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Thresher Machine Uses in Agriculture – Top 8 Best Thresher in India

Thresher Machine Uses in Agriculture - Top 8 Best Thresher in India

Hello farmers, we are back again with yet another exciting and interesting topic which increases your knowledge about farming and farm machines. And that topic is a thresher machine, an innovative farm machine. 

Thresher is a piece of farm machinery that used to threshes grain. Here we come with this blog which provides you with complete information about the thresher. Besides, we also show details about the top 8 best threshers. 

What is Thresher Machine

Thresher is productive farm equipment that threshes grain and removes the seeds from the stalks and husks. The farm machine used to separate the wheat, maize, soybean, peans and other small grains and seed crops from their chaff and straw. The machine loaded with advanced components and modern features, which helps in farming applications. Since the thresher machine came, it changed the threshing process, making it effortless and extra labour free.

Before the thresher machine was developed, the threshing process was done by hands with flails which were very time consuming and laborious. Later, in 1786 the first threshing machine invented by Scottish engineer Andrew Meikle, which removed a significant amount of hard work from farm labour. In the 19th century, reaper-binders, mechanical reapers,  and threshers gradually widespread, resulting in grains produced much less laboriously. 

The machine is rugged and made with advanced technology that improves the machine’s working ability. The thresher machines have become quite famous in the country in the last 2-decades. In India, the machine was first introduced during 1956-57, called Ludhiana Thresher. The thresher was tractor driven and mainly used for wheat. The machine was very good at working as it threshed, bagged, and cleared the grains at the same time. Later, in 1965, by viewing the low horsepower thresher needed, the low hp threshers were invented. The spike tooth cylinders thrashers introduced in the country around 1970. These machines had simple designs, and maintenance was inadequate because the machine’s total weight was less. 

Types of Thresher 

types of threser

There are many types of thresher machines available based upon crops, functional components, and threshing cylinders. Have a look. 

There are 4-types of threshers used according to the crop:- 

  • Multicrop thresher 
  • Maize Thresher 
  • Wheat Thresher 
  • Paddy Thresher 

There are 3-types of threshers used according to the functional components:-

  • Drummy
  • Regular (Through-put)
  • Axial flow

There are 4-types of threshers used according to the threshing cylinders:- 

  • Syndicator
  • Hammer Mill or Beater type
  • Spike tooth type
  • Rasp bar type

Components of Thresher 

The thresher machine’s components are fan/blower, spikes, flywheel, concave, cylinder, feeding chute, towing hook, frame, driver pulley, upper sieve, transport wheel, can pulley, shutter plate, and suspension lever. 

Process of Thresher 

Process of Thresher Machine

The thresher machine greatly used for threshing, harvesting operations. There are 3-steps process:- 

First Step 

In the first step, putting the bunch of straw and grains into the feeder. The feeder controls the feed rate to prevent overloading into the machine. 

Second Step 

The rapidly rotating set of blades, called the separator. The separator first tore the bundles apart, breaking the twine, and snapping the heads from the straw after beating the straw and heads onto a grooved plate, kneeling them without crushing them. Then the straw passed over a straw rake to remove most of the straw from the kernels. 

Third Step

In the last step, the cleaner kernels passed through the last screen were moved over an air stream that blew off the remaining chaff and straw away. The clean or pure grains fell into a feeder where a measuring device measured kernels, and later it blew out onto a straw stack by a larger, stronger blower. 

Benefits of Thresher

  • The machine saves labour and increases farming output. 
  • Thresher improves production quality. 
  • It improves effectiveness and does the work fastly. 
  • The machine is technologically advanced that provides work efficiency in the field. 

Top 8 Best Thresher Machine in India 

Top 8 Best Thresher for Farming in India

In the below section, we show the top 8 best threshers in India with complete details. Have a look. 

 1. Dasmesh 423-Maize Thresher

Dasmesh 423-Maize Thresher


It is the most popular thresher machine used to threshes the maize, belonging to the Dashmash company. The machine loaded with advanced and modern technologies to perform threshing operations efficiently. The maize thresher has 35 hp minimum implement power and comes in the post-harvest category. The machine is powerful and provides a high working ability, enhancing production and yield. Maize thresher price is affordable and reasonable, according to the farmers. The maize thresher machine has 4000 to 6000 kg/per hour capacity. Some other features are

  • Weight – 1345 KG
  • Tyre – 6.00 x 16.00
  • Main Wheel – 800 mm 

2. Landforce Multi Crop Thresher 

Landforce Multi Crop

A Landforce multi-crop thresher widely used for shelling sorghum, mustard, wheat, millets, Soyabean, etc. It is suitable for medium and large holding farmers and custom hiring. The multi-crop thresher is efficient and can thresh wheat effectively, producing high-quality straw. It has all the useful features, compact size, attractive design, and dependable operation. These unique features enhanced production rate, threshing performance, less grain loss, etc. It is the best and right partner and supporter of farmers. The machine is antacid, moisture-proof, and anti-rust. The machine has 35 hp and above power to threshes the multi-crop. Multi crop thresher price is low and affordable for machine users. 

