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Maize Cultivation and Varieties of Maize Crop in India

Maize Cultivation and Varieties of Maize Crop in India

About Maize Cultivation

Maize crop is one of the main cereal yields of the world and adds to food security in the majority of developing nations. In India, maize is rising the third most significant crop after rice and wheat. It lies in the fact that it isn’t just utilized for human food and animal feed, it is broadly utilized for corn oil creation, corn starch industry, baby corn, and many more. You can call it a queen of cereals. In India, maize is known, Makka, Corn and Bhutta. Maize cultivation has almost multiplied from around 12.0 million tons in the mid 2000s to around 22 million tons today.

This cultivation development has been the reception of single cross hybrid in past 1980s. It has a constant interest in the homegrown and trade market. The expanding utilization of maize as feed, expanding interest of the shoppers in healthfully advanced items, and rising interest for maize seed is the main impetus behind the rising significance of maize crop in India.

Climate Required for Maize Farming

Maize can be developed over a vast natural environment. It is a harvest of warm countries with sufficient moisture. It is mainly developed from 50°N to 40°S and from sea level to 4000 m in Mexico and Andes. The least occasional precipitation in the maize region is 200 mm. It tends to be effectively developed where the night temperature doesn’t go underneath 15.6°C. The best power of maize development is in the July isotherms of 20° and 20°C. Ideal temperatures for maize cultivation in India are 21℃, and for evolution is 32℃ separately. These are the Maize Climate required to get a healthy crop. 

Duration of Maize Crop

It grows throughout the state, under irrigated conditions for the Kharif/spring and summer season. It is a long term variety, and maize crop duration is 95 days. Its stem is strong and of a purple tone. Maize crop yield is around 21 QTL/section of land. It is the best maize harvesting time in India. 

Soil for Maize Cultivation

Soil for Maize Cultivation

The exceptionally most essential thing for developing excellent yields is excellent soil. Maize soil that isn’t just high in fertility is rich with valuable organic benefits. The ideal soil for growing corn is profound (six feet), loose and medium texture, high in the water holding capacity, well-drained and organic matter. And ready to supply every one of the supplements the plant needs. The best way to develop your soil is to grow much better corn. Maize can produced on almost every soil type; It develops best on very much drained soils.

  • The best soil for corn cultivation is deep Dark silt loams.
  • In semi-arid climates, the maize crop cultivation can done on Deep soils (Heavy Texture)
  • In sub humid climates, Maize Harvesting done in Sand Loam soils. It is the best soil for maize cultivation.

Sowing and Harvesting Season of Maize

Sowing and Harvesting Season of Maize

Do you know in which season maize is grown? Maize crop in India is produced in the two seasons, Rabi and Kharif, the vast majority of the Indian Maize is developed in  the Kharif season analogize to the Rabi season. Seasons of Maize Kharif are in June to July and August and harvested in December. These are the maize cropping season in India. The major states for Kharif corn farming in India are Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. 

Popular Maize Varieties in India

Varieties of Maize in India

We are here listed some selective sweet corn varieties for you. have a look.

  • Ambrosia Hybrid Corn
  • Jubilee Hybrid Corn
  • Honey Select Hybrid Corn
  • Golden Bantam Corn
  • Peaches and Cream Corn
  • Nirvana Hybrid VCorn
  • Silver Queen Hybrid Corn

Varieties of Maize Cultivation in India

We are showing varieties and hybrid maize cultivation in India. Have a look. 

