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Top 5 Land Leveller Machine : Agriculture Implements for Land Levelling

Top 5 Land Leveller Machine : Agriculture Implement for Land Levelling

Are you searching for the best Land Leveller Machine? Then this blog is perfect for all the details regarding Land Leveller and its features. 

Agricultural Land Leveller Machine have special value in the farming sector due to their applications. As we know, farming is a vast process in which farmers perform several different tasks, from land preparation to harvesting. And technology came with several implements to perform these tasks. Among all the farming equipements, we are here with a land leveller, which is used for land scaping, land preparation and tillage

In this blog, we are telling about one such efficient machine, called Agricultural Land Leveler. This equipment helps farmers to level the field for productive farming. Let’s talk about this Land Leveller Machine in the following part. 

What is Land Leveller Machine?

In the traditional way of farming, the Land levelling process was performed by the oxen-drawn scraper. But with the development of technologies, animal power is replaced by modern machines such as Land Leveller. Moreover, it helps in a better irrigation system which allows every part to get irrigated. 

Land levelling equipment uses for fertile and loosening the soil. Also, it breaks down soil particles and smoothens the land, which increases the soil quality. Furthermore, by controlling weed, the tool increases productivity to a large extent. With this, farmers improve water coverage and reduce weeds up to 40%. Precision land levelling is the modern process in which the land is graded and smoothed. The Land leveler price in India is available at a suitable range for farmers. 

Benefits of Agricultural Land Leveller 

Levelling has several advantages, which are mentioned below:

  • It improves crop establishment, crop stand, crop maturation and water coverage of the field. 
  • In addition, it can increase the farming area by 5 to 7 per cent. 
  • Also, it can reduce the operation time by 10 to 15 per cent. 
  • It can change from planting and transplanting to direct seeding. This change can minimise labour by 30 person-days per ha.
  • You can reduce weeds by up to 40 per cent by levelling. 
  • Apart from this, it can increase an average yield by 10 to 20 per cent.

Top 5 Agriculture Land Leveller in India 2022

Selecting the right land leveller among the huge list is quite difficult. So, here we make your work easy by listing the top 5 Land Levellers in India. Here, we explore the Land leveller agriculture implements. 

1. Mahindra Land Leveller

Mahindra Land Leveller

Mahindra Land Leveller is the best mini-land leveller equipment. It also helps to perform the farming tasks efficiently and comes with a wide range of HP from 35 HP – 55 HP & Above. Mahindra levellers offer durability in their performance. It has two way levelling direction feature, which helps in quick completion of the operation. This Land leveller tractor implements cutting blade thickness is about 10 mm. It is a reversible land leveller which is an efficient and low fuel consumption model of land leveller. Along with all the features, it comes with an economical price range. 

2. Universal Heavy Duty Land Leveller

Universal Heavy Duty Land Leveller

Universal Heavy Duty Land Leveller is one of the demanding implement. This also comes in a land scaping category which is efficient for fieldwork. The heavy-duty land leveller comes with 30 – 60 HP of implement power. The type of blade of this automatic land leveler is a 75 x 10 MM high carbon steel blade which is reversible. The process of this implement also satisfies the farmers. Apart from this, the Land Leveller price is affordable. And excellent for commercial farming because this reversible land leveller is time-saving equipment and gives 100 per cent result in the field.   

3. Farmking Heavy Duty Land Leveller

Farmking Heavy Duty Land Leveller

Farmking Heavy Duty Land Leveller has comes with advanced technology. This company has its renowned name for manufacturing excellent farming equipment. The overall weight of this heavy-duty land leveller implement is about 145 – 190 kg. Despite being a highly efficient farming tool, it is also a reasonable land leveller machine. Also, the availability of this machine is accessible in the Indian market. So, you can easily own this farming tool for your farm. The tool can provide you with easy operation in minimum time.

4. John Deere GreenSystem – Puddler Leveler

John Deere GreenSystem – Puddler Leveler

John Deere GreenSystem – Puddler Leveler comes with a different class, which attracts the farmers towards it. The machine has 54 J type blades for levelling the soil. Moreover, the 7 ft working width makes it more quick worker in the field. The machine’s weight is 345 Kg, and it has a Single Speed gearbox. In addition, you can use a tractor starting from 44 HP or more to mount this machine. It is a chain drive tractor-mounted implement and is available at a reasonable price in the market. 

5. Universal Laser Guided Land Leveller

Universal Laser Guided Land Leveller

Universal Laser Guided Land Leveller is excellent for land levelling operations due to its high working efficiency. This landscape leveller has a Square tube 132×6 & 8 MM Sheet frame, which is rigid and durable. And the axle of this implement is 72×6 MM Square Tube Fabricated & Spindle type. Moreover, you can optionally get a digital control box and manual control box in this implement. And, a tractor with a 50-65 HP range is perfect for its handling. Despite being a high-quality land leveller, the price of this machine is reasonable. 

Highlighted Points for Infographic:- 

  • This infographic provides complete details about India’s 5 Popular Land Levellers.
  • We show implement power and weight in this infographic.
  • The top 5 Agricultural Land Leveler list includes Mahindra Land Leveller, Universal Heavy Duty Land Leveller, Farmking Heavy Duty Land Leveller and others. 

Top 5 Land Leveller In India Infographic


Above mentioned features of the Land Leveller machine is helpful for you. For further details about popular Land Levellers, visit Tractor Junction. Here you can also check the used land leveller for sale. 

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