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Top 10 Tractor Plough in India – Importance of Ploughing

Top 10 Tractor Plough in India

Do you know about the plough? If not properly then this blog is appropriate to get new things about plough. If we talk about the history of a plough, it is around 4000 years older. At that time, the plough was used with the help of animals, including oxen and horses. It was made of wood and easily detachable.

Mainly, this implement was used to break soil clods before planting seeds. But after modern equipment takes place these implements are getting more advanced like a steel frame and blades for breaking soil easily.

What is a Tractor Plough?

According to modern advancements, the plough is made up of iron with blades which are tractor mounted. This agricultural tool used for loosening the soil before sowing seeds. Oxen and horses traditionally drew ploughs, but in modern farms are pulled by tractors. A tractor plough machine may have a steel, wooden or iron frame, with a blade attached to loosen and cut the soil. Tractor plough comes in various types, which are as follows.

Want to Buy a Tractor Plough? 

Searching for a suitable ploughing machine for cultivating can be hard. This blog comes with all the answers to your questions on buying the perfect tractor disc plough for cultivating and the importance of ploughing. For your reference, we have given you a rundown of the most famous plough tractor implements for cultivating among Indian farmers. With this, we should dive into the insights regarding the best 10 Tractor Plough in India and the most famous ploughing tractor brands in India.

Types of Plough 

Following, we are showing various tractor plough types. Have a look down below. 

(i) Indigenous plough (Wooden plough) 

Indigenous plough (Wooden plough) 

The Indigenous plough is used in ancient times when farmers use animals for farming. And they used this equipment by attaching it to the animal’s back. This type of implement is made with wood and attached with an iron share point. It helps to cuts a V-shaped furrow and it opens the soil without any reversal.

(ii) Soil Turning Ploughs

Soil Turning Ploughs

Soil turning ploughs are the tractor mounted implement. Which is mainly based on iron material. As you can see in the given image it is frog body shaped.

(iii) Mouldboard Plough

Mouldboard Plough


This implement is mainly used for primary tillage in irrigated areas where excessive weeds grow. Its curved iron plate helps to lift up the soil and all the trash with weeds and crop residue is buried under the soil.

(iv) Disc Plough

Disc Plough

Disc plough is best for all types of soil conditions like hard, dry, stony, trashy and more. And this implement comes in two types Standard and Vertical disc plough. Moreover, it has many features like reversibile shovels, hitch, frame and others.

(v) One-way Plough (Turn-wrest or Reversible) 

One-way Plough (Turn-wrest or Reversible) 

The implement is suitable for ploughing up the cultivated land for green manure fields. Also, it can be attached to the soil and move on both sides while processing.

Agricultural Plough Types are;

(i) Subsoil Plough

Subsoil Plough

A subsoil plough is designed to break up tough layers or pans without bringing them to the surface. The subsoil plough is wedge-shaped and narrow, while the share is broad to break the hardpan and make only a slot on the top layers.

(ii) Chisel Plough

Chisel Plough

A chisel plough is a standard tool to get deep tillage (prepared land) with limited soil disruption. The primary function of this plough is to loosen and aerate the soil while leaving crop residue at the top of the ground. In addition, this plough can reduce compaction results and help break up the plough pan and hardpan.

(iii) Ridge Plough

Ridge Plough

The ridge plough is utilized to split the field into ridges and furrows and to earth up crops. Ridge ploughs make wide beds and grooves by connecting two ridge ploughs on a frame spacing.

Best Tractor Plough in India 

We have shortlisted top 10 ploughing equipment in India. Check out below. 

1. Fieldking Maxx Reversible MB Plough

Fieldking Maxx Reversible MB Plough


Fieldking Maxx Reversible MB Plough is a classy agricultural implements plough. It is designed with equipped solutions for high performance on the field. The plough comes with 45-50 HP Implement Power and 2 Furrow, which provide smooth work on the field. With this, it has 410 / 904 Weight (kg / lbs Approx) with 685 / 27″ Tillage Width (mm / Inch) and 355 / 14″ Depth of Cut (Max. mm / Inch). Fieldking Maxx Reversible MB Plough comes with 8(T) Mould boards (mm) and 10(T) Plough Shear (mm). This ploughing machine price is economical for every farmer. 

2. John Deere Deluxe MB Plough

John Deere Deluxe MB Plough

John Deere is a renowned name in the agriculture industry. They always provide the best quality products to their customers. John Deere Deluxe MB Plough is one of them. It comes with a Minimum of 42 – 45 HP with SCV implement power and 2 Bottoms. With this it has 1865 x 1130 x 1305 (73.42 x 44.49 x 51.38) Size of Plough (L x W x H) , mm (inch). The John Deere Deluxe MB Plough is rich with advanced features for superb performance on the field. You can get this tractor plough price at Tractor Junction. 

3. Agristar Disc Plough 2 FURROW

Agristar Disc Plough 2 FURROW

The Agristar company always comes with high tech products for the farmers. This time the brand provided Agristar Disc Plough 2 FURROW with effective and efficient quality. It consists of 30-40 HP implement power and 2 bottoms. It has 260 kg weight with 1300 mm length, 990 mm width and 1120 mm height. The tractor plough has 280 mm Cutting Width per disc and 660 mm Disc Diameter. It is the best small tractor plough in India. Its price is affordable, and every farmer can easily buy it. 

