Kartar 5136

Kartar 5136 is a 50 HP tractor available at a price of Rs. 7.50 Lakh*. It has a fuel tank capacity of 55 litres. The engine capacity of this tractor is 3120 CC with 3 cylinders. Moreover, it is available with 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gears and produces 43.38 PTO Hp. And the lifting capacity of the Kartar 5136 is 1800 Kg.

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Kartar 5136 Tractor
Kartar 5136 Tractor
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No. Of Cylinder


HP Category

50 HP


43.38 HP

Gear Box

8 Forward + 2 Reverse


Oil Immersed brakes


2000 Hours 2 Year


7.50 Lac* (Report Price)

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Kartar 5136 Other Features



Dual Clutch



Power Steering/

Lifting Capacity

Lifting Capacity

1800 Kg

Wheel drive

Wheel drive

2 WD

Engine Rated RPM

Engine Rated RPM


About Kartar 5136

Kartar 5136 is a potent and reliable tractor among all tractors with the same power. The model is manufactured by the Kartar Tractors brand, intending to meet thriving agricultural needs. The engine of this tractor is 3120 CC, generating 50 HP of maximum output power and sufficient torque for farming operations. Moreover, Kartar 5136 tractor is available for a fair price. Also, it is fitted with a 10-speed gearbox, including 8 forward & 2 reverse gears.

Therefore, this tractor is ideal for those farmers who need a tractor for farming as well as for commercial operations. The rising demand for this tractor will help the brand for growing to its peak. Kartar 5136 model comes under the heavy-duty range, delivering high power to work in hard soil conditions. Also, the model has an alluring capacity to lift and pull heavy implements. For getting everything about Kartar 5136 price, features, specifications and more, keep scrolling a bit. 

Kartar 5136 Tractor Overview 

Kartar 5136 is an amazing and classy tractor with a super attractive design. The engine of this tractor is manufactured with highly advanced technology and good raw materials. And the engine transmits the power with the help of an excellent 10-speed gearbox for work. Moreover, the Kartar 5136 has advanced features intended for efficient farming tasks. Also, it can be used for working in challenging climate conditions and complex farming tasks. 

The model has a 12 V 88 Ah powerful battery and a 12 V 36 A alternator to keep the tractor’s electronics in work for a long time. Also, it helps in starting the engine by the switch. Here we show all the features, quality, and fair price of the Kartar 5136 Tractor. 

Kartar 5136 Engine Capacity

Kartar 5136 engine capacity is 3120 CC with 3 cylinders and maximum power output of 50 HP. This engine combination makes it suitable to handle farming tasks and agricultural implements. Also, it is fitted with dry air filters to protect the engine from dirt and dust. It keeps the machine in work for a long time without misbehaving. Moreover, the power takeoff of this tractor is 43.58 HP, which is good to handle farming implements. This powerful engine is also fuel-efficient, using low fuel during tasks. 

Apart from this, the engine is manufactured with quality materials. That’s why it has a longer life than others. The technology in this tractor is the latest, meeting the agricultural needs. 

Kartar 5136 Quality and Features

  • Kartar 5136 comes with a dual-clutch, providing smooth gear shifting.
  • In addition, it has a 10-speed gearbox, including 8 forward + 2 reverse gears.
  • Kartar 5136 has 33.27 kmph of forwarding and 14.51 kmph of reverse speeds.
  • The Oil Immersed brakes of this model keep it safe from accidents and slippage.
  • Kartar 5136 steering type is smooth power steering to give the desired movement to the tractor with ease.
  • It offers a 55-litre large fuel tank capacity for long hours on farms.
  • In addition, Kartar 5136 has an 1800 Kg strong Lifting capacity, which is sufficient to pull and lift heavy types of equipment.

Kartar 5136 Tractor Price in India

Kartar 5136 Price in India is competitive in the market. Also, the Kartar 5136 Tractor Price can give complete value for customers' money by providing farming and commercial tasks. 

Kartar 5136 On Road Price 2022

Kartar 5136 on road price is not fixed and can vary due to several factors, including the model you choose, state taxes, RTO charges, accessories you add, etc.

Kartar 5136 at Tractor Junction

Tractor Junction, a leading and reliable portal, is perfect for getting all the reliable information regarding tractors. We have listed more than 600 tractors with details on separate pages. That’s why you can quickly get your favourite tractor’s information. Also, you can compare tractors with us to double sure about your purchase.

For other inquiries related to Kartar 5136, stay tuned with TractorJunction. You can find videos related to the Kartar 5136 tractor from which you can get more information about Kartar 5136. Here you can also get an updated Kartar 5136 Tractor on road price 2022.

Get latest Kartar 5136 on road price Jun 28, 2022.

Kartar 5136 Engine

No. Of Cylinder 3
HP Category 50 HP
Capacity CC 3120 CC
Engine Rated RPM 2200 RPM
Air Filter Dry Type
PTO HP 43.38

Kartar 5136 Transmission

Type Partial Constant Mesh
Clutch Dual Clutch
Gear Box 8 Forward + 2 Reverse
Battery 12 V 88 Ah
Alternator 12 V 36 A
Forward Speed 2.63 - 33.27 kmph
Reverse Speed 3.63 - 14.51 kmph

Kartar 5136 Brakes

Brakes Oil Immersed brakes

Kartar 5136 Steering

Type Power Steering

Kartar 5136 Power Take Off

RPM 540 RPM @ 1765 ERPM

Kartar 5136 Fuel Tank

Capacity 55 litre

Kartar 5136 Dimensions And Weight Of Tractor

Total Weight 2105 KG
Wheel Base 2150 MM
Overall Length 3765 MM
Overall Width 1808 MM
Ground Clearance 420 MM

Kartar 5136 Hydraulics

Lifting Capacity 1800 Kg

Kartar 5136 Wheels And Tyres

Wheel drive 2 WD
Front 7.50 X 16
Rear 14.9 x 28

Kartar 5136 Other Information

Accessories Tools , Toplink , Bumper
Additional Features Automatic depth controller, ADJUSTABLE SEAT
Warranty 2000 Hours 2 Year
Status Launched
Price 7.50 Lac*

Kartar 5136 Reviews



I like this tractor. Nice tractor

Review on: 07 Mar 2022



Nice design Number 1 tractor with good features

Review on: 07 Mar 2022

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Recently Asked Questions on Kartar 5136

Ans. Kartar 5136 Tractor comes with 50 HP for long-term farming tasks.

Ans. Kartar 5136 has 55 litres of fuel tank capacity.

Ans. Kartar 5136 price is Rs. 7.50 Lakh*.

Ans. Yes, Kartar 5136 tractor has high fuel mileage.

Ans. Kartar 5136 has 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gears.

Ans. Kartar 5136 has a Partial Constant Mesh.

Ans. Kartar 5136 has Oil Immersed brakes.

Ans. Kartar 5136 delivers 43.38 PTO HP.

Ans. Kartar 5136 comes with a 2150 MM wheelbase.

Ans. The clutch type of Kartar 5136 is a Dual Clutch.

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