether the tractor is using in farming-related work or commercial related work this thing also plays an important role.

You have to check service book, warranty details, chassis number and number plate.

Before buying Second-Hand tractor you should be done HPI check for an outstanding loan on a tractor.

#3. Check the Exterior of tractor

Now you have to examine the exterior of the tractor. Check the condition of tractor its matters a lot because if you buy a Second-Hand tractor then you don’t want your tractor looks like too aged.
Check tires condition i.e. it is original or not, whether it is proper or damaged.

Driver’s seat also plays an important role because all the work is done sitting on the driver’s seat if it is in good condition then the driver feels relaxed and working hours on the field increases and also check proper is hydraulics is in fine condition or not.

Check the body of the tractor, if a tractor is rusted then the tractor has a short age. Check rim damage, the same type of tires are used in a tractor or not, the cabin of a tractor is fully ventilated or not, tool kit are present or not, and mirror condition.

Super important thing is check tires worn if tires are worn then think before buying this tractor.

#4. Interior

Check engine leakage, steering lock, the clutch is in the proper condition or not, tractor is enough greased or not and battery of a tractor is properly maintained or not.

Check how many numbers of hours for tractor used. Also, indicator plays a key role in every type of vehicle so check properly indicator/headlights is working properly or not.

Go on a test drive, then check while starting tractor which type of noise it makes and the tractor is smooth in driving or not. Check gearboxes of a tractor is working properly or not.

In short, check if everything is working properly or not.

#5. Is tractor Productive or Not?

Productivity is a key point because the tractor is made for the field works if the primary work is not done by the tractor then what is the need for a tractor. In farmers lives productivity is the main thing so check before buying to the previous owner that the tractor is doing well in fields or not.

Fuel Consumption also an essential thing in every farmer lives or in those lives who have a tractor. So, check before buying the mileage of a tractor.

Other important things to check

  • This tractor needs repeated repairs or not.
  • This tractor has a rusted body or not.
  • Parts of this tractor are original or not. Take proof of that.
  • This tractor regularly serviced or not.
  • All parts of the tractor are present or not.
  • Fuel consumption of the tractor

Now Decide

You have all right to know every single detail about the tractor which you are going to purchase. So after going through all checklist now, you have to decide whether this tractor matches your needs or not. If yes then purchase it if not then match your needs with another Second-Hand tractor. And make sure, invoice or any other documents clearly shows all the detailed about tractor i.e. warranty, chassis number and other necessary things.

Keep the entire above checklist in mind while buying a Second Hand tractor. I hope this checklist may help you to make the right decision. I think after reading this post you have got the answer of ‘when to buy a tractor?’

You may also download pdf of checklist for buying second hand tractor

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