John Deere Specifications including John Deere 5036D

John Deere Specifications including John Deere 5036D

John Deere, one of the leading tractor brands in India, has always manufactured machines endowed with latest technology, huge capacity and hassle-free running on all kinds of land surfaces. Even on the bumpy roads, they will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Out of all, here is the list of few John Deere models with their price & other specifications:

Are you planning to buy John Deere 5036 D? But, have lack of information about its key features, price, specifications & more? Don’t worry; here are the comprehensive features of this model. John Deere, priced around 5 lacs, is a multi-faceted model with oil immersed brakes, power steering, oil jet and dry type air cleaner. With a horse power of 36HP, it has 3 cylinders, naturally running smooth engine and digital hour meter. It has a lifting capacity of 1600 kg and 8 forward plus 4 reverse speed gears.

John Deere 5041C:

It is a 41 HP model that has full comfort, convenience and favorable features to keep the farmers comfortable even during the long tiring days. It runs on a powerful engine with smooth power steering and high hydraulic capacity to offer one-of-a-kind driving experience. With a durable engineering & assembly, this model is a marvel for all farm mechanization activities. John Deere 5041C tractor price is about 5, 80,000/-

John Deere 5039D:

This model comes under the range of 35 HP and renders maximum output. It is an ideal machine for small scale agricultural land up to 5 acres of land. It is equipped with extremely innovative features such as mobile charger, universal joints that are suitable for modern farmers. It runs with a 4-stroke engine @ 2300 rpm. John Deere 5039 D tractor price in India starts from 5.40 lacs.

John Deere 3036EN:

It has a powerful 36 HP engine with an easy-to-use hydrostatic transmission, turbocharged diesel engine and simple operator station for the best comfort. It has a standard 4-wheeler drive that renders maximum traction. This John Deere tractor 36 hp

John Deere 36 hp tractor price is around 5,00,000/-

John Deere tractor 36 hp tractor has twin pedals for easy usage. Additionally, it has 3-pt hitch compatible with various implements for high farm productivity.

With this in-depth information of John Deere tractor models including John Deere 3036en India, you can make a wise purchase decision as per your budget & utility.

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