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Difference Between Cultivator and Harrow – Types and Benefits

Difference Between Cultivator and Harrow

Want to know the difference between Cultivator and Harrow? Stay with us.

As we know, traditional farming was done with the help of animal-drawn implements. But in the modern age, the farmers are using different machines in their farms to maximise productivity. Among all the agricultural implements, we are here to clear your doubts about harrow and cultivator. Now, we are moving to an interesting fact: most people think that Harrow and Cultivator are the same as both work to prepare the land. But there are some differences between Cultivator and Harrow. We are here to tell you about the difference between Harrow and Cultivator. 

So, stay with us to know every piece of information regarding cultivation and harrowing. 

Information Regarding Cultivator and Harrow

Let’s see about Cultivator and Harrow one by one so that it may be crystal clear for you. 



A Harrow is an agricultural implement to smooth out and break up the soil. It is different from the plough because the plough does deeper tillage in the ground. Moreover, it is a secondary tilling implement used after the ploughing operation. The harrow tool breaks up clods or lumps of soil to provide a smooth finish and fine tilth. If you are going to prepare the seedbed, then harrow can help you to get a delicate soil structure. 

Apart from this, the second work of this farming implement is to remove weeds and cover the sown seeds. And in this way, it differs from the cultivator. And the similarity between Cultivator and Harrow is that both of them can control weeds. 

Types of Harrow

Types of Harrow

 Several types of harrows are in practice, which are:

  • Disc harrow
  • Spring tooth harrow
  • Guntaka          
  • Triangular harrow
  • Spike tooth harrow
  • Blade harrow (Bakhar)
  • Zig-Zag harrow           
  • Bindha
  • Bodela            

Components of Harrow

The components are the soal of any machine as components are high quality then machines obviously works excellent. So, let’s know about some components of the Harrow tool.

  • Disc

It is a circular, concave revolving steel plate. The use of this plate is to cut the soil. Moreover, the discs are manufactured with high-quality steel. Therefore, the size of harrow discs can be 35 to 70 cm. 

  • Gang

The assembly of concave discs is known as Gang. 

  • Gang Axle or Arbor Axle 

The set of discs are mounted on the Gang Axle or Arbor Axle. 

  • Gang Angle 

It is an angle between the axis of the gang. 

  • Gang Control Lever

This component is a leveller which operates the angling mechanism.

  • Spool or Spacer

The flanged tube or Spool or Spacer is mounted on the gang axle. 

  • Bearing

Bearings are the necessary component to counteract the end thrust of the gangs. 

  • Transport Wheel

It helps the harrow transport or moves on the road. 

  • Scraper

It prevents the machine from clogging.

  • Weight Box

The use of this component, is to put extra weight on the machine. 

Benefits of Harrow

Harrow has several advantages to managing the soil. So, let’s see the benefits of harrow. 

  • Harrow can break up surface crusts and soil clods.
  • You can use a harrow for cultivating the land with great precision.
  • It is helpful for improving the aeration and surface uniformity of the land.
  • You can eliminate the already emerged weeds.
  • Also, you can use it in any type of soil.
  • Moreover, it helps in pulverising the soil.

Popular Harrows Models in India

Many renowned companies manufacture harrows in India. But we are here with five manufacturers’ popular models. 

  1. Mahindra Disc Harrow
  2. Farmking Heavy Duty Trailed Offset Disc Harrow
  3. Khedut Mounted Offset Disc Harrow
  4. Fieldking Dabangg Harrow
  5. Soiltech Harrow

Now, let’s know about the Cultivator. 



A cultivator is an agricultural implement or machine used to stir the soil around a crop after and before plantation. It destroys weeds and promotes the growth of the crop. Moreover, this tool has an old history. In the mid-19th century, farmers used horse-drawn cultivators. By 1870, one farmer could cultivate around 15 acres of land in a day with the help of two horses. On the other hand, in the modern age, farmers use tractor-mounted cultivators. The machine can till the land with more speed than a horse-driven cultivator. 

Types of Cultivator

Types of Cultivator


There are two types of cultivators, which are:

  • Hand cultivator
  • Animal drawn cultivators
  • Tractor drawn cultivators

Components of Cultivator

This farming implement has several components, making it a highly efficient cultivators tool for farming. So, the components of the cultivator are-

  • Frame
  • Spring 
  • Shovel
  • Tyne
  • Rigid Tyne
  • Bar Point Share
  • Sweep

Benefits of Cultivators

  • The use of cultivators is very easy. (You have to rest it against the land and push it in the right direction. )
  • It has around zero maintenance. 
  • It can cut weeds carefully. 
  • You can use this farming implement in hard to reach places with ease. 
  • Apart from this, you can use it in hilly areas. 
  • It requires only a driver during all the operations. 
  • Also, it provides cost-effective operations. 

Popular Cultivators Models 

Several companies manufacture cultivators with highly advanced technology to provide an excellent solution for farming. But we are here with some popular cultivator models in India. 

  1. Universal Bharat Spring Loaded Cultivator
  2. Landforce Rigid (Std Duty)
  3. Khedut Rigid
  4. Farmking Rigid
  5. Farmking Medium Duty Spring Loaded

Cultivator VS Harrow

Cultivator VS Harrow

The difference between harrowing and cultivating is that harrow consists of a heavy frame with several disks in a row to drag across the land. It smooths or breaks up the soil to remove weeds. Also, it covers the seeds.

In contrast, a cultivator is any device to lose or stir the ground. It can also remove weeds and cover the sown seeds. 

So, you can use a Cultivator or Harrow for weed control. Apart from this, the cultivating and harrowing operations are around the same. Both of them are secondary land preparation tools. And you can also get profit in your farming by using a Harrow or Cultivator. 

Difference Between Cultivator and Harrow

Aspects Harrow Cultivator
Types  Disc harrow, Spring tooth harrow, Guntaka, Triangular harrow, Spike tooth harrow, Blade harrow (Bakhar), Bindha, Bodela  and Zig-Zag harrow    Hand cultivator, Animal drawn cultivators and Tractor drawn cultivators
Components  Disc, Gang, Gang Axle or Arbor Axle, Gang Angle, Gang Control Lever, Spool or Spacer, Bearing, Transport Wheel, Scraper and Weight Box Frame, Spring, Shovel, Tyne, Rigid Tyne, Bar Point Share and Sweep
Places Not for Hilly areas Works in hilly areas 
Working  Breaks up the soil clods Stirs the soil
Models Mahindra Disc Harrow, Farmking Heavy Duty and Trailed Offset Disc Harrow Universal Bharat Spring, Loaded Cultivator and Landforce Rigid (Std Duty)

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