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20 Most Subscribed Youtube Farming Influencers in India

20 Most Subscribed Youtube Farming Influencers in India

Want to Upgrade Your Farming Skills? If the answer is yes, then you should follow these 20 farm Youtubers who provide information and Jugad for farming techniques. In this modern era, new farming techniques and equipment are launched in the market to elevate farming in India. So these agriculture YouTubers come with answers to all your farm related queries like How to use the new implements? Which season is best for which crop? Different farming techniques, how to maximise profit?

These top 20 farm influencers are doing an excellent job for farmer’s society. Likewise, in 2015, the digital India programme was launched under the flagship of the government of India. The Digital India programme is a great initiative by Prime Minister Narendra Modi that encourages farmers, mainly young farmers, toward modern farming. And these YouTube videos are helping in the successful digital India mission. Hence, today’s farmers are independent and use advanced technology because of these agricultural YouTube influencers, which motivate them and solve all their farming problems.

So, let’s jump on to the list of top 20 Farm Youtube Influencers in India whom every farmer needs to follow.

Best 20 Indian Farming YouTube Channels

Let’s unveil the best 20 Agriculture Youtube Channels for Farmers. Have a look down below.

1. Farming Leader

Farming Leader

The farming leader is owned by Darshan Singh from Haryana. The YouTube channel is a farming leader and is most popular among farmers. He made videos on different agriculture topics like goat farming, organic farming, dairy farming, fish farming, poultry farming, agricultural types of machinery, mushroom farming and others. He joined YouTube on 7 Sept 2017, and till then, he won the hearts of Indian farmers with their videos.

  • Total Videos – 1453 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 5.32M
  • Views Till Now – 771,581,141 views

2. Pramod’s Life

Pramod's Life

Pramod’s Life is a YouTube channel run by a farmer Pramod Prajapati from Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh. He made farmer centric videos on his day to day activities in farming. Pramod also made videos on how to make agriculture more productive. The channel is quite popular among the farmers and has the highest number of videos among all the farm influencers. He started his YouTube journey on 8 Jan 2015. Till now, he has been winning Indian farmers’ hearts continuously.

  • Total Videos – 395 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 4.5M
  • Views Till Now – 1,914,825,280 views

3. Indian Farmer

Indian Farmer

Indian Farmers is run by Santosh Jadhav, who started the YouTube channel at the age of 26 on 11 Jun 2018. His YouTube channel was inspired by his friend, who thought the agriculture techniques he explained were easy and appealing. Indian Farmers channel comes with videos on new farming technologies, subsidies and upcoming government schemes. He entertainingly explained in his videos, and some of his videos cover fixing leaking pipes, ways to kill weeds and mechanical fixes.

Total Videos – 1322 Videos
Total Subscribers – 2.74M
Views Till Now – 789,844,407 views

4. Video Bhandar

Video Bhandar

Video Bhandar is the next channel for farmers. The Video Bhandar daily uploads on their YouTube channel related to tractor reviews, newly launched tractors and other details. The channel launched on 24 Aug 2010. Since then, Video Bhandar has been a faithful partner of every Indian farmer.

  • Total Videos – 9148 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 1.13M
  • Views Till Now – 375,707,329 views

5. Hello Kisaan

Hello Kisaan

Hello Kisaan is launched by Robin Tyagi from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. He joined YouTube on 4 Jun 2010 as a farm YouTube influencer. You can get videos on agriculture machinery, organic farming, poultry farming and many more. Hello Kisaan is a farmer centric page, and he asked farmers questions about technologies they are currently using etc. Robin also shows success stories of self made farmers on Hello Kisan to motivate other farmers.

  • Total Videos – 432 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 1.41M
  • Views Till Now – 96,374,469 views

6. RaviZone Farming Leader

RaviZone Farming Leader


RaviZone Farming Leader YouTube channel started on 22 Dec 2015 by Ravi Tyagi. He made videos on dairy farming, goat farming, organic farming, agriculture machinery, poultry farming, mushroom farming, pig farming and many more. Ravi also shares detailed and clear information on agriculture latest technologies and innovations. RaviZone Farming Leader is completely dedicated to Indian farmers.

