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Subsoiler Vs Ripper: Difference Between Tractor Subsoiler and Ripper

Difference Between Tractor Subsoiler and Ripper

Subsoiler and Ripper – what is the difference between them? Yes, it is a very tricky question as both are almost identical. Subsoilers should shatter the hard pan with little disturbance other than small cracks and slits. And Ripper aerates and loosens soil while leaving the organic matter at the soil top. So, both machines are used in farming operations, but when do we use them? We come here with a blog that clears the picture in your mind, Which one is best for farming Ripper or Subsoiler? So, be with us till the end of this blog. Have a look. 

Ripper is used for tillage, and tractor subsoilers are used for tillage and land preparation. Both implements perform almost the same work that confuses farmers. So below, you get all the technical details and other details that clear all your doubts. 

Complete Information About Subsoiler and Ripper

1. Tractor Subsoiler Equipment 


A subsoiler, also known as a flat lifter in many countries, is tractor mounted agriculture equipment. It is used for loosening, deep tillage, breaking up soil and land preparation at depths below the levels work by disc harrow, rototillers or moldboard ploughs. Normally, these implements break up soil up to 15–20 cm (5.9–7.9 in) depths whereas subsoilers loosen and break up soil twice to them. 

In short, in those areas where the problem of soil compaction exists, their subsoiler is used as a tillage tool to improve productivity. It has angled wings that shatter and lift the hardpan soils. The design is made to provide loosening soil and deep tillage. A tractor subsoiler can disrupt hardpan soil around 60 cm (24 in) depths.

Subsoiler for Tillage and Land Preparation

An agricultural subsoiler has 3 or more heavy standard vertical shanks mounted on a frame. They can be used at depths around 45–75 cm (18–30 in) or more. Subsoiling is a slow process and needs high power input of around 60 to 100 hp to pull a single subsoil through a complex soil. 

Tractor Subsoiler Types 

Following are the types of subsoiler that will help you the difference even more clearly. Check out. 

  • Tool Frame 
  • Legs
  • Straight legs
  • Curved legs
  • Slanted legs (Paraplow)
  • Points

Advantages of Subsoiler Farm Equipment

  • Removes Soil Compaction – If the soil of any area has higher compaction, the where subsoiler helps eliminate compaction by loosening the soil. 
  • Boots Soil Drainage – Subsoiler helps boost soil drainage by tilling. Loose soil can store or absorb more water than compact soil. 
  • Provide Development of Deeper RootsSoil compaction restricts root growth, so by loosening the soil, the subsoiler helps develop deeper roots. 
  • Enhanced Fertiliser Absorption – By subsoiler, the absorption of fertilisers increases as the loose soils quickly absorb completely without any wastage.
  • Higher Penetration of Soil – The subsoiler helps increase soil oxygen for better productivity. 
  • Improve Pasture Growth – Framers aerate and subsoiling their farm soil for better pasture growth. 

Popular Tractor Subsoilers in India

All the top brands in India are engage in manufacturing and supplying subsoilers. Some popular brands are Fieldking, Lemken, Universal, John Deere, Mahindra, landforce, Maschio Gaspardo and others which can be used in tillage and land preparation on the farms. Following are some of the best tractor subsoilers in India. 

What is the Price Range of Tractor Subsoiler?

Tractor subsoiler price range lies between Rs. 30000 to Rs. 99000 which is nominal for the Indian farmers.

2.  Ripper Tractor Implement 


Ripping is an ancient name through the Roman era, but it trends in the last decade. It is used in blasting, breaking up heavy rocks, and drilling. The ripping is not effective in all the cases but is a cost effective option for farmers. If it is used with optimum techniques, then it provides highly productive work. Firstly, it is manufactured to loosen the hardpan soil. Now, the ripper has evolve and become a valuable and powerful tool. Its capacity is enhance by the horsepower and weight of the tractor. Additionally, tractor mounted rippers widened the range of ripping as it brought additional weight to bear on the tooth of the ripper. 

Ripper for Land Prepration

Tractor Ripper is a high quality advance agricultural machine for loosening and aerating the soil. It is used when the organic matter is on the top of the soil leaves. Other than this, it can also cut weed roots below the soil surface. It can perform multiple operations like ripping, digging and tearing. A tractor ripper can run around 35–45 cm (14–18 in) deep. Its shanks are curve and come with replaceable tips. Every shank of an agricultural ripper has a replaceable foot or point, the same as a chisel plough. 

Advantages of Tractor Ripper in India

  • Minimum Noise levels – Ripper produced minimum noise levels while working on the farms. 
  • Minimum Maintenance – Agricultural ripper requires minimum maintenance, so it is perfect for those farmers who are constantly engaged in work. 
  • Separation of rock layers – Separating rock layers on the surface can be more precise.  
  • No daily lubrication required – In rippers, no daily lubrication is required as it is easy to use. 
  • Higher Productivity – Agriculture ripper equipment provides high productivity on the farms. 

Popular Tractor Rippers in India

The top brands provide a wide range of rippers in India for high performance and yield. Some top brands are Fieldking, and others, supply rippers for the tillage and other farm operations. Following are some of the leading tractor rippers in India. 

Fieldking Ripper – It is an equipment for tilling that comes with 55 – 110 HP implement power. This Fieldking reaper is cost effective and has 40/15.7″ working depth. 

What is the Price Range of Tractor Ripper?

Tractor Ripper price range starts from Rs. 40000 to Rs. 95000 which is pocket friendly.

Subsoiler Vs Ripper

Ripper and Subsoiler both are produce by leading brands and come with advance technology. These two perform almost the same operations. So, the question arises which one is best for farming subsoilers or rippers? Hence, below we are going to show a difference table that will surely clears your doubts. 

What is the Difference Between Tractor Subsoiler and Ripper?

difference between tractor subsoiler and ripper?

Following we are showing the difference between Subsoiler and Ripper.

Basis Tractor Subsoiler  Tractor Ripper 
Definition Helps to loosen the soil.  Helps Rips the soil. 
Working Depth Around 60 cm (24 in) Deep Around 35–45 cm (14–18 in) Deep
Suitability Where soil is compact.  Rocky areas 
Category Tillage and Land Preparation  Tillage 
Top Brands Fieldking, Lemken, Mahindra, etc.  Fieldking 
Models Fieldking Sub Soiler, Lemken Melior, etc.  Fieldking Ripper
Price 30000 to 99000 40000 to 95000

These are all about Difference between Subsoiler and Ripper. I hope all your questions got answer properly in this blog. For more detailed information about ripper and subsoiler, stay connected with Tractor Junction

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