S.No. Cultivated Corn Area of Maize Cultivation Practices Season Type
1 Gujarat Anand White Maize Hybrid-2 (GAWMH-2) Gujarat Kharif Normal
2 MM 9344 (DMH 192) Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Telangana. Kharif Normal
3 Bisco X 5129 Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu Rabi Normal
4 Pusa HM-9 Improved (AQH-9) Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, UttarPradesh and West Bengal Kharif Quality Protein Maize (QPM)
5 PMH 10 (Hybrid) Punjab Spring Normal
6 PratapMakka-9 (EC-3161) Rajasthan Kharif and Rabi Normal
7 CO 6 Tamil Nadu Kharif Normal
8 Partap Kanchan-2 WC-236 (Y) Jammu & Kashmir and Uttarakhand Kharif Normal
9 HQPM-5 Across the country Kharif Quality Protein Maize (QPM)
10 Navin (D-741) Uttar Pradesh Kharif Normal

Maize Land Preparation 

Maize requires a firm and reduced seedbed liberated from stubbles and weed. Deep ploughing required a few harrowings to carry the soil to a fine tilth. Add 10-15 tons of FYM/manure harrowing and blend completely with a plow. This is a perfect maize cultivation techniques for high productivity. 

Maize Seed Rate in India

We are showing a complete list of seed rates of organic maize cultivation. Check out below. 

  • For winter and spring maize, the seed rate of maize is 8-10 kg/acre.
  • The rate of Sweet corn is 8 kg/acre.
  • And the Baby corn seed rate is 16 kg/acre.
  • Pop Corn seed rate is 7 kg/acre.

Water Management for Maize

Maize effectively uses water in terms of cereals and dry matter production. It is a highly productive crop grain. The roots of maize crop may reach 2 m depth in deep soils, and the branched system is 0.8 to 1.0 m upper. And 80 percent of soil water found in this depth. Around 600 mm rainfall in crop season may not be compulsory for irrigation. This is the Maize Water Management in India. 

Maize Weed Management 

Check out below in details weeds for maize. 

Weeds Dose (g ai/acre) Formulations Time of application (DAS)
Atrazine 300 50 % WP 0-2
Topramezone 33.6 % SC 33.6 % SC 20-30
Tembotrione 50 34.4% SC 20-30

Interesting Facts About Maize

We are presenting some interesting facts about maize in India. Have a look down below.

Interesting Facts about Maize 

Cost of Cultivation of Maize in India

Cost of cultivation of maize crop is Rs. 15,200/ acre land. Other costs are follows. 

  • Seed material – RS. 2500 
  • Sowing – Rs. 1200
  • Land Preparation – Rs. 1500
  • Fertilizer cost – Rs. 3000
  • Pesticides – Rs. 1000
  • Weeding – Rs. 1000
  • Harvesting and Shelling – Rs. 2000
  • Miscellaneous activities – Rs. 2500
  • Transportation – Rs. 500

Maize Crop Cultivation Fertilizers

We are showing maize fertilizer requirements per acre. Check out below. 

Nutrient  Rainfed (Kg/ha)  Irrigated (Kg/ha) 
P(Phosphorus) 40-50  60-75
N(Nitrogen) 120-150 80-100
Zn (Zinc) (One time in 3 seasons)  25-50  25-50 
K(Potassium) (After soil test)  35  35 

These are all complete information about how to cultivate maize and the maize cultivation process and others. I hope this blog will prove fruitful for you. For more updates, stay tuned with Tractor Junction. Here, you can get detailed maize crop information. Visit and buy Kartar 4000 Maize Combine Harvester in India. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Que. Is maize rainfed crop? 

Ans. Yes, maize is a rainfed crop in India. 

Que. What is the Method of Sowing Maize? 

Ans. For sowing maize, you have to do Interculture, Application of Manures and Fertilizers, Irrigation and harvesting. 

Que. Which state is the largest producer of maize in India?

Ans. Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer of maize in India.

Que. In which season maize is grown in India?

Ans. In the monsoon (Kharif) season, maize is grown in India.

Que. How many times can maize be cultivated in a year? 

Ans. 2-3 times a year, maize can be cultivated.  

Que. How many kilograms of maize can be planted in an acre?

Ans. 10 kg of maize can be planted in an acre. 

Que. How do you increase maize yield?

Ans. Planting density, Spacing, and rotation with other crops can increase your maize yield. 

Que. Which is the best equipment to buy for maize farming? 

Ans. Landforce Maize Thresher is the best equipment to buy for maize farming in India.

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