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How Does Tractor Junction Support In Building Rural Areas?

How Does Tractor Junction Support In Building Rural Areas?

Agriculture is known to be the primary source of earnings for the farmers or building rural areas. And the fact is rural people of our country are mainly dependent on agriculture. But the rural areas are not digitally developed and updated in comparison to urban areas. To reduce the gap between rural and urban areas, Tractor Junction works as a bridge. We deliver every essential knowledge to the farmers and work for the welfare of farmers. 

Moreover, Tractor Junction focuses more on upgrading our rural areas. Tractor Junction is a place which is providing new information related to agriculture which helps the farmer grow and makes them self-dependent. So, Start Your Journey Toward tractor junction to get updated about farm machinery.

Tractor Junction Provision: An introduction to the firm

Tractor Junction is an e-commerce marketplace for farmers. Our primary target is to make the farmers knowledgeable in the industry, which is getting modernised with the time. To stride with the continuous developing era, we are also providing technical support to the farmers with the Tractor Junction Mobile App, which is available in many languages. Through this app, farmers can get information about the upcoming and current beneficiary schemes and projects in the agriculture industry. Do you know What is the need of rural development in India? Rural development indicates a strategy for villager’s economic and social upliftment. Also, providing such helpful online platforms can improve their life in small towns because rural development helps enhance villagers’ livelihood and reduce poverty. 

1. Recognised Brands and Models 

We are helping farmers to get all the top tractor brands with advanced models such as Mahindra, Swaraj, Farmtrac and more. Moreover, here you can find more than 20 brands with a prominent place in the tractors market. Every tractor brand has a wide variety of tractors with robust features. 

2. Segment of Tractors

In this segment, we have availability of Mini tractors, Upcoming tractors, Popular tractors and many more. In which you can prefer a tractor according to your choice.   

  • New tractor 

In the New tractor section, farmers will get more than 500 tractor models. Also, you can get every brand of tractor at your desired price range. This segment is made to update you about all the new tractors on the market. Moreover, you can pick any tractor by filtering HP power, Price, and Brand at Tractor Junction.  

  • Used tractor

As you know, the used tractor market is unorganised, but here you get the solution of purchasing second-hand tractors at the best deal from certified dealers. For the farmer’s convenience, we are providing all the dealer details with the tractor’s excellent condition. Also, there is an opportunity for buyers to select State, District, Brands and others.  

And you can sell your used tractor at the best price with Tractor junction. And fill out the given form and upload some of your used tractor photos, and you are all set to sell your old tractor at the best price without any fraud. 

3. Comparing tractor Specification

comapre tractor

There are many tractors with similar specifications coming from different manufacturing houses. As a result, the farmer gets confused choosing the best tractor model for their farm. So, for farmer’s convenience, tractor junction came up with the section of compare tractors where you can compare tractor brands, models, price, features and many more effortlessly. 

4. Farming Implement segment

Tractor Implements segments

Implements are essential in the field as much as tractors. Because with the help of tractor implements, farmers can accomplish all the farming tasks easily. We offer more than 700 implements such as Rotavator, Plough, Tractor Mounted Sprayer and others with your desirable brands and categories at a reasonable price range. 

Other than that, Tractor Combine Harvesters are also available with many brands such as Ks Group Harvester, Dasmesh Harvester, Kartar Harvester and others. In this segment, you can choose a self-propelled or tractor-mounted harvester. 

5. Tyre segment

Tractor Tyre

Running tractors in paddy fields is always tricky, but we provide proper guidance on which tyre is suitable for your domains, paddy fields, roads and others. Also, with us, you get tractor tyres from all top brands at an economical price. 

6. Insurance availability on Tractors

A tractor is a high investing asset for the farmers, and you do not want any damage. So tractor insurance is essential for saving the vehicle from damage, theft or other harm. At Tractor Junction, getting your tractor insured is easy, handy, and simple steps. You have to follow a simple procedure, and you will have your vehicle insurance in front of you a few minutes after uploading your documents.

7. Exciting Offer for Users

We are giving you all the updates about Special Tractor Offers. Also, the latest offer is activated, which is on Eicher 330 Tractor. With these offers, you get a chance to win mega gifts.   

8. Latest News & Updates Segment

tractor news

Government always provides subsidies, schemes and others for farmers’ welfare. And for farmers, it’s impossible to be stuck with television or radio. That’s why at Tractor Junction, you get an updated NEWS section

Also, for building rural areas, there is a Category of Tractor News, Agriculture News, Sarkari Yojana News, Weather News, Agri-Business News and others. 

9. Product Review Videos on Youtube channel 

Ttractor junction youtube

Youtube is the most suitable place to learn anything and everything without any cost. And when the whole world is growing through youtube, why not our farmers. Tractor Junctions provides all content on their youtube channel, where the farmers can learn easily. For farmers, a youtube channel is an easy way of searching for any video content. So, for the farmer’s benefit and building rural areas, Tractor Junction uploads valuable content regarding farm machinery, reviews, news and others till today, Tractor Junction uploads 600+ videos which are helpful for farmers in making productive farming.   

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10. Regular Blogs on Farm Machinery 

Blogs are written content which is basically for deep knowledge of farming, tractor models and more. And by reading our blog, farmers can find solutions to every small and big problem, which will also increase their agricultural knowledge. 

Moreover, there is a quick slide-type feature known as Web Stories which is also helpful for farmers. 

11. Content Availability in Many Languages


Our motive is to reach every farmer living in every corner of our country and building rural areas. For that reason, we provide information in your native languages, such as Hindi, Telugu, Marathi and others. This is the basic development achievement if we can provide information in your own language.  

12. Additional Information 

We always stand to meet every need of the farmer brothers and are working hard to provide everything possible in building rural areas that can be useful for their development. 

  • Mandi Price 

Mandi Price is an advanced feature which gives you updates about the accurate price of mandi. It’s very easy to use for farmers, and in this feature, you fill your desired state and district to get updates on the mandi price.   

  • On road price 

As you know, Road Price changes state-wise due to many aspects, including Insurance Charges, State Government Taxes, RTO Charges, additional complements and many more. That’s why we are here to quickly provide you with an accurate on-road model price at Tractor Junction. 

  • Service Center

If farmers are exhausted from searching for a tractor repair centre near you, then no worries, we are here to help you. And you will get a tractor repair service centre near you with their complete contact details and address. At Tractor Junction, you easily get over 7000 tractor Service center in India. So mainly, it is easy to find a service centre at your nearby place. Also, you can search tractor service centers by brands near you. 

Tractor Junction’s purpose is to provide accurate knowledge to Indian farmers by making them digitally friendly and self dependable. In addition, the main objective is to enhance Indian farmers’ productivity through advanced farm machinery and building rural areas.

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