  • Weight – 1530 Kg
  • No. of Cutting Blades – 3
  • Load Wheel – 150 Kg

3.  Mahindra Thresher 

Mahindra Thresher

Mahindra is the most popular brand of tractor and farm implements, manufacturing best-in-class products for farmers. Mahindra thresher is one of them, coming with the advanced and latest technology that provides efficient work. The machine is a tractor PTO driven application to separate the grains from the husk. The skid height of the machine is adjustable, making operations effortless. The device is easy to use and can be quickly taken to any place in the field for threshing. Mahindra thresher offers a smooth and easy operating mechanism with low operational cost. It has a better cleaning ability than the traditional threshing technique. Mahindra thresher price is suitable for Indian thresher machine users. 

4.  Dasmesh 641 – Paddy Thresher

Dasmesh 641 - Paddy Thresher

It is the best thresher machine of Dashmesh, which widely used for paddy fields. The Dasmesh 641 – paddy thresher has a great presence in the post-harvest category as it requires 35 HP minimum implement power. The paddy thresher is a reliable and durable machine that performs paddy threshing operation efficiently. It is a potent and strong thresher machine that consumes 2 Ltr./Ton fuel, saving the user’s extra expenses. The machine’s compact size and working ability are superb that provide hi-class work and good quality straw or yield. Paddy thresher price is lower and economical as per farmers needs. 

  • Weight – 1500 KG
  • Tyre – 7.00 x 19.00
  • Main Wheel – 787 MM

5.  Landforce Maize Thresher

Landforce Maize Thresher

This thresher model has the speciality in the maize threshing process as it provides a great working experience to the machine operator. The machine has a good presence in the post-harvest category. Landforce manufactures the maize thresher with all the advanced and latest technology, delivering the maximum power in the threshing process. 

Maize thresher price is reasonable and economical for thresher users. It requires 35 HP & above implement power that make it robust and persistent for tasks. 

6.  Landforce Paddy Thresher

Landforce Paddy Thresher

The machine used for harvesting the paddy grain. The paddy thresher loaded with reliable features that make it powerful, allowing it to perform all the threshing and harvesting operations efficiently. The machine earns 3 to 5 % extra money by threshing grains as compared to other crops. Paddy thresher price is low and cheaper for small farmers.  

  • No. of Blower – 1
  • Blower Speed – Fixed 
  • Load Wheel – 2

7.  Landforce Harambha Thresher(Wheat)

Landforce Harambha Thresher(Wheat)

It is the best machine for wheat crops and suits large holding farmers and custom hiring. Wheat thresher operated with a 35 hp tractor PTO. The machine comes with a feeding chute with automatic feeding, which driven by the gearbox. The Landforce Harambha thresher(wheat) machine loaded with advanced and modern technology along with a stylish design. The compact structure of the machine consists of 2-3 sharp cutting blades with spike tooth cylinders. The crop is cut into small pieces and rub against the concave. It has 2-aspirator blowers attached to the threshing unit, which separates small wheat residue pieces from the seed. Wheat thresher price is low and cost-effective for farmers. 

  • No. of Blades – 2/3
  • Cylinder – 28 bars tooth
  • Threshing Efficiency – 99-100%

8. Mahindra M55 Thresher 

Mahindra M55

It is a very popularly known threshing machine that comes in the harvest category. A Mahindra M55 thresher requires 35-55 hp implement power to perform the tasks. The total weight of the Mahindra thresher 1250 kg with 1957 mm width. Mahindra thresher price is economical, according to the farmers budget. The machine has a spike tooth, semi-cylinder type concave with 1430 mm length. 

  • No. of Blower – 4
  • No.of Blades – Centrifugal type fan, 4-blades
  • Output Capacity – 1.2 – 1.25 Ton/Hour*


Que. What is the use of a thresher?

Ans. Thresher is used to separate the small crops from their chaff and straw.

Que. Is the threshing machine still used today?

Ans. Yes, farmers still use a threshing machine today for farming purposes.

Que. What is a rice thresher?

Ans. Rice thresher is widely used for rice threshing.

These are necessary information about the thresher. We hope you get all the essential vital information or knowledge about the thresher machine and enjoy the blog. For more information related to agriculture, stay connected with Tractor Junction

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