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Farmtrac Champion 39: 8 Robust Features That Make It Premium Tractor

Farmtrac Champion 39: 8 Robust Features That Make It Premium Tractor

Farmtrac has been a leader in farm automation for the last 60 years. The Farmtrac tractors are recognised for ruggedness, dependability, durability and expense effectiveness. In addition, the new tractor range includes designs in collaboration with supervisors like Ferrari and Porsche Design. 

Moreover, proven by excellent transmissions and engines, Farmtrac tractors offer durability, high performance and increased lifting capacity for any farming and industrial procedures. Farmers can easily handle this machinery on the farms. 

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Let’s move on to the specifications of the Farmtrac Champion 39 Tractor

Farmtrac Champion 39 Features and Price

There are many advanced features in this robust  Farmtrac Champion 39 tractor, which helps farmers to improve farming by minimum investment. 

Robust Bumper

Robust Bumper - Farmtrac Champion 39

Farmtrac Champion 39 Tractor accomplished all the farming and haulage tasks efficiently. This tractor’s blue colour is eye-catching, which comes with a new style and with this front look of the tractor is mind-blowing. Also, a robust heavy duty bumper increases the tractor’s charm and strength. Basically, the bumper is manufactured with excellent material because it helps in protecting the tractor from serious damage. 

Halogen Headlights & Battery 

Halogen Headlights - Farmtrac Champion 39

In the tractor front, you get halogen headlights because these lights are big. Halogen lights are economical, have a burn life of 500 hours and produce yellow colour light. These lights are brighter and last longer for farm tasks.

Farmtrac uses mild steel material for their battery, and in this tractor, you got a box which is made up of high quality and exact fitting structure which also includes a lock system.


Engine - Farmtrac Champion 39

Farmtrac Champion 39 is a versatile tractor equipped with 40 HP. In addition, the PTO power of this tractor is 33.2 PTO HP. BOSCH inline fuel injection pump also given if diesel consumes water by mistake it helps to separate water from diesel with the use of water separator. Also, the company provides a recovery bottle to keep the radiator maintenance free

Advanced Fuel Filter

Advanced Fuel Filter - Farmtrac Champion 39

The single advanced fuel filter is a vital part of operating an engine as it secures your engine from toxic junk. 


Transmission - Farmtrac Champion 39

In the advanced model of tractors, farmers get the constant mesh, center shift transmission. It is primarily used to detach the engine from the road wheels. Also, smoothly transmit the torque without shocks and jerks. And reduce the engine speed based on the needed tyre size and forward momentum. 

Moreover, it comes with 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears with a forward speed of 2.2-36.3 kmph and a reverse speed of 3.3-13.4 kmph. A single clutch joins and disconnects the engine from the transmission gears, and the drive spins. 


Brakes - Farmtrac Champion 39

The brakes of this tractor are oil dipped, and a multi plate oil immersed brake is used to control the tractor’s motion. Also, footstep and hand holder have been provided for easy ascent and dropping on the tractor.

Steering Facility 

Steering : Farmtrac Champion 39

It is mechanical/ balanced power steering that comes with a single drop arm. This tractor is joined with a single PTO whose 1810 engine generates 540 rpm at rated rpm. 

Additional Features 

Its front axle is fixed, whereas the rear axle comes with a straight type. Also, for farmer’s comfort, this tractor provides a super deluxe adjustable seat so that you can move according to your comfort. The company gives a digital instrument cluster. 

If we are talking about this tractor hydraulics, it comes with ADDC-type hydraulics whose lifting capacity is 1500 kg. For controlling hydraulic lift, there are 2 livers available. The black liver which operates the position. And the orange liver which works as a draft for equipment. 

  1. Black Liver –  harrow, seed drill, leveller and others
  2. Orange Liver – cultivator, plough and more

The company offers 3 safety features in this advanced model. 

  • neutral safety feature
  • transport lock 
  • diesel tank lock

In addition, for lifting trolleys, a QRC plug is available. This 2 WD tractor’s front tyre is 6.0 X 16, and the rear tyre is 13.6 x 28. Its diesel tank capacity is 50 litres, and the fuel tank has a lock system. And the total weight of this tractor is 1895 kg

Dimensions Of Tractor

Wheelbase 2100 MM
Length 3315 MM
Width 1710 MM
Ground Clearance 377 MM
Turning Radius 3000 MM

The company gives 5 years of warranty to the farmers, and a special care button feature is also available. If there is any problem regarding the tractor, farmers can directly connect with the company. 

Farmtrac Champion 39 Price in India

The price of this Farmtrac Champion 39 is Rs. 5.50 – 5.80 Lakh*, Which may differ from state to state and region.

We hope you get all the essential details about Farmtrac Champion 39 tractor. And if you want such a detailed blog, stay connected with the Tractor Junction.  

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