7 Best Straw Reaper Machine in India – Features and Uses

7 Best Straw Reaper Machine in India

Want to buy a straw reaper machine?

Here we are with India’s top 7 straw reaper machines. So, you can easily find one of them, which one meets your requirements. Firstly, we should know what a straw reaper machine is? So, a straw reaper is a chopper machine. It can cut, thresh and clean the straw in a single operation. After the combined harvester operations, the wheat stalks left. Then, this machine is used to cut the rest of the wheat stalks by an oscillating blade. 

At the same time, they are pushed back toward and augered by a revolving reel. Then, the guide drum and auger convey the stalks into the machine. And finally, the stalks reach the threshing cylinder, which is cut into small pieces against the concave.

Apart from this, the straw reaper in India is handy to the farmers because they can make money from the stalks of wheat with it. So, let’s know about the popular models of the straw reaper in India.

Top 7 Straw Reaper Machine 

You are here, which means you made your mind to buy a straw reaper. As we know, you can make money with the use of straw reaper machines. So without talking too much, we will tell you about India’s popular straw reaper machine.

1. Sonalika Straw Reaper

Sonalika Straw ReaperSonalika straw reaper is a renowned Tractor implement for reaping stalks in minimum time. It is well equipped with high-quality cutting bars at 2050 mm width. And the height of this machine with the straw pipe is 2095 mm, and without the straw pipe is 1640 mm. Moreover, this straw reaper price in India is also valuable for the farmers. And Sonalika provides the best tractor for straw reaper implementation.

Product Features:

Model Straw Reaper
Height With Straw Pipe 2095 mm
Cutter Bar width 2050 mm
Weight 1900 Kg
Cutting Capacity 1 to 2 Acres/Hr

2. Dasmesh 517 Straw Reaper

Dasmesh 517 Straw Reaper

The brand manufactured it with 1423 mm chassis and 508 mm thresher diameter. Dasmesh 517 Straw Reaper comes with highly advanced technology and rigid design. That is the reason why it is popular among Indian farmers.  

Product Features:

Model 517
Required Power 45 Hp & Above
Cutter Bar width 7 Feet (2134 mm )
Weight 1800 Kg
Cutting Capacity 1 to 2 Acres/Hr

3. Mahindra Straw Reaper

Mahindra Straw Reaper

Mahindra straw reaper comes in two models: type 57 and type 61. It has a 1422 mm length of threshing drum to give more output in minimum time. The blower fan diameter is 509 mm, which is sufficient for efficient work. In addition, the guide drum length of this best quality straw reaper is 1422 mm. Apart from this, Mahindra provides the best tractor for straw reaper handling. 

Product Features

Model Type 57 Type 61
Cutter Bar Reel Length 2057.4 mm 2209 mm
Weight 1800 Kg 1870 Kg
Cutting Capacity 2700 kg/hr 2900 kg/hr
Threshing Blades 288 320

4. Bakhsish Straw Reaper

Bakhsish Straw Reaper

Bakhsish Straw Reaper comes with a Double or Triple fan and 354 harvesting blades. The wheat tank capacity of this best quality straw reaper is 40 Kg, and you can get two trollies per hour output capacity. The Shaft of this machine is 62 mm. Moreover, this straw reaper machine price is also reasonable for the farmers. 

Product Features

Model  Straw Reaper
Required Power 35 Hp & Above
Weight 1900 Kg
Cutting Capacity 2 Acres/Hr

5. Landforce Straw Reaper

Landforce Straw Reaper

The Landforce straw reaper has two models: SRS6 and SR61. And both models are excellent performers. In addition, the SRS6 has 28 cutting blades, while the SR61 has 32. The threshing drum diameter of this straw reaper implement is 810 mm, which can thresh more stalks at once. Despite the quality specifications, the straw reaper machine price is also valuable for the farmers. 

Product Features:

Model  SRS6 SR61
Required Power 45 HP 65 HP
Cutter Bar width 2200 mm 2500 mm
Weight 2000 Kg  2200 Kg
Working Capacity 1.5 – 2 Acres/Hr 2 – 2.5 Acres/Hr

6. Malkit Straw Reaper

Malkit Straw Reaper

Malkit Straw reaper is another best Straw Reaper in the farming sector. It has two variants: 57” and 62”. Moreover, this machine provides high working efficiency and does not put high pressure on your tractor. That is why you can work with this straw reaper implement without using too much fuel. And the straw reaper price in India is also good for the farmers. 

Product Features:

Model Malkit Straw Reaper 57″ Malkit Straw Reaper 62″
Required Power 50 HP 60 HP
Cutter Bar width 2225 mm 2377 mm
Weight 1950 Kg 2020 Kg
Chopping Capacity 2 to 3 Trollies/Hr 3 to 4 Trollies/Hr

7. JAGATJIT Straw Reaper

JAGATJIT Straw Reaper

JAGATJIT Straw Reaper comes with advanced features and 1.5 Acres/Hr cutting capacity. Therefore, this best Straw Reaper has high performance and productivity. Moreover, this machine has a 20″ thresher diameter with 288 blades. The length of this machine is 3710 mm, the width is 2460 mm, and the height is 2110 mm. Moreover, the blower fan generates 1290 rpm. And the price of straw reaper is also reasonable to the farmers. 

Product Features:

Model JSR_57″
Required Power 50 HP
Cutter Bar width 2080 mm
Weight 1820 Kg
NO. of Blowers 2

Highlighted Points for Infographic

  • This infographic tells all about the best straw reaper machine in India.
  • This infographic shows the Required Power, Cutter Bar width, Weight and Cutting Capacity of India’s best straw reaper machine. 
  • Sonalika Straw Reaper, Dasmesh 517 Straw Reaper, Landforce Straw Reaper, Mahindra Straw Reaper, Sonalika Straw Reaper and others are listed in this infographic.

Infographic Here – 

7 Best Straw Reaper Machine infographic

So, what is your opinion on this blog about India’s best straw reaper machine? Please leave a comment on this blog so that we can come with another exciting blog. Apart from this, if you need to know more about mini straw reaper machines, tractors, farm implements, agribusiness, etc., visit Tractor Junction and fulfill all your needs. Or, call us and get a complete straw reaper price list now.

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