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Difference Between Planters and Seeders – Planter vs Seeder

Difference Between Planters And Seeders - Planter vs Seeder

Hello farmers, we are back with yet another exciting topic, and that is planters and seeders. As we all know, India has a huge market for various farm machines. All machines are reliable and excellent in farming applications. Seed drill and planter are one of them. We are very used to these two words, and we also know what kind of work is done by these machines. But most of the people are confused between them because they are quite similar. But they have some differences, and we are here to show those differences. 

Planter and seed drill machines are perfect for seeding and plantation. Both have the same work and use, but planter and seeder come with many features that make them different. 

We are here to provide you with all detailed information about seed drills and planters and their differences. So stay hooked.

Information about Seed Drills and Planters

Seed Drill 

Seed Drill

We are starting with the seed drill. The seed drill is a piece of state-of-art farming equipment used for sowing seeds of crops. It sows the seeds in the soil, presses them to a specific depth, and distributes them equally. The farm machine puts the seeds at a proper seeding depth and rate to ensure the soil adequately covers the seeds. This process protects the seeds from birds, animals, and dryness. The seeds are equally distributed in rows with the help of a seed drill machine. It ensures that plants get rough nutrients, water from the soil, and sunlight. 

Before the introduction of seed drills, most seeds were planted by hand, which is a very imprecise and wasteful process with a weak distribution of seeds, resulting in low productivity. When the seed drill machine came, it made the working process easier. Seed drills help improve crop yield ratio by as much as nine times, saving time and labour. 

The seed drill machine is used to carry seeds and open furrows to a uniform depth. It places the seeds in trenches in a consistent pattern. A seed drill is used to cover the seeds and compact the soil around the seeds.

Types of Seed Drill

Types of seed drill

There are two types of seed drills available, which are as listed below:-  

  • Bullock Drawn Drills
  • Tractor Drawn Drills

Components of A Seed Drill 

The farm machine comes with many components, making it one of the most reliable and robust machines performing seeding operations. Following are the major components of a seed drill. 

  • Frame 

The frame is the main component of a seed drill made with angle iron with suitable brackets and braces. The frame is a substantial component of a seed drill machine to handle all loads in the working field. 

  • Seedbox 

Seedbox is a small agitator that comes to resist the clogging of seeds. It comes with a mild steel sheet or galvanized iron with a suitable cover. 

  • Driller 

Driller is the pointed end that drills the holes for sowing seeds. 

  • Furrow openers 

Furrow openers are used to open the furrows before seeding. 

  • Covering device 

It is used to refill a furrow after the seed has been placed in it. The seed is covered by drag, rollers, chains, press wheels, or patta, designed in various sizes and shapes.

  • Transport wheels

The two transport wheels are available, fitted in the central axle, and some seed drills also have pneumatic wheels. Transport wheels help to operate the seed dropping mechanism transmitting power. 

Benefits of Seed Drill 

  • The farm machine spread out seeds equally in less time. 
  • Seed drill machines provide high performance and save labour. 
  • The machine wasted less seed. 
  • It sows the seeds at equivalent distances and proper depth. 
  • It protects the seeds from animals and birds. 
  • The machine is more beneficial and profitable as it makes plantation, seeding, and post-harvester tasks effortless and more comfortable. 
  • The machine is easy to use and requires low maintenance. 

Popular Seed Drills in India 

Many famous brands are available, creating excellent seed drills to accomplish different tasks like seeding, plantation, tillage, and post-harvest. Some of the popular seed drills are listed below, so have a look. 

Now let’s talk about the planter machine. 



A planter is a farm machine that is attached behind a tractor, mainly used for sowing seeds. It sows the seed in rows through a field. The planter machine is suitable for planting seeds bigger in size and can not be used by seed drills. Planters come with an even number of row units, ranging from 2 to 48. the farmer can plant two rows at a time or as much as 48. 

The farm machine comes with a system of fans, making both air and vacuum pressure. The hydraulics drive allows the machine to change the plant population. Plant population means the number of seeds planted per acre. A planter machine is used to open the harrow and meter the seed. It deposits the seeds in the furrow and covers the seeds through the soil. 

Types of Planters 

Types of Planters 

  • Regular drill planter
  • Check-row planter
  • Hill drop planter

Components of A Planter 

  • Hopper 
  • feed metering device
  • knock out arrangement 
  • cut-off mechanism 
  • furrow opener 
  • other accessories. 

Benefits of A Planter 

  • It is the most efficient machine for seeding and plantation. 
  • The machine makes the seed sowing process faster and cost-effective. 
  • It requires minimum labour. 
  • The tractor planter ensures the proper distance and depth between the seeds. 
  • It ensures consistent growth and maturity, thereby guaranteeing good yield than manual sowing.
  • Planter is perfect for bigger seeds. 

Famous Planter Machines in India 

Planter vs Seeder 

Planter vs. Seeder 

The main difference between planter and seeder is that a seed drill machine sows seeds at the proper depth in rows and specified rates. Seed drill machine neither store seeds in hills nor in check rows, where a planter machine can deposit seeds at specified rates in hills and rows. Planter machines increase production by 15 to 25% as compared to seed drills. The seed drill machine is suitable for small seeds where the planter machine quickly sows bigger seeds. 

Difference between Seeder and  Planter 

Aspects  Seed Drill Planter
Types  Bullock drawn

Tractor drawn. 

Regular drill planter

Check-row planter

Hill drop planter

Components  Frame, Seedbox, Furrow openers, Covering device, Transport wheels, Driller Hopper, feed metering device, knock out arrangement, cut-off mechanism, furrow opener, other accessories
Seeds It is suitable for small and medium-sized seeds It is perfect for small, medium, and large-sized seeds 
Places  It does not sow seeds in hills It can easily sow seeds in hill areas

We hope that this blog helps clear all your doubts and confusion around seeders & planters and helps you buy a Planter & Seeder best suited to your requirements. 

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