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10 Best YouTube Channels for Indian Farmers

10 Best YouTube Channels for Indian Farmers

Are You a Farmer? And are you searching for the best Farming YouTube Channel in India? This blog is perfectly written for the Indian farmers. Have a look at 10 Best YouTube Channels for Indian Farmers.

How is Youtube Related to Farmers in India?

YouTube, an online platform, plays a vital role in enhancing the farming status in India. With the help of YouTube, many educated farmers made their own distinct identity and were nicely placed and came out being a well-settled citizen. Now, YouTube is an evolutionary solution for farmers.

Let’s Talk about Youtube in India

In India, 500 million-plus people now connected with the internet, all thanks to India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani, he provides high speed internet at low prices. Along with this, the prime minister of India started the flagship program of Digital India to make urban and rural India empowered. 245 million Indians, including urban and rural, watch YouTube on their phones each month.

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Detailed information about the 10 Best YouTube Channels for Indian Farmers and viewed YouTube farming channel list.

10 Best Youtube Channels for Agriculture in India

S/N  Channels Subscribers
1. Farming Leader 3.67 M
2.  My kisan dost 1.09 M
3.  Hello Kisaan 1.04 M
4.  Technical Farming 773 K
5. Indian Farmer 749 K
6. Ravizone Farming Leader 603 K
7. Crops Information 338 K
8. India Farming Management 340 K
9. Tractor Junction 211 K
10. Kheti Ki Shaan 154 K

We provide you 10 Best Youtube Channel For Farmers detailed information according to this table:-

1. Farming Leader

Farming Leader

It is the no. 1 leading YouTube Channel in the agriculture sector in India. The Farming Leader continuously provides correct and accurate knowledge. They ruled the highest command in India’s field of agriculture. This most visited and viewed YouTube Channel is controlled and owned by Mr. Darshan Singh. It is the first YouTube Channel in India that has the most active viewers. Farming Leader leads online agricultural activity on YouTube with their subscribers.

  • Date of Joining – Sep 6, 2017
  • Videos – 690 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 3.67 Million
  • Total Views – 304,828,880 views

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2. My Kisan Dost

My kisan dost

This YouTube Channel comes in second place in the list of top 10 farming youtube channels in India. It has 1.09M subscribers on YouTube, Which brings it to second place. My Kisan Dost provides all the agricultural-related information. Mr. Yash Jat ran this YouTube Channel, and he is the owner of this channel. My Kisan Dost posted various agricultural videos. This channel has massive active users that make it the second-biggest Indian YouTube farming channel.

  • Date of Joining – Dec 4, 2015
  • Videos – 395 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 1.09 Million
  • Total Views – 73,555,304 views

3. Hello Kisaan

Hello Kisan

It is the most popular YouTube channel in the category of farming in India. Hello Kisaan continually provides all the informative agricultural videos. They made a happy family of large subscribers with its all excellent content. This channel comes under at 3rd place in the list of Top 10 farming youtube channels in India. Robin Tyagi and his team ruled this YouTube Channel. Hello Kisaan posted different agricultural-related videos. It is one of the most well-Known farming YouTube channels among the farmers of India.

  • Date of Joining – Jun 4, 2010
  • Videos – 335 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 1.04 Million
  • Total Views – 113,540,672 views

4.Technical Farming

Technical Farming

This is a widely visited YouTube Channel among the Indian farmers and other citizens. It is popular, it uploads videos regularly and gives all the essential knowledge to its viewers. Technical farming is the best online source for the illiterate farmers to get the proper knowledge about all the farming exercises and other related duties. It continually provides all the useful information from 2018. It published superb videos on their YouTube channel.

  • Date of Joining – Oct 2, 2018
  • Videos – 382 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 773K
  • Total Views – 39,012,341 views

5. Indian Farmer

Indian Farmer

This channel comes on no. Five on the list of Top 10 farming YouTube Channels in India. It provides all the excellent farming-related information which is available in Hindi. All the small and uneducated farmers can quickly get farming-related information with their YouTube videos. Indian Farmers upload their all educational videos regularly and don’t break the interest of users and viewers. It gives all the agricultural information for the betterment of farmers.

  • Date of Joining – Jun 11, 2018
  • Videos – 260 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 749K
  • Total Views – 44,952,199 views

6. Ravizone Farming Leader

Ravizone Farming Leader

It is one of the most progressive YouTube Channels in the category of farming. Ravizone Farming Leader is the best option for farmers to get all the agricultural knowledge directly from their smartphones. It provides agrarian knowledge in the Farmer’s native language and shows Hindi subtitles on their every video, all farmers can quickly get the required information.

This YouTube Channel allows farmers to get to know about every detailed information with their reference to the video.

  • Date of Joining – Dec 22, 2015
  • Videos – 537 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 603K
  • Total Views – 36,755,992 views

7. Crops Information

Crops Information

This YouTube Channel comes at no. 7 in the list of Top 10 farming YouTube Channels in India to its viewers and subscribers. It offers a massive collection of farming-related videos at free of cost. Through Crop Information – YouTube Channel, you can get all basic and advanced agricultural related information without spending a single penny. This channel is primarily in a cropping sector that provides all the details on every type of crop.

It allows you to get additional information on the various seasonal produce that are cultivated in India. Crops Information regularly uploads a farming-related video. Pargat Singh and their team ran this YouTube Channel. It provided information on farming.

  • Date of Joining – Nov 24, 2012
  • Videos – 525 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 338K
  • Total Views – 25,780,321 views

8. India Farming Management

India Farming Management

It is one of the most visited YouTube channels in the sector of farming. This channel comes under an 8th position in the list of 10 Best YouTube Channels for Indian Farmers. India Farming Management channel covers all the fundamental and advanced farming activities and presents them in front of India’s farmers in the most attractive way.

It provides regular video content related to farming. All the videos of this channel are available in high graphic resolution, and farmers can enjoy all videos directly from their smartphones. This channel continuously provides agricultural information from 2018, and it posted unique videos.

  • Date of Joining – Dec 23, 2018
  • Videos – 270 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 340K
  • Total Views – 24,423,938 views

9. Tractor Junction


Tractor Junction is a popular and well-known youtube channel in the sector of agriculture. It provides all the detailed information on the current farming and newly launched plans and schemes of farming. Tractor Junction continually published a farming related video for their active users. It is the best online stage for all Indian farmers that provide all correct and accurate knowledge, which is beneficial for farmers.

All the uploaded videos are available in high quality, and all videos are informative every Farmer can get all accurate knowledge.

  • Date of Joining – Apr 22, 2016
  • Videos – 271 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 211K
  • Total Views – 19,609,767 views

10. Kheti Ki Shaan

Kheti Ki Shaan

It is one of the famous farming YouTube Channels among Indian farmers. This channel always provides all the informative knowledge about agricultural activities. Kheti Ki Shaan posted all premium content. Kamal Jat and his team ran Kheti Ki Shaan YouTube Channel. It provides all the helpful farming-related information in our national language Hindi. This is beneficial for all small and illiterate farmers who only understand the Hindi language, and they get all the related information with the Kheti Ki Shaan YouTube channel.

  • Date of Joining – Aug 29, 2018
  • Videos – 248 Videos
  • Total Subscribers – 154K
  • Total Views – 9,008,640 views

This is all about 10 Best YouTube Channels for Indian Farmers to watch in India. We hope you like this post blog and get all the useful information through it. For further information, visit TractorJunction.com.