  • Total Videos – 926 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 1.11M
  • Views Till Now – 80,405,918 views

7. Come to village

Come to village

Come to Village is a YouTube channel run by Ayyappan N. from Tamil Nadu, India. He made videos on organic farming, new farming tractors, tractor maintenance, how to free a tractor stuck in mud and many more. The channel started on 21 Feb 2017 and now he has become a most popular agricultural Influencer in that country.

  • Total Videos – 1099 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 1.83M
  • Views Till Now – 719,048,446 views

8. My Kisan Dost

My Kisan Dost

My Kisan Dost is the next best farm YouTube channel run by Yash Jaat. He has an aim to help Indian farmers in their farming. The channel makes videos on Tractor Information, Pig Farming, Goat Farming, Home Gardening, Organic Farming, Agriculture Machinery, Dairy Farming, Agriculture Technologies and many more. My Kisan Dost joined on 4 Dec 2015, intending to solve farmers’ agriculture problems.

  • Total Videos – 524 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 1.34M
  • Views Till Now – 96,374,469 views

9. Tractor Fans

Tractor Fans


Tractor Fans is one of the most popular YouTube channels among the top farm YouTube channels. The Tractor Fans joined Youtube on 18 Nov 2010, constantly whining about farmers’ hearts and quality content. The channel has videos on organic farming, how to use tractors, and others. This YouTube channel is purely dedicated to tractors that provide complete information about tractors to Indian farmers.

  • Total Videos – 2071 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 827K
  • Views Till Now – 96,374,469 views

10. Agritech Guruji

Agritech Guruji


Agritech Guruji is the fastest growing agricultural portal in India. The channel was launched on 8 March 2017. Since then, they have created innovative videos for farmers on different agricultural topics. The topic includes new tractor reviews, old tractor reviews, New jugaad used in farming, Jugaad Technology and others. The Agritech Guruji channel is launched by a farmer of Rajasthan itself to solve the problem of whole Indian farmers.

  • Total Videos – 567 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 790K
  • Views Till Now – 66,870,667 views

11. HR-PB Tractor

HR-PB Tractor

HR-PB Tractor is a YouTube channel run by Nishu Deshwal. He joined YouTube on 27 Sept 2015 and made videos on tractors. Nishu Deshwal shares entertaining videos on tractors and other vehicles. He also has a second channel with his name on which he shows videos on tractors and has huge subscribers on that page.

  • Total Videos – 798 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 720K
  • Views Till Now – 194,824,264 views

12. Innovative Farmer

Innovative Farmer

Innovative Farmer is a Youtube channel run by Vijay Gadari. He joined Youtube on 7 Jun 2016 with the slogan “Kisaan ki pragati, desh kee unnati”. His only dream is for farmers across the country to succeed using advanced technologies. On Innovative Farmer, he makes videos on the modern techniques of farming, dairy farming, hi-tech farming, floriculture, horticulture, and vegetable cultivation, as well as videos and information based on the stories of successful farmers.

  • Total Videos – 658 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 659K
  • Views Till Now – 61,833,234 views

13. Govind Kheti ki Pathsala

Govind Kheti ki Pathsala

Govind Patel initiated the Kheti ki Pathsala channel on 5 Jan 2018. Kheti ki Pathshala channel provides various types of information related to farming. Through this channel, you will be able to know in detail about new machines, pesticides and new dimensions of agriculture, as well as unique information about organic farming, fertilisers, and tonics in Hindi.

  • Total Videos – 754 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 510K
  • Views Till Now – 43,993,827 views

14. Adersh Kissan

Adersh Kissan

Adersh Kissan channel was launched by Narayan on 11 Aug 2017. He started his channel with the slogan “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan”. His only goal is how the farmer can get better production at less cost. It is his endeavour that the farmer can be made successful and self-reliant. In this direction, he is working and introducing success stories, organic farming, farm equipment and home methods for agriculture.

  • Total Videos – 252 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 677K
  • Views Till Now – 63,390,959 views

15. L Patel

L Patel

L Patel is a YouTube Channel started by Lakan Rajput on 8 Dec 2016. On this channel, you will get all the information related to farming. So that all Indian farmers can get more production at less cost, increase their income, and not harm themselves by any wrong information. If you want farming information, you must subscribe to this channel.

  • Total Videos – 357 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 635K
  • Views Till Now – 62,531,048 views

16.Tractor Junction

Tractor Junction

Tractor Junction YouTube channel is an agricultural centric channel joined on 22 Apr 2016. Here you can get each and every piece of information related to tractors, Implements and agriculture tools. Here, you can also get tractor comparison videos, how to service your tractor and other important information regarding farming. If you are a farmer, this YouTube channel will help you earn more profit with your farms.

  • Total Videos – 676 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 436K
  • Views Till Now – 50,484,309 views

17. Kisan Tractor Wale

kissan tractor

On the Kisan Tractor Wale channel, you will get the information that no one gives, like, Which farmer should buy which tractor? What to keep in mind while buying a tractor? At what rpm does the tractor run in which gear? And an old tractor transaction. Some such information will be helpful for farmers. Here you can also get detailed information about every tractor. The channel joined YouTube on 20 Nov 2014.

  • Total Videos – 392 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 434K
  • Views Till Now – 94,932,340 views

18. Indian Tractor

Indian Tractor

Indian Tractor YouTube channel started on 28 Jan 2014. They make Tractor Videos with complete details. Moreover, they also show antique tractor videos and tractor tournaments on their YouTube channel.

  • Total Videos – 2536 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 377K
  • Views Till Now – 73,704,415 views

19. Farmer Choice

Farmer Choice

The second farming Youtube channel on this list is Farmer Choice. It is the best YouTube channel for dairy farmers. Farmer Choice launched on 2 Jun 2017. Till they made videos and encouraged farmers to do productive farming, they mainly posted videos related to dairy farming, farming knowledge, machines used in dairy farming, machine unboxing for dairy farming and others.

  • Total Videos – 460 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 301K
  • Views Till Now – 45,664,636 views

20. Agril Career

Agril Career

Agril Career YouTube channel also made fantastic influencing videos on agriculture. They made videos on agriculture machinery, agrochemicals, dairy farming, organic farming, agriculture equipment, agriculture education, agriculture products and many more. Agril Career joined YouTube on 10 Jan 2018. Since then, they have been trying to empower Indian farmers through their videos.

  • Total Videos – 323 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 176K
  • Views Till Now – 24,641,914 views

Other 10 Farming YouTube Channels

Following are some more Youtube channels that won Indian farmer’s hearts with their farming videos. Check out.

YouTube Channel  Subscribers Total Likes  Total Videos Date of Joining 
Machinery GYAN 223K 29,368,747 views 285  5 Dec 2018
Krishi Media & Tec. 201K 38,856,951 views 721 4 Apr 2017
INDIA MOTOR CAR 251K 36,812,510 views 256 25 Mar 2020
Tractor Bangla 213K 70,722,977 views 524 23 Dec 2018
PRIME TRACTORS 346K 59,349,878 views 782 25 Jun 2010
KVB TRACTORS 152K 21,936,433 views 86 4 Dec 2016
Tractor Sports 382K 90,680,843 views 361 22 Sept 2016
Tractors Ki Duniya  318K 32,193,776 views 194 5 Oct 2018
Bogolu Nithish Reddy 45.4K 7,128,554 views 149 28 Mar 2020
India Tractor Tech 36K 11,033,229 views 217 16 Jul 2014

These are all about YouTube Channels for farming in India, where you can get information about agriculture. If you are a farmer interested in enhancing your farming skills and profit, then you need to subscribe to these YouTube channels. For more information, stay connected with Tractor Junction.

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