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Top 10 Precision Planter Price List – Features and Overview

Maschio Gaspardo SUPERSEEDER 230

Precision planter is one of the best farming implements used to sow seeds of proper row width into the soil for creating evenly spaced crop rows and metered seed gaps. The machine is made with advanced technologies which provide quality performance in the tasks. So, we come with this blog is about the top 10 precision planters with various technical specifications. They are the best Precision Planter models which provide productive outcomes. Moreover, the precision planter cost is also reasonable for Indian farmers. Precision Planter machine is the best and convenient for agriculture farming. 

So, if you are searching for a Precision planter for sale, go through the list before taking any decision. First, let’s check out the given information about precision planters. 

Most Popular 10 Precision Planter Machine

The below section has listed the top 10 Precision Planters with all the essential information. Have a look at the best Precision Planter machine in India.  

1. Sonalika Pneumatic Planter

Sonalika Pneumatic Planter

Sonalika Pneumatic Planter is one the most prominent implements of the Sonalika brand. This model of equipment offers many best features like frame size, row space, tyre size and more. This precision Planter machine is used for placing a seed in accurate depth. The implement is powered by a 25 – 100 HP tractor, which helps to perform every task efficiently. It is the best model for plantation and seeding purposes. Along with this, the Precision Planter price comes under an economical range.

2. Fieldking Pneumatic Planter

Fieldking Pneumatic Planter

Further in the list we have Fieldking Pneumatic Planter which is excellent for commercial farming. This model has 3 variants named FKPMCP-2, FKPMCP-4 and FKPMCP-6. It has a minimum row spacing of 304 mm or 12 inches. The implement model is efficiently used in farms and provides thriving farming. Because of this implement, there is no damage to seed during sowing operation. Farmers use precision in sowing because it can increase the yield from 10% to 15%. The price of this implement is affordable for farmers. 

3. Maschio Gaspardo SUPERSEEDER 230

Maschio Gaspardo SUPERSEEDER 230

Maschio Gaspardo Supperseeder 230 is a famous brand for supplying farm implements. It helps in productive farming by supplying an accurate amount of seed. This agriculture precision seeding has 50 – 60 HP power, providing fuel-efficient work. Farmers are very satisfied with the features of this implement. Along with this, the precision planter equipment price is reasonable for farmers. 

4. John Deere Multi-crop Mechanical Planter

John Deere Multi-crop Mechanical Planter

John Deere multi-crop mechanical planter comes with variants named MP1004, MP1105, MP1205 and many more. All the models of this implement have the same 350 lengths and 880 height. These models required seed depth is 50 to 100, which is adjustable. The implement power is about 28 – 55 HP, making the farming task easy. This precision planter equipment is farmers’ first choice, and they can get this product at a reasonable price range. So, if you want a perfect implement for your farming then John Deere multi-crop mechanical planter is best for you. 

5. Fieldking Multi Crop Row Planter

Fieldking Multi Crop Row Planter

Fieldking multi crop row planter has many efficient variants to perform thriving farming. The implement is the best and most salable since its launched. It comes with depth control wheels provided on both sides of the planter, which is adjustable. This precision seed planter has furrow openers to prepare fields and shovels for sowing. Along with this, it works smoothly in the fields, and farmers choose this machine without thinking twice. Moreover, the price of this Fieldking multi crop row planter is valuable for farmers. 

6. Landforce Inter Row Rotary Weeder(Std. Duty)

Landforce Inter Row Rotary Weeder(Std. Duty)

Landforce inter row rotary weeder is beneficial in commercial farming. It helps to provide maximum protection of crop integrity and save labour, time & cost of cultivation. This implement has 2 variants named IRS2 and IRS3. Both models have a single-speed gearbox, C-Type blade. Moreover, the working depth of this precision seeding equipment is about 5 – 10 cm. This Precision planter price is economical for farmers. Hence, Indian farmers love this implement for their farming work.



New Holland pneumatic planter has a powerful advanced model named PLP84. It is manufactured with a frame width 280 cm and weight is 800 kg. With the help of this implement, there is no mechanical damage to seeds. It requires a minimum row spacing of 30 mm / Inch. And the capacity of the Precision Planter is 2.5 acres at 4 hours. Moreover, New holland implements are available at a valuable price range along with all the features.  

8. Maschio Gaspardo SP 2 ROWS

Maschio Gaspardo SP 2 ROWS

The Maschio Gaspardo SP 2 rows is one of the versatile planters famous for its high performance and quality work among all the farmers. This planter is designed in such a way that it can easily fill all the essential requirements of the farming tasks. This planter is best in the Seeding & Plantation category, and it has 45 – 55 HP implement power which is best for many works. The price range of this planter is also valuable according to the customers’ requirements. So, it is a appropriate implement for the customers who want a powerful planter. 

9. Maschio Gaspardo SP 3 ROWS

Maschio Gaspardo SP 3 ROWS

Maschio Gaspardo SP 3 ROWS is one of the best precision planters in India. It has all the efficient qualities which offer high performance in the farming field. The implement powered by a 50 – 60 HP tractor that helps to run this in rugged terrains. The precision planter used to perform the seeding and plantation process. This farming implement made with advanced technologies and high-quality features. A robust body and easy operating system help to provide high performance in the task. Along with this, it is available at an affordable price range. Hence, this is the best implement for Indian farming.

10. Maschio Gaspardo SP 4 ROWS

Maschio Gaspardo SP 4 ROWS

Maschio Gaspardo SP 4 ROWS is a precision planter that needs a tractor ranging from 55 to 80 HP for working efficiently. It is an ideal machine to plant seeds at a specific distance. Moreover, it can be helpful for the farmers to complete plantation work with efficiency and in minimum time. The advanced technology of this model makes it a perfect farming implement for farmers. Also, it is straightforward to use so that every farmer can use it without any specific training. Furthermore, the model can plant seeds in 4 rows in a single operation. Also, the price of this precision planter is competitive in the market. 

Recommended Points for Infographic Precision Planter 

  • The infographic includes India’s top 10 Precision Planter list.
  • Brand and Implement power  are shown in this infographic.
  • The Precision seed planter list includes Sonalika Pneumatic Planter, Fieldking Pneumatic Planter, John Deere Multi-crop Mechanical Planter, New Holland PNEUMATIC PLANTER and others.Top 10 Precision Planter Price List - Features and Overview

So, this complete blog is about the precision planter, and we hope it will help you to make the right decision. For more information, check out Tractor Junction. In addition, you can easily view precision planter uses, features, specifications, and all-important details here. Further more information about Precision Planter machine, stay connected with Tractor Junction. 

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