4. Farmking Disc Plough-Tubular Frame

Farmking Disc Plough-Tubular Frame

Farmking is the most popular company in the field of farm implements. Indian farmers love to buy their products for their farming needs. Their all farm equipment comes with super advanced technology for the high productivity on the farm. It comes in a tillage category with 35-75 HP implement power and has all the qualities for carrying out smooth farming operations. This is the best tractor plough for every type of region in India. Farmking Disc Plough-Tubular Frame price is reasonable and easily comes in the budget of average Indian farmers. 

5. Khedut Chisal Plough

Khedut Chisal Plough

Khedut Chisal Plough is a classy example of a plough tractor. This plough is the most famous among Indian farmers. It is an economical and feature loaded plough. It has 55-125 HP implement power and 100 x 100 5 Tubular Frame with 40 (Forged) tines. It has 1200 width, 200-400 Working Depth (mm) and CAT-II Mounted CAT. This provides smooth work on the field, and its price is suitable for the Indian farmers. 

6. Lemken OPAL 090 1MB

Lemken OPAL 090 1MB

This tractor drawn disc plough is genuinely outstanding and the highest executed by the farmers for better development and cultivation process. The ploughing tractor claimed by the Lemken brand, and its model name is OPAL 080 E 2MB, which has an exceptional presence on the lookout. The power HP of this plow is 40 HP & more, which gives it superior effectiveness to deal with crooked or challenging land. It has 700 Underframe Clearance (mm) with 10 – 12 hard soil and 10 – 14 Light & Medium Soil working depth. This tractor plough price is economical. 

7. Mahindra Mouldboard 

Mahindra Mouldboard

Mahindra is the strong and perceived brand of the vehicle industry. The brand is a fantastic agriculture vehicle manufacturer, and they prove it by producing Mahindra Mouldboard. This model is classy and comes into the class of tilling. It has 35-40 HP & above implement power and 305 sizes of the board. Its Depth of Cut with medium soil (mm) is 305, which provides easy work to the farmers. This mini tractor plough has a massive demand among Indian farmers. Get mini tractor plough price only on Tractor Junction. 

8. Dasmesh 451 – MB Plough

Dasmesh 451 - MB Plough

This model of Dashmesh company has perfect highlights and capacities that assist in planting. From this plough machine tractor farming became a peaceful and straightforward occupation for the composers. The Implement power of this Plow is 55 HP – 60 HP. In addition, the plough tractor cultivator is of the culturing class and is the best fit in any region for rugged land and hurdle fields. It has 2300mm overall length, 1180 mm overall width and 1555 mm overall height. Dasmesh 451 – MB Plough price is easily found in every farmer’s budget. 

9. Universal Mounted Disc Plough – Heavy Duty

Universal Mounted Disc Plough - Heavy Duty

It is a solid tractor plough provided by the Universal brand. The brand has a massive demand in the market. They provide effective and efficient products for productive work in the field. This Universal Mounted Disc Plough – Heavy Duty is one of them. It comes with a 50-125 HP implement power and Seamless Tubular Frame (OD-168, ID-146) frame. With this, it has Boron Steel & High Carbon Steel Type of Disc/Blade and 570 MM (23″ Approx) Disc Spacing (MM). This tool used by Indian farmers for ploughing in India. Its price is too reasonable for the Indian farmers. 

10. New Holland Mould Board-Reversible Hydraulic

New Holland Mould Board-Reversible Hydraulic

The New Holland company is one of the most perceived in the tractor industry, yet it, likewise, has its creation for Plow and other farm vehicles carried out in India. The power or limit of this plough tractor lies between 55-90 HP. New Holland Mould Board-Reversible Hydraulic is the use of plough in agriculture. It has all the compelling qualities that work smoothly on the farms. 

Importance of Ploughing

Following, we are showing some importance of ploughing in India. Have a look down below. 

  • Ploughing assists with expanding the agreeable microorganisms and worms in the soil, which helps in the additional turning of the soil.
  • Ploughing makes the soil accessible, making the plants simpler to inhale through the porous soil.
  • The ploughing kills weeds present in the soil and chokes out them.
  • It carries the new supplements to the upper layer of the soil. Thus, the plants can utilize them.
  • Ploughing assists the plant’s foundations with entering profoundly into the soil.

Top 10 Tractor Plough in India - Importance of Ploughing

This is information about plough. I hope you get all the answers to your questions. How did the tractor used to plough? after reading this blog. For more information, stay tuned with Tractor Junction. 

FAQ of Tractor Plough

Ques.Which company tractor is best for ploughing?
Ans.John Deere, Mahindra, Sonalika, Powertrac, New Holland and many more companies         tractors are best for ploughing.

Ques.How many types of Plough are available?
Ans. Mainly 3 types of plough are available in the market.

Ques.Which plough is used for deep Ploughing?
Ans. Khedut Chisal Plough is used for deep ploughing.

Ques.What is the cost of plough?
Ans.Get Price of your suitable plough at Tractor Junction.

Ques.How does plough work?
Ans. Plough help in loosening the soil for sowing seeds. It carries supplements to the surface hence making the soil ripe.

Ques.Why do farmers plough?
Ans. Farmers used plough to lose the soil from the surface for better penetration.

Ques. What are the tools used for ploughing?
Ans. Plough, hoe and cultivator are used for ploughing.

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