Domestic Tractor Sales Drop Down By 31.35% in Feb’22; 51932 Units Sold

Domestic Tractor Sales Drop Down By 31.35% in Feb’22; 51932 Units Sold

Posted On - 04 Mar 2022

In Feb’22 Domestic Tractor sales decreased by 31.35%. The Total Tractor Sales in Feb 2022 stood at 51932 units against total tractor sales in Feb 2021, 75645 units. And, we are presenting in front of you a brand-wise sales report that gives you a clear picture of the tractor brands. Have a look down below. 

Brand Wise Domestic Tractor Sales Report

Mahindra tractor sales indicate a 30.40% of the decline in the month of February 2022. Mahindra Tractors sold 18910 units in February 2022, and in February 2021, they sold 27170 units. Besides this, Mahindra added 0.50% of the market share this month. 

Commenting on the performance, Hemant Sikka, President - Farm Equipment Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., said, “We have sold 18,910 tractors in the domestic market during February 2022. Agri indicators continue to be promising, with Rabi sowing at an all-time high and higher liquidity with farmers on account of timely and record procurement of Kharif crops. With record expansion in the sown area for the third consecutive Rabi season, we are optimistic for an all-time high crop production level. Additionally, the government’s focus on increasing the cropping intensity of summer crops will bring in additional income in the hands of the farmers. In the exports market, we have sold 1,527 tractors, a growth of 56% over last year.”

TAFE Group, also recorded a downfall in domestic tractor sales by 33.46%. The company sold 9124 units of tractors in Feb 2022 against 13713 units in Feb’21.  Additionally, TAFE Group also lost 0.56% of its market share in February 2022. 

Sonalika Tractors registered a 33.34% decrease in domestic tractor sales. Sonalika February 2022 tractor sales noted down 6505 units, and in February 2021, tractor sales were 9758 units. And, the Sonalika Tractors faced a 0.37% decrease in market share. 

Escorts Group also recorded a 46.81% reduction in domestic tractor sales, from 10690 units in February 2021 to 5686 units in February 2022. As a result, its market share decreased by 3.18%.

Escorts Agri Machinery said the tractor industry wholesales continued to remain subdued in February 2022, due to high base of last year, steep price increases due to higher inflation in commodity prices impacting retails and above normal inventory levels with the channel.

"Going forward, we expect overall higher rabi sowing this year, good level of water reservoirs, increased Union Budget allocations to rural and agriculture sector and initial indicators of normal monsoon next year will drive positive momentum for tractor industry in coming year," the company added.

John Deere Tractors registering a 23.34% decline in domestic tractor sales, from 7079 units in February 2021 to 5427 units in February 2022. However, its market share marginally Increased from 9.36% to 10.45%.

New Holland Tractors reported a drop of 18.80% in domestic tractor sales, with 2384 units sold against 2936 units during the same period last year. But, the company's market share increased by 0.71% in February 2022.

Kubota Tractors recorded domestic tractor sales of 1609 units, up from 1511 units sold during February 2022, registering a growth of 6.49%. As a result, the company's market share grew marginally by 1.10%.

Indo Farm Tractors reported a decent growth of 30.32% in domestic tractor sales. The company recorded its highest ever overall February sales figures, with 606 units sold in February 2022 against 465 units in February 2021. The company also saw a marginal rise in its total domestic market share, from 0.61% to 1.71%. 

Preet Tractors domestic sales noted 556 units in February 2022, and it registered 782 units in February 2021. They reported a loss of 28.90% in sales. The Preet Tractors market share increased by 0.04%.

Force Tractors domestic tractor sales drop down by 12.76%. With this, the company gains 0.14% of the market share. They sold 335 units in February 2022 against 384 units in February 2021.

VST Tractors Brand faces a vast decrease in domestic tractor sales in February 2022. Sales declined by 34.31% in February 2022. Along with this, the company also faced a 0.03% drop in market share. 

ACE Tractors has shown a significant increase of 16.50% this month compared with February 2021. ACE Tractors domestic sales of 233 tractors in February 2022 against 200 tractors in February 2021. This helps them add 0.18% to the total market share during February 2022.

Captain Tractors domestic tractor sales registered a 48.73% decrease in February 2022. Captain Tractors sold 161 units in February 2022, against 314 units in February 2021. Along with this, the Captain Tractors market share decreased by 0.11% last month.

SDF Tractors recorded 105 units sales in February 2022 and, on the other hand 200 units sold in February 2021. This shows a 47.50% decline in SDF Tractors domestic sales. Along with this, SDF Tractors also lost its market share by 0.06%